Chapter 4-Different


It's funny.

The way I see you, different than other humans. Behind my circled glasses you seem so-….beautiful! Simply suffocating in own beauty.

And I love when that bitch, Envy, take your form and acts like you. But that's not it.

You're unique. No one can be like you, Roy.

I love your shocked face when I have you spread and tied on bed, and gag in your mouth to keep you from sounds I desire to hear. But that's ok. Having you close it good enough.

Your face doesn't change when I crawl on top of your body and smirks.

But of course, it's your reputation we're talking here.

More important than life, is it?

And Envy was wrong. He said you stink like other humans. But to me, you smell like nothing but pride and alcohol.

And your skin tastes like that.

I know my teeth are a bit sharp and you wish to scream as I suck and bite your neck gently, but I'm being gentle as best I can.

Your body trembles in such delight I just hate to make it end soon, so I decide to play.

I know you like alcohol, Mustang. So I have to remove your gag and sip some of this sweet wine I bought just for you.


Tasty, isn't it?

After I let you swallow and choke a bit, I have to put the gag back in place so we continue playing.

But not before I give you a kiss.

Your tongue seems to be lazy? Didn't react, heh?

When the gag is back, I decide to play with your chest.

Envy told me you're sensitive there. And he was right, I hate to admit.

Hmm, so hot and pale. I love how you arch your back, begging me to fuck your little ass.

But all in a good time, Roy. Patience is important.

Then I have to rip your uniform and explore such body you're selfish to share.

I hate you for that, you know?

As I remove what's left of your clothes, I watch with grin your erection.

You dirty little boy.

I can't help but take it and stroke. Slow, than fast.

And you moan, but it's hard to hear.

You struggle and arch, impatience growing.

But I can't help you yet. You deserve to be punished for being selfish.

Then, without that funny lubricant thing you human use, I decide to explore your insides by showing two of my fingers into you. So warm you are.

And you moan louder, of my.

I just love to hear you beg. Different than anyone else.

I start moving my fingers, trying not to hurt you as you get calmer.

And I can feel wetness on my fingers. Means you're ready, Roy.

I would play more with you, but I'm also impatient to hear your obstructive screams when I fuck you.

Shock on your face only widens when I remove my uncomfortable pants and slide my cock into your tight opening.

You're not as tight as that bitch Envy, but you're better fuck than him I admit.

And I have to lift your legs to move deeper and fill your body with pleasure like no human can.

And you love it. I can tell by tears in your ebony eyes and muffed screams.

I can't hold myself from moans I make as I pull out and slide back in and see you cry before my eyes.


After some time, I cum into you and pull your exhausted body to my chest.

Your heart is still alive, unlike mine.

You squirm and try to release self, and gag leaves your mouth so you catch some breath.


I love how you say my name. There is fear and regret, how I love it.

I pull you closer as you lean on my chest and breathe louder.

Too bad this was so fast, but you were good my pet. Different than other humans.