CHAPTER 1: Welcome To Our Lives

Jay Hogart was 20 and loving his life. Well so far he was, he didn't know something or more of a someone who was going to lighten it up so much more. He wore his famous black coat and a navy shirt with jeans. Jay was a leader of his gang including Sean, Spinner, Aaron and much more. But he hung out with those 3 the most. Such as now as they sat on the bench in front of the dot.

"Man" said Spinner looking over to Jay "Are we going to the ravine tonight?" he questions.

Aaron snickers "I thought we were going to do a shoot out down at the park? The Clan gang wanted a fight" he also looks to Jay "Don't they?" he says and Jay simply shrugs.

"They do. But we won last time. I think we should go to the ravine" agrees Jay with Spinner.

On the other side of them was parked a red car. With a couple of guys inside the car glancing back and forth at the three. Sean noticed them and nudged Jay nodding to it. Jay looked closer.

"what the hell is Skinny doing here?" Jay angers a bit with a slight glare.

Spinner stands up "Idiot knows he doesn't run this street doesn't he?" he looks back at them, even Aaron gave him a wierd look and Jay chuckles shaking his head.

"Easy Desperato" taunts Sean standing next to him "Probably here for some reason"

As if on cue the city bus came in and the guys in the guy was watching it, as if waiting for someone. There, there was their reason.

Jay leaned forward sitting on the bench and pulled out his cigerettes, lighting one. His blue eyes looked up as he leaned him self forward with his arms on his knees, his hand holding his smoke. Some people got off the bus and something caught Jay's eyes.

Jay exhaled his smoke and tilted his head a bit "Who's that?" he heard Spinner say and was wondering himself. Some blonde girl, she was hot. She wore a school uniform with a white tank top, cleavage popping out with her tanned legs showing off, the skirt rolled up so high Jay just craved to see her-

"i love a girl in uniform" laughs Aaron, Jay looks to him and back at the girl. "She's fucking hot" he whistles. They then noticed her head toward Skinny's car.

"She's his sister" Sean relized "Emma Nelson" he finally remembered her name and the guys checked her out as she opened one of the back doors in Skinny's car. Jay glanced at Skinny who was glaring right at him, Jay smirks seeing Skinny must of have one of those 'saftey' feelings for his sister. Girl didn't look so innocent. With looks like that?

"Emma Nelson!" yells Spinner, Aaron laughs as before she goes into the car she looks over, Spinner smiled spreading his arms out "Damn GIRL!" he shouts over to her. Emma gives a bored middle finger and the guys in the car laughs, even Jay had a chuckle with his smirk on.

His heart stopped when she looked at him and kept eyes on until getting inside the car. Jay finally blinks getting his attention back and coughs a bit. He inhaled his smoke and gets up "Lets go" he told his friends and they nod getting up.

As they left Jay took one last look to where the red car was now leaving.

Inside that certain red car:

"You don't ever talk to those guys" Skinny warned his sister turning his head a bit to look to Emma who rolled her eyes sitting in the back and leaned down a bit in her seat.

"That's nice" she snickers "Your already threatning me with rules and I just got here"

"Shut the hell up, bitch" Dean said and glared, narrowing his eyes from the front passenger seat to Emma. Emma glared hard and ready to open her mouth, the guy beside her leaned over so she shut her mouth but saw he was looking at Dean dead in the eyes.

"Maybe it's you who has to watch his mouth" Jesse told him. Dean scowled until Jesse raised an eyebrow, Dean huffs and turns around sitting back in his seat. Emma knew how this gang was really played. Dean was Skinny's bitch. Skinny was the 'leader' but the main guy was Jesse, the whole gang knew that. He just didn't take spot of the leader because he had better things to do.

Emma then started thinking about why Skinny didn't like those 4 guys. Most of them were hot...specailly the one who was builter than the others while having a smoke. . .hmph.

Damn girl

damn giirl


listen to me

i've been around the world

seen tons of hunnies

but theres something about you

this is what you do to me

your a beauty queen

im casanova

you make me say...

Damn girl

damn girl


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