CHAPTER 11: Maybe A Little Too Late

Jay stood inside a huge house with tons of people in it. His crew made him get out of the apartment and unplugged his phone. For some reason he was determined Emma was going to call him. But it's been 2 weeks...

"Hey Jay" Mia smiled a bit going over to him, he seemed to be ignoring most everyone at the party, but he remembered Mia. Emma's friend. He just nodded and Mia looked around awkwardly. She looks to him "Do you wanna dance?" she asks.

Jay sucked in a breath and shook his head 'no' "Not really Mia" he said and she saddens a bit. He softens "I'm just having a bad couple of weeks is all" he said.

"cause Emma?" she asks and he just stares at her to slowly nod and she nods with him. She then shrugs "I get it. She's beautiful. What happened between you guys anyways?" she took it back when he shifted a bit, obvious to the fact he didn't want to talk about it "Sorry, nevermind" she takes it back and he nods. Phew, good.

The music still blasted around the house and everyone dancing until some little group formed by the door plus a lot of guys circling somewhere. The talking got louder and Jay and Mia glanced over wondering what it was but didn't think twice about it.

Who cares.

Nothing really caught Jay's attention anymore. The only person in this whole world who could do that left him. Right after he spilled his heart out to her .

Emma Nelson, was in that same house and she was what the tiny groups were surrounding. She came into the house wearing a jean skirt and a tight black shirt with high black boots. She brough along Paige who joined her friends in this city quickly. Manny followed her aswell as Ashley and Darcy.

Emma was looking around for only Jay and smirks a little. She was going to fix everything. She dumped Craig, said her sorry's, left her school...she wasn't doing so good anyways. And took the bus back to see him. she had weeks to think and knew exactly what she needed to do. Emma ignored the guys who asked her to dance or even just talk to them, she was only here for one. She hoped he still wanted it... wanted her..

"Do you see him?" asks Paige beside Emma, Manny came up behind and shrugs "Sean said he was he somewhere" she confirms and Emma frowns not seeing him until Darcy came around "Um, Emma..." she points and Emma looks.

Ashley snickers "nice, you know, tons of guys just go from chick to chick" she rolled her eyes to Jay's dumbness. She grew to like Emma and the feeling was mutural. What was Jay doing with little Mia? Emma sadly played with her hands and looked at her.

"Maybe I'm too late" she sadly shrugs keeping the tears in "We'll just go back to Manny's" Manny nods and they turns for Jay's eyes to rise and finally see her. His life lit up and Emma finally connected eyes with him, Emma pulled her eyes from him to Mia and played with her hands to turn around.

"Emma?" Jay said to himself, was he seeing things. It was her. He saw her look at Mia and turn. Jay's mouth fell, no, no, no! It wasn't like that. He ran over and caught up to her "Em" he turned her and she turns to not even look at him. He licked his dry lips not knowing what to say

Emma didn't even look at him, didn't want to get sucked into his trap "Sorry" she said to him "I shouldn't of come" she turns again and he runs in front.

"what are you talking about?" he stood in front so she couldn't go or look anywhere else but up to him and looks over her shoulder to Mia. Jay laughs "Em, she's 16. Besides...I don't love her" he ran his hand through her hair and Emma melted to his touch to take his hand and slipping her hand around his other one.

"Yeah but...she's not dumb" she admits in a little shrug.

"True" he nods to smile when she glared up at him "I'm kidding" he cupped her face. Emma kept her hands on his wrists as he kissed her softly, he then pulls away. "hm..." he drifts "Your probably not here for me and I'm sorry I just kissed you"

"Your sorry!?" she exclaims and he opens his mouth for her to put her hand up "Don't, I don't wanna hear. You can't even think that for once I'd come back here for you? Fine!" she stormed off and Jay pulled her back pulled her against the wall, hands over head and in his hands.

He put his other hand on her waist "You know, you always start the fights" he confirms and she just stubbornly looked away. He smirks "But your cute when your mad" he kissed her deeply and she smiled against the kiss to do so back. Guys around wished to be Jay and girls around wished to be Emma. Jay dropped her hands and she wrapped arms around his neck kissing passionatly. They pulled away when breathless and he chuckles "I told you you couldn't resist me"

She laughs and kissed him on the lips to then nod "I'm in love with an idiot" he laughs shaking his head and kissed her, she crossed her hands on his head and was lifted a bit by him.

She was in love with a thug... And always would be.

you've been waiting for so long

im hear to answer your call

i know i shouldn't have made you wait at all

but i've been thinking what I want to do with you

i know all the guys they've been talking about the way

the way i do what i do

they heard im good and they wanna see if its true

they know your the one i wanna give it to

i know you want me to

i've been waiting


think i wanna make a move now

tell me if your like

baby tell me how you like it

I know what to do

if only you would let me

as long as your cool with it

i'll treat you right

Now it's Me & you

me and you

thinking about making a move

ohhh Me and you. HEY!

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