Just a funny little story with Edward, Jake, Bella, and clothes…

Kid… Put Some Clothes On!

I was put running when suddenly I smelled something awful.

"Ugh. What is that?" I asked to no one in particular.

"Bella?" Oh crap. Jake. This was a problem because Jake didn't know that I was a vampire yet.

"Bella! I haven't herd from you lately…Where's the blood-sucker?" he added suddenly wrinkling his nose.

"Who?" I asked pointedly.

"Well, yeah… fine where's the rest of the Cullen's?"

"Uhhh… not here." Uh oh.

"What do you mean I smell them. They have to be here!"

I just smiled a smile that looked more like I was apologizing more than actually smiling. His expression turned horrified as he realized what I was saying.

"You…you're a vampire?"

I smiled guiltily at him still not saying anything.

"Beep it, Bella! How could you?" Before I could answer I herd a ripping noise and Jake exploded right in front of me. I jumped back from him at vampire speed.

"Nice." I yelled "Why cant you ever hold your temper? This isn't your life and you need to butt out!"

He looked at me and then seemed to calm down, and started shrinking back into human form. I yelped and threw my hands over my eyes- he wasn't wearing any clothes.

"OH, THAT IS SO GROSS!" I yelled at him still keeping my hands over my eyes. Just for good measure, I turned around so I was facing away from him.


"You make me sick, go…go…lick a toilet seat, dog!" I told him angrily.

"Lick a toilet seat?"

"That's all I could come up with…Oh no."

"What's wrong?" he asked suddenly concerned.

"I suggest you find some clothes, because Edward is going to be here in five…four…three…two…one."

"Bella!" Edward's voice rang out behind me. "Whoa. Kid put some clothes on!"