Bella, Edward, and Alice's View On… High School Musical

Bella, Edward, and Alice's View On… High School Musical

Bella, Edward, and Alice walked up to school, wondering why everyone seemed to be staring at them. This didn't look good. Mike, Eric, and Tyler soon came up to them, pulling at Bella, and singing,

No, no, no
stick to the stuff you know
it is better by far
to keep things as they are
don't mess with the flow, no, no
Stick to the status quo

"What are they doing?" Edward wondered out loud. "What happened?"

"High School Musical," One lone girl whispered in horror.

"O.M.G.!" Alice screeched. "I can't believe I missed it." She started to sob, without tears of course. Bella was trying to escape from the boys, and Edward looked lost.

"Too. Many. Bad. Singing. VOICES!" He yelled, clamping his hands over his ears in pain.

"I never thought I'd be able to break free from them," Bella panted. A group of people burst out singing,

We're breaking free!

We're soaring, flying,

There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach,

If we're trying,

We're breaking free

Bella looked scared, Edward looked like he was in pain, and Alice wondered if she taped it on TiVo. Jessica grabbed Bella's arm, gripping it hard.

This is not what I want,

This is not what I planned,

And I just got to say,

I do not understand!

Bella ran, tripping over the curb, and Mike caught her.

This is the start,

Of something new,

It feels so right,

To be here with you

Edward grabbed Bella protectively, and growled at Mike. They walked into first period, which happened to be English. Luckily, everyone seemed absorbed in their books, because every Friday, they read all hour. The hours passed tensely, and by lunchtime, Bella wanted to just skip it.

"But there's going to be singing!" She whined to Edward.

"You didn't eat breakfast, you have to eat lunch!" Edward argued.

"Eddie's right Bella!" Alice chimed in. "Plus I don't want to miss another song!" Bella desperately tried to hold on to a corner in the wall, but they dragged her to the lunchroom anyways. That's vampires for you.

Bella desperately wished for earplugs, and sat down at their usual table with her head buried in her arms. They survived the rest of the day, but they never expected what awaited them at the Cullen household.

It's hard to believe,

That I couldn't see,

That you were always right beside me,

Thought I was alone,

With no one to hold,

But you were always right beside me,

This feeling's like no other,

I want you to know!

"I think all hell has frozen over," Edward mumbled, his jaw slack at the sight before them. Emmet and Jasper singing and dancing to High School Musical. There is no escape…