This is a world where school is rated by the social cliques like jocks, cheerleaders and geeks and she was the ultimate definition of social outcast. Of course it didn't really bother that she was recognised as a social outcast, it meant that most of the teasing which translated from the little Miss Populars of the school was completely lost on her. For some reason, she was never the intended aim of a joke, unlike the 'geeks' of the school who were always being targeted. Maybe it was her infamous quick wit which had become a secondary reflex that scared the girls from making fun of the way she dressed or more than likely it was the way she dressed that scared them; it could have been the leather jacket she could always be guaranteed wearing, or it could have been the pretty little sparkly nose stud she was sporting; or it could have been her death glare which she had been practising since infancy or more than likely it was because once upon a time she had been one of those shallow, air headed bimbos and knew pretty much most of their dirty little secrets which they would rather die than have revealed.

With the rev of the bike's engine, she smirked under the helmet knowing full well that Charlie wait no…Caleb…no that was wrong to, well it began with a C – was trying to get the attention of students making their way into the school building and he had been successful. All eyes were on them. Peyton stood up on the bike and swung her leg over jumping back onto the pavement. She was dressed in last night's clothes which consisted of a pair of low riding dark blue denim jeans, a black vest which was covered by her black leather jacket and her pretty silver spiked black angle boots. Pulling the helmet from her head, she suddenly felt the cool fresh air brush up against her face. "Thanks for the ride…" She handed back the helmet to the guy on the bike, who wasn't wearing one. She tilted her head slightly, last night he seemed awfully a lot more attractive but then again she was practically overdosed on vodka and coke. Turning around she slowly started to make her way towards the school building, knowing full well that all eyes were still on her.

"Not even gonna give me your number?" The guy called out.

Peyton rolled her eyes, "If it's meant to be, you'll guess it." In other words, get the hint. One night stand doesn't equal an everlasting relationship – hell it didn't even equal a two night stand, if there was such a thing. She turned and looked at the group that had just formed around the school buildings entrance and cursed to herself…this wasn't some stereotypical high school movie yet the cheerleaders and the jocks always seemed to play up to their roles really well. As she made her way towards the door, she caught the eye of the school's basketball captain. For a moment they exchanged glances before she pulled on the set of double doors and walked inside. Now that was one boy she wouldn't mind getting a grip on, she thought to herself.

Brooke Davis was the Raven's head cheerleader and was one of the most popular and self declared prettiest girls of the school. She rolled her eyes watching Peyton walk inside, it was crazy to think that once upon a time they had been best friends. In fact it was crazy to think that they lived on the same planet, "I swear that girl is like the high school's most popular drive thru." She joked to the rest of the group.

"Jealous she's getting more action than you, Brooke?" Rachel asked spitefully. She had only been in Tree Hill for two months and already she was Brooke's wing man so to speak in the cheerleading world, which meant that if anything happened to Brooke then she would get to step in and become captain. The idea of being captain of the cheerleading squad urged her on more than one occasion to think of little 'accidents' which the head cheerleader might be caught up in. Rachel smirked and turned on her white sneakers and headed inside.

Brooke rolled her eyes at Rachel. She turned back and looked at her boyfriend whose body she was currently leaning against. "Hey Broody…" She said trying to get his attention. When ever they were together it always seemed as though his mind were someplace else. "What ya thinking about?" She asked, knowing full well that he would say something sweet and wonderful, like that he was thinking of her which would be sweet – but a bunch of crap. She wondered sometimes why they even bothered staying together, they didn't talk much – at least not about the important things.

Lucas shrugged, he hadn't really been paying attention the group's conversation just little bits here and there so that if he were asked a question, he could at least have an idea about what they were talking about. It was ironic to think two years ago he would have killed to be a part of this group but now that he had landed so to speak, all he wanted to do was get away from it all. "Nothing really…" He said referring back to Brooke's original question…which was then followed by an awkward pause between the two of them. Recently there had been so many awkward pauses between them that it was actually becoming less awkward.

The third and final bell rang, Brooke raised her brow and watched as the group slowly went off in their separate directions. She turned and looked at Lucas and smirked, biting her bottom lip. "Well maybe after practise tonight you could come by mine and I could give you something to think about…" She said playfully rubbing her body against his.

Lucas took a hold of Brooke's shoulders and stepped aside, "Yeah, maybe we'll see…" He said vaguely.

Brooke laughed disbelievingly, "Okay, whatever." She shook her head and walked away from him. In the beginning their relationship had been fun but six months down the line and it was – well it wasn't what she thought it would be. Everything was different back then – she and Peyton were best of friends and Lucas was a little nobody, a little nobody who was sweet and sensitive. Now, she and Peyton were barely speaking and Lucas was barely affectionate. Six months ago, everything was better…she sighed and continued to make her way across the courtyard.

Lucas pulled on the set of double doors and headed inside, bumping into someone head on in the mean time. He rubbed his chin about to say watch where your going or something like that but paused as he saw who it was he bumped into. Taking a step back, he smiled awkwardly at her. "Sorry…"

Peyton rubbed her forehead gently and closed her eyes hearing his voice. Great, this was just what she needed. Opening her eyes, she looked up into those gorgeous blue eyes that had once mesmerized her…and still did. Frowning, "Really that's the best you can do? Sorry?" She scoffed, rolling her eyes and started to make her way past him.

Lucas turned and watched her go, "You bumped into me!" He said, calling after her. They had almost been a couple, they had almost had everything together but she had pulled back and everything after that went down hill. His relationship with Brooke was kicked up a notch and it seemed the more involved he got in Brooke's life the more Peyton pulled away from Brooke.

Peyton paused in her tracks, was he really getting into an argument with her. Fine, if the blond, arrogant ass wanted an argument who was she to refuse. Turning around she walked closer to him, "You bumped into me, dumbass." She paused. "See these things…" She said pointing to her eyes, "they are generally used to see, so we don't …I don't know, bump into people."

Lucas frowned, "Yeah well I'm surprised you can even see straight, one too many last night?" He asked bitterly. He couldn't help himself, he still cared about Peyton which was evident by the way he looked at her, but his jealousy and bitterness towards her just seemed to fuel him somehow.

Peyton frowned, "Aw, what's the matter, jock strap too tight? Or is the meaningless relationship finally catching up with the almighty Lucas Scott?" She asked truthfully. They had barely spoken in six months, which was her fault really. She couldn't bear to see Brooke and Lucas together; it had made her sick to her stomach so she had become distant with Brooke and with the distance became hostility on both sides.

Lucas laughed bitterly getting closer to her "It's kind of poetic really…you riding into school on a bike, considering you've become the town's…." He said referring to her many one night stands. In six months Peyton Sawyer had gone from girlfriend of Nathan Scott to the notorious party girl who sleeps around. "You sold yourself…"

"You're one to talk." Peyton responded in a harsh tone, "How's Haley these days?" Peyton watched as Lucas suddenly went quiet. "Talk to her lately?" Again she watched as Lucas didn't have a comeback. She smirked, "Oh yeah that's right, she ditched your ass as soon as you turned into the arrogant bastard that you've become." Something happened then, something which she didn't see coming. He kissed her.