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Chapter 11

2 months later

Faith watches Kat fidget absently with the spoon "You OK?"

Kat looks at her 'aunt' "I guess"

"What's wrong?"

Kat shrugs "Have a lot on my mind"


Kat smiles slightly "Of course."

"You know kid I've known you since the day you were born you can tell me anything" Faith says

"I know." Kat smiles "And I'm glad I can cause Mom and Dad even Spike are still being a little odd about this whole thing with Liam"

"You know Spike he's always been overprotective when it comes to you, Willow, and Dawn."

"I'm thinking of going to DC" Kat blurts out

Faith smirks "I know you couldn't resist seeing him for long."

Kat shrugs "I just have to tell Mom and Dad. Though they'd understand they'd flip once I told them I wanted to go myself."

"They wouldn't let you" Faith summarizes

"Probably not. I know how to avoid Sandoval's guys from finding me."

"How about I take you" Faith offers "that way B and Soulboy won't freak and Spike can't kill 'im"

Kat nods "Now all I have to do is tell Mom and Dad."

"We can leave tomorrow" Faith offers

Next Afternoon

"Mom I'll be fine." Kat promises "I'll call you when I get there."

"Katie are you sure you don't us to come with you and Faith"

"Yeah Mom good idea let those two free reign on Liam" Kat rolls her eyes "that would end up going great."

Buffy laughs "True they would go a little growly on him."

"Keep a low profile you two" Angel orders

"We will" Faith assures "you ready?"

"Sure" Kat hugs her parents and 'brother' "Bye" she follows her 'aunt' to the car.

Buffy watches as her daughter and Faith pull away from the house "I hope everything goes OK"

"I'm sure it will" Angel assures

Next Morning

"We're here" Faith announces

Kat looks up at the apartment building "I hope she's in"

"Why not just go to Liam's?" Faith asks

"Sandoval's probably watching his place." Kat answers

"Want me to come up with you?"

"Sure" Kat shrugs getting out of the car they walk up to the apartment.

Renee's Penthouse

Renee hears the doorbell ring. "Coming" she calls she goes towards the door checking the screen "Kat?" she says opening the door to find her young friend standing there with Faith. "Kat its good to see you" she steps aside

"Renee" Kat nods as she and Faith enter

"Does Liam know your back?" Renee asks

Kat shakes her head "I couldn't go to his place or call him"

"Oh yeah Sandoval." Renee nods "I'm supposed to meet him at Augur's lair why don't you two come with me"

Kat looks at Faith who shrugs in response "Alright" she agrees

An hour later

Renee, Kat and Faith walk out of the elevator "Hi Street" Renee greets a redhaired woman. "Kat Faith this is Street she took over as computer expert."

Street looks at the two women "So your Kat. Augur mentioned you."

"Where's Liam?" Renee asks

Street looks at the screen beside her "He's on his way down right now"

The elevator comes to a stop and Liam steps out stopping in his tracks as he sees Kat standing beside Renee "Kat?"

"Hello Liam" Kat smiles slightly as they stare at each other

Liam walks closer "What are you doing here?" he asks

"Uh why don't we let them talk" Renee suggests moving the other two women along "we'll go get some coffee or something" she says as the elevator closes leaving Liam and Kat alone.

"I missed you" Kat says

"I missed you too" he strokes her cheek then leans forward lightly kissing her.

Kat gasps breaking the kiss "I'm glad I convinced Mom and Dad to let me come here." she sits down beside Liam.

"I'm glad your here" Liam kisses her temple

Kat laughs


"I've missed you" she sighs

"Same" Liam captures her lips in a passionate kiss "I love you"

"I love you" she echoes returning his kiss. Soon the kiss becomes even more intense hands caressing skin. "Liam" she says breathlessly

"Hmm?" he questions kissing her neck

"We better cool it they could be back any moment." she manages to choke out.

"Let's head to my place" he suggests

Kat nods

Half an hour later: Liam's place

Kat smiles at Liam standing in the middle of the room

"Sorry 'bout the mess I haven't had the time to clean" he smiles sheepishly.

Kat shrugs "Doesn't matter" she steps closer to him her lips meeting his "God its good to be with you" she sighs before deepening the kiss

The Lair

The three women return to find the lair empty "Damn" Faith mutters

Renee looks at the dark haired woman "What?"

"Soulboy and B are going to kill me." she groans running her fingers through her hair. "I was supposed to keep an eye on the kid"

"They're probably at Liam's" Street offers "they haven't seen each other in what 3 months?"

"I guess" Faith sighs

"Liam will take care of her" Renee assures

Faith nods "If he doesn't take care of her he'll be looking for new body parts"

Liam's place

Liam presses his lips against Kat's shoulder. "How are you feeling?" he asks concerned

Kat tilts her head to look at him "Good." she smiles

"Hungry?" he asks suddenly feeling anxious

"No" she looks away from him "I wish I didn't have to leave" she sighs stroking the back of his hand absently

"Then don't" he rests his hand atop hers lacing their fingers

Kat looks at him "What?"

"Stay" Liam requests

Kat turns over to face him "Liam..." she chews her lower lip absently

"Stay and live with me"

"I can't. Its too dangerous. Between the Taelons, the Council..." she pauses "William"

"The Taelons will leave us alone"

"Why would they?"

"Because Da'an knows what you mean to me." he strokes her cheek "I want you to stay... at least think about it."

Kat sighs her hand taking his "If I stay you need to realize not only are you getting me" she presses her lips to his knuckles "but two very protective vampires and two women who could tear you apart in five seconds. Then add the insane twin."

"I like your family. Well not too sure about your brother." he shrugs with a rueful smile

"Liam my family isn't the most normal family" she laughs

"Hey look at mine. My mother didn't remember having me until she died. My father doesn't know I exist then add the fact that I have two fathers."

"Yeah well I think I earn the title of weird family." Kat sighs "My parents look the same age as me. My father is a vampire with a soul. My mother a Slayer who's Immortal... at least for now. My twins momentarily insane. Spike's my brother yet he's 200 years older than me. Then there's Drusilla"

"Who's that?" Liam asks curiously

"Angelus sired Drusilla after turning her insane."

"Why?" he asks

"She's a seer. So Dru's as nutty as a fruitcake but she was a lot of fun when I was little. Then Faith is another Slayer whose Immortal. Then my Aunt Dawn... she's another confusing story." she looks at Liam "Dawn's a uh sort of energy thing. Its hard to explain." she sighs dramatically "Then there's me. I'm connected to my parents and brother. I have some vamp features like a major dislike for crosses... its almost like an allergy." she laughs "I have a very interesting and strange family"

Liam smiles "I like your family with all its eccentric members. Makes my life more interesting"

"Well your life wasn't exactly boring before me"

"No you just made it more interesting than it is" he kisses her

Kat groans deepening the kiss when the Global beeps. "Don't get that" she pleads

Liam groans breaking the kiss "Have too" he grabs his jeans off the floor unhooking the Global from his pants "Kincaid" he greets

"Hey where's Katie?" Faith demands with a smirk at the sight of the bare chested man

Kat groans sitting up she rest her chin on Liam's shoulder "Faith what do you want?" she demands

"Sorry to disturb your reunion just wanted to remind you that we have to check in with B and Soulboy this evening." Faith smirks "That is if you aren't too busy"

"Faith" Kat groans "I'll call you later" she promises

"Have fun" Faith grins

Liam shuts off his Global setting it on the nightstand "She always like that?" he asks

Kat nods nuzzling his neck "Try being around the four of them. God for the last four months I've been living with four very hormonal people." she groans in annoyance "OK Mom and Dad did since they haven't been anywhere near each other for 17 years. Or had sex in almost 25 years." she shakes her head glancing at the clock "You know we have time before Faith shows up"

"Works for me" Liam laughs kissing her.

That Evening

Liam groans awakened by the sound of pounding at the door.

"What time is it?" Kat yawns her voice sleepy

"6" Liam replies grabbing his pants off the floor "I'll get that"

Kat groans "Its probably Faith"

"I'll be right back." Liam pulls on his pants heading through the livingroom to the door he opens it to find Faith standing there.

"Hey" she greets entering the apartment "having fun?" she asks looking Liam over noting the scratches on his arms and chest

"Faith don't oogle my boyfriend" Kat yawns entering the livingroom wearing Liam's shirt.

"Someones been busy" Faith chuckles

Kat rolls her eyes "Faith be good." wrapping her arms around Liam's waist "What are you doing here?"

"Gotta call B and Soulboy remember."

"I better go get cleaned up. I have to check in with Da'an." Liam kisses Kat's forehead pulling out of her arms he heads back to the bedroom

"So what did you do today?" Faith questions with a smirk

Kat sighs shaking her head "Faith" she enters the bedroom she finds Liam sitting on the bed "What's up?" she asks

"I have to go to the embassy."

"Have time for a shower?" she asks

"A quick one" he grins following her into the bathroom

Half an hour later

Kat enters the kitchen to find Faith sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee. Seeing the Slayers smirk Kat growls "What?"

"You look rested" she snickers

"Shut up Faith" she snaps

Liam joins them in the kitchen "I'll be back late." he kisses Kat quickly "Don't wait up." he says grabbing his jacket "tell your family I say hi. And think about it"

"I will. Tell Da'an hi for me"

"Sure." he closes the door behind him

Faith looks at Kat curiously "What does he want you to think about?"

Kat avoids her gaze as she pours herself a cup of coffee. "He asked me to move in with him"

"Are you?"

"I'm not sure yet."

"You love him don't you?"

"Yeah. Its just with how my life is I don't know if its a good idea to get him involved in it."

"He already is Kiddo"

"I know. Don't mention this to them they'll flip"

"I won't" Faith promises then smiles slightly "So how's he in bed?"

"Faith" Kat groans

"Just between us" Faith assures

"I'm not telling"

"Oh come on" Faith pleads then grins "Better then Richie?"

"How'd you know about that?"

"I have my ways."

"You didn't tell Dad did you?"

"No. Not even Spike knows." Faith assures

"Good. I don't think Dad and Spike would take to well to finding out about that."

"No they wouldn't." Faith agrees "So?"

Kat sighs "I'm not telling"

"Looks like you had fun. Saw the marks"

Kat shrugs

"Katie you better keep your strength reigned in. He probably won't survive you at full strength"

"I have kept it reigned in." Kat assures


"Better check in then before they flip."

"Soulboy's probably pacing holes in the carpet" Faith laughs

"I know"

Half Hour later

Kat groans flopping on the couch "Thank God that's over"

Faith joins her "Want to go patrol?"

Kat shrugs "Sure"

Chapter 12

After midnight

Kat enters the apartment to find Liam asleep on the couch. She smiles going over to the couch she leans down kissing his forehead.

"Kat" he sighs sleepily.


Liam opens his eyes and smiles "Where were you?"

"Faith and I went patrolling. Sorry for getting in late."

Liam grasps the back of her neck pulling her into a passionate kiss.

"Lets go to bed" Kat purrs

Next morning

Kat smiles sleepily as she sees Liam walk out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. She curls her arm under her head

"Morning" he grins seeing his love watching him

"Morning" she yawns

Liam pulls on his boxers then pants sitting on the edge of the bed. "How'd you sleep?" he asks

"Good" she purrs

Liam smiles "Why do you do that?"


"When your happy you purr"

Kat looks slightly embarassed "Its one of the traits I inherited from Dad. Its a vampire trait."

"What's it for?"

"Its just something that happens. We purr when happy and sometimes in an attempt to comfort." she sits up "When I was growing up and I couldn't sleep or I woke up from a bad dream Daddy would purr." she smiles at the memory. "It always helped me go back to sleep" she mentally shakes her head "Heading to work?"

"Mmm" he nods "Lunch?"

"If you have time" she smiles kissing him

"I have to get going" Liam says reluctantly

"Then get going" she orders laughing softly

"I'll see you later" he kisses her quickly then grabs his shirt off the end of the bed. "Bye" he says walking out the door

"Bye" she yawns curling up in bed

That Evening

Kat sighs snuggling closer to Liam

"Sorry I wasn't able to make it to lunch" he says softly

"Its OK." she assures

"How are your parents?"

"Good. Daddy's pacing holes in the carpet. Mom said Spike's gone through three packs of smokes." she laughs

"They worry."

"A lot" she adds "I guess I should get used to it."

"They're making up for lost time" Liam smiles

"So are we" Kat grins pressing her lips against his neck "I love you Liam" she says softly. Brown eyes meet blue Kat touches his cheek lightly

"I love you" he echoes kissing her

Around midnight

Kat and Liam find themselves sitting in the kitchen talking about what had happened the last few months. Kat looks towards the door sensing Faith's approach "Faith's back"

"How do you know?"

"I can sense her" Kat shrugs standing she goes to the fridge "I can sense most people. The ones I know I somehow have this ability to know its them" she shrugs

Faith enters "Hey you two. Thought you'd be in bed"

Kat rolls her eyes "We were talking. How'd it go?"

"Quiet." Faith shrugs

"What about William?" Kat asks

"Nowhere to be found" Faith answers sitting down "heard he's in hiding" she looks at Kat thoughtfully "Feeling something?"

Kat shrugs "Something but nothing" she yawns "maybe I'm just getting sleepy"

Few hours later

"NO" Kat's primal scream echoes through the apartment

Liam starts finding his girlfriend panting her body trembling "Kat?"

he sees the terror in her eyes "Faith" he calls

The bedroom door opens and Faith enters "What?" she gasps seeing the pain in Kat's eyes "Katie what happened?"

Kat stands her body swaying "I have to go"

"Go where?" Liam asks

"William needs me"

"How do you know?"

"I feel it." she looks at Faith "I have to go to him. He's in pain"

Faith nods "Get dressed we'll leave in ten" she walks out of the bedroom leaving Kat and Liam alone

"Kat are you sure about this?" Liam asks as they dress

Kat nods "I have to do this." she looks at him "He's my brother what he feels I feel. He needs me Liam I have to go to him."

Seeing the pleading expression in her eyes he nods "Lets go find him"

Kat moves over to him kissing gently "Thank you"

"Lets go find your brother"

Hour later

"Here" Kat says staring at a building "I feel him" she clutches her head "he's in so much pain."

Liam touches her shoulder

Kat looks at him and then Faith then heads into the rundown building alert to the possibility of vampires and demons. Kat follows her senses up to the second floor where she comes across a lightly lit room with a few bodies scattered on the floor. She hears a low plaintive whimper coming from the corner of the room. She looks over to find her twin on the floor holding a body "William?"

The dark head looks up his golden gaze burning he growls warningly

Kat shakes her head

"Kat?" Liam calls

Kat looks at her boyfriend "I have to do this" she slowly moves across the room to her brother. She crouches beside him seeing the beautiful young woman in her brother's arms "What happened?"

"They're dead. All of them" he looks at the woman in his arms.


"The Council." two sets of brown eyes meet "The ones who raised me killed the ones who cared."


"She wanted me to leave... come home." tears fall as he strokes the woman's cheek. "I'm sorry I brought you guys into this Josie."

Kat moves closer to her brother "Lets go home big brother."

William shakes his head "I can't."

"We can't stay here brother. It'll bring us too much trouble."

He starts "Marissa."


William stands "Josie's daughter. I have to find her." he looks around not finding the child. "Marissa." he calls closing his eyes he allows his senses to search for the child. "Rissa you can come out now" he pauses hearing the small heart beat coming from the hidden hideaway in the wall. He hurries over opening the door he finds a small child cowering silently crying as she clutches her teddy bear. "Marissa" he says softly

Kat moves closer watching as her brother stands with a small blond haired little girl in his arms.

"Daddy where Momma?" the little girl whimpers clutching her teddy bear looking at him with tears

"We'll talk about Momma later. We have to go now"

"Can't go wifout Momma"

"Momma knows where we are." William assures the little girl

" 'tay" she rests her head on his shoulder

Kat looks at Liam who nods. "Come on brother. Liam will take care of them." seeing the uncertain expression she squeezes his hand "I promise"

William nods turning around with the little girl in his arms he growls when he sees Faith "You brought a Slayer?"

"She is family brother. She won't hurt you."

"B and Soulboy would kill me if I did" Faith says "besides like Katie said we're family"

"You should go before I call the cops in." Liam says

Kat nods

"I'll see you in a while" he promises

"Alright." Kat smiles at him following her brother who is holding the small child and their 'aunt'


"Daddy who dey?" Marissa demands

"This is my sister Katherine and Faith"

"Call me Kat or Katie."

"Hi" Marissa says shyly

"Nice to meet you Marissa."

"I sleepy" the little girl yawns

William looks at his sister "Is there somewhere I can set her down?"

"I'll take the couch" Faith says

Kat nods "I'll show you" she leads them down the hallway to the guest room "Here"

"Thanks." William lays the child on the bed removing her shoes. "Get some sleep Rissa"

" 'tay"

William kisses the little girl's forehead then joins his sister in the hallway "Its good to see you little sister"

Kat smiles

"Sorry for trying to kill your boyfriend"

Kat chuckles "You didn't." she leads him into the kitchen sitting at the counter "What's going on William? Who were those people? And who's the child?"

"The Council sent me out on a mission a few years ago... they wanted me to kill Josie and her year old daughter... Marissa. I couldn't see her without wanting to protect her and Rissa."

"You fell in love with Josie"

William smiles sadly "The Council wanted me to still kill them. So I told the Council off. I became part of Josie and Rissa's small family."

"Why didn't you find Daddy? He would have helped you."

"By that time I had done so much to stay away from him. I didn't want him in my life."


William looks away from his sister "I just wasn't ready to explain my actions... I killed people Katie. I was raised as the Councils personal assassin."

"Daddy would have understood"

"I know he would but I don't. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't handle the thought of them being disappointed"

"They wouldn't have. They love us... always have." she smiles "God it feels so weird to be in the same room with you. I spent years wondering about you"


"What happened tonight?"

William sighs "I went out to hunt..." seeing the look he quickly adds "vampires. Josie asked me to stop killing people about a year ago."

"What was with the embassy party then?"

"Looking for someone... I told them no killing" he shrugs "staked them once we got away."

"Tonight was what?"

"The Council" he sighs

"I'm sorry brother."

"They killed my friends... my family." he looks at his sister his eyes pained yet glowing "Marissa's all I have left"

"No." Kat shakes her head touching his hand "You have us."

"I know" William nods

An hour later

Liam enters the apartment to find Faith asleep on the couch and Kat in the kitchen. "Hey" he says softly kissing her tenderly

"How'd it go?" Kat asks softly

"Fine. Where's your brother?"

"In the bedroom with Marissa. Faith took the couch." she stands heading into their bedroom

Liam watches her curiously "Your going back aren't you" he says

Kat nods "He needs me. Right now I think I need him." she sits on the edge of the bed. "Its the first time my family has been together... ever."

"I want you to stay but I understand." Liam kisses her gently "I love you" he says softly

"Will you come and visit?" she asks

Liam smiles "Of course. We'll talk every chance we get."

Kat smiles "Good."

Chapter 13

Next afternoon

"You OK?" William asks his sister

"Yeah. I'm fine. What about you?"

"Its weird. I'm going to see Mom and Dad without trying to kill them."

"Huh?" Marissa looks at William quizzically

"Nothing you need to worry about kiddo."

"When Mommy coming?" Marissa asks sadly

"We already talked about that Rissa. Mommy's not coming back." William smoothes the little girl's hair back.

"Oh. Why not?"

"She can't." William replies sadly

"Where we going?" Marissa demands

"Too see my Mom and Dad." William answers


"Because I haven't seen them for a very very long time."


"You aren't OK are you?" Faith asks

Kat looks at her 'aunt' and shrugs "I miss him but not as much as I did last time. At least this time I'll be able to talk with him and see him" she leans her head against the car window.

Late Next Morning

Faith pulls the car up to the farmhouse "Ready for this?" she questions looking at William.

"Yeah I am" he nods looking at the snoozing little girl "Rissa time to get up" he smoothes her hair back

"Where are we?" Marissa yawns rubbing her eyes

"At the farmhouse." Kat answers "I'll take you into the barn to see the kittens."


Kat smiles "Yep"

William unbuckles the little girl from the carseat. "So did you tell them when we'd be getting here?"

Faith shakes her head "No. I was thinking we'd get here later. Angel should be up still. He usually makes breakfast before going to bed." they get out of the car

"Nervous brother?"

William shrugs "Not really."

The front door opens as they near the house and Buffy steps out. "William?"

William smiles slightly "Hi Mom"

Buffy rushes down the front steps going over to her son she hugs him. "It is so good to see you"

"Hey" Marissa says indignatly

Buffy looks at the little girl holding her son's leg "And who is this?" she asks crouching before the little girl

"Marissa this is my Mom Buffy. Mom this is Marissa."

Buffy looks at her son questioningly

"I'll explain later"

"Well lets get inside." they enter the farmhouse to find Angel walking down the stairs

Angel comes to a halt at the sight of his son beside his daughter with a little blond haired little girl at William's side. "William" he says surprised

"Hi Dad" William nods

"Finally their together" Buffy smiles

"He look like you Daddy" Marissa says her eyes wide looking between the vampire and his son "two yous"

William chuckles "Sorry Rissa as much as I know you'd like two me's there's only one."

Marissa frowns "He doesn't have scar"

Absently William rubs the long jagged scar on his neck ending over his throat. "Yeah"

"Who he?" the girl demands pointing at Angel

"That's my Dad... Angel" William answers

"Oh" Marissa looks at Angel

"This is Marissa."

"Hello Marissa" Angel smiles

"Hi" she hugs William's leg

"Uh Marissa how about we go see the kittens now" Kat suggests

"Can I?" Marissa looks up at William pleadingly

William nods "I'll be out later"

Kat holds out her hand to the little girl "Try not to throw things huh" she says jokingly

"I'm goin' back to bed" Faith says making her way down to the basement bedrooms. "Later"

Buffy looks her son over and smiles "Its so good to see you" she says tearfully "I waited for this day"

William sits on the couch leaning on his forearms "It would have been sooner but..."

Buffy sits beside her son putting her hand on his arm "Well your here now that's what matters."

William looks at his father seeing the concern and confusion "I know your wondering why after all these years I'm here."

"Thought crossed my mind" Angel says his mouth quirking up in a small smile as he sits in the recliner beside the couch

"Yeah well after all the trouble I caused you have that right" William says looking at his father

"Where have you been all these years?" Buffy asks curiously

"All over. The Council kept moving me. Spent most of my time training to be their personal assassin" William proceeds to tell his parents about his life before Josie and Marissa.


"Kitties are so cute" Marissa says looking at Kat with a grin

Kat picks up one cuddling it "They sure are" she watches as the little girl pets the kittens

"I wish Momma would let me have a kitty. She an' Daddy said no 'cause of all 'da moving an' 'da bad men."

Kat smiles "You can play with the kittens as long as their here. Just not alone. Their Mom is sometimes a little snippy about people playing with the kittens"

"Oh" Marissa says

Half an hour later

William enters the barn "Hey you two"

Kat looks up at her brother "How'd it go?"

"Taking a break. Dad's making lunch." he goes over to Marissa "Rissa put the kitten down. Its time to come in and get cleaned up"

Marissa looks at him pleadingly "Wanna play wif the kitties 'ill'am."

"You can come play with them later" William says

"Can I take one in?" Marissa asks

"Sorry Marissa the kittens don't like being inside." Kat says


"They aren't too fond of Spike. Dad they can tolerate." Kat explains "I'll bring you out later" she promises

William picks the little girl up "Come on Rissa lets go get cleaned up for lunch"

Marissa sighs "Oh alwiht"

"How'd it go brother?" Kat asks


"Mom started crying didn't she?"

William nods "Yes"

"Daddy are we gonna to stay wif your Mommy and Daddy?" Marissa asks curiously

"For a while" William answers following Kat into the kitchen

"Well if it isn't junior" Spike says amused looking over William as he enters the kitchen

"Spike" William says

"Who that?" Marissa demands pointing at the blond man sitting at the table

"That's Spike" William answers "Spike this is Marissa"

"Kid" Spike smiles slightly

"Not Kid Marissa" she glares at Spike

Spike chuckles "OK Marissa"

"Let's get your hands washed Rissa" he carries her over to the sink turning on the water.

"So how's Liam?" Buffy asks

Kat shrugs "Fine. Working."

"Does the guy ever eat? There was nothing in his fridge... or his cabinets" Faith states

Kat laughs "He's somewhat forgetful. He can tell you pretty much what he did a month ago yet he can never seem to remember to go grocery shopping. Plus he spends most of his time out."

"Of course he's busy... head of the Resistance and Taelon Protector must be hard" Faith says

"He likes it." Kat shrugs

William sets Marissa down on the floor "He's a little odd" he says looking at his sister

Kat laughs "And what would you call us?"

"Very unconventional" William answers looking down he sees Marissa sitting on his foot holding onto his leg "Marissa what are you doing?"

"Nothing" she grins up at William brightly

"What are you a koala bear" William mutters

"Yep" Marissa nods

"Lunch is ready" Angel announces

"Come on Rissa" William leans down untangling Marissa's arms from his leg he sets her on a chair.

"Marissa what would you like to drink?" Buffy asks "Orange juice, apple juice or milk?"

"Apple juice pwease"

Buffy smiles taking a glass out of the cabinet. "Marissa did you have fun with the kittens?"

"Yep." she nods picking up the sandwich that Angel had placed before her. "Thank you" she grins at Angel

"Your welcome" Angel replies

"Can I have a kitty?" Marissa looks at William pleadingly

"No" he retorts

"Here you go Marissa" Buffy says putting the glass before the little girl

"Thank you" Marissa responds "Can I have a dog?" she asks William

"No pets" William says to Marissa

"Globals beeping" Angel tells Kat

"Where'd I put it?" Kat asks

"Livingroom" Angel replies

Kat nods heading into the livingroom flopping on the couch she grabs the Global turning it on with a 'BLIP' Kat smiles seeing Liam. "Hey" she greets

"How's it going?" Liam asks

"Good. What are you doing?"

"Have a meeting in an hour. Thought I'd let you know that I had all the things at your brother's place packed up."

"I'll let him know. So how's it going there?"

Half an hour later

Kat walks into the kitchen "Liam wanted me to tell you he had your stuff packed up. He'll bring it next weekend" she tells her brother

"Coming to visit?" Buffy lifts her brow

"For a few hours." Kat shrugs sitting at the table "He's got some business to take care of so he's going to stop by on his way."

"Good" Angel says with a slight growl

"MOM" Kat looks at her mother

"Angel you are not going to threaten Liam" Buffy says firmly

"Never said I was." Angel shrugs

"I will" Spike says

"I like Liam" Marissa announces

"If Rissa likes him I have to like him. She's a pretty good judge of character" William says kissing the little girl's head.

"Kids are a good judge of character" Angel remarks

"Can I go see the kitties?" Marissa asks

"Not right now. You need a nap"

"I'm not tired" she pouts

"I'll show you were you can put her down." Buffy says standing up

William stands following his mother up the stairs to an empty bedroom.

"Bathrooms across the hall."

"I gotta go potty" Marissa announces

"OK" William carries her into the bathroom setting her down "I'll be right outside if you need anything"

"OK" Marissa nods

William joins his mother in the hallway

"She seems pretty independent" Buffy says

"That's what we taught her." William replies staring at the floor

"You're thinking about her"

William looks at his mother surprised "How'd you know?"

"Your father gets the same look when he's brooding." Buffy smiles "You really loved her"

William smiles "She was one of the only people who ever trusted me. She never asked me to be anyone but myself. She trusted me enough to be in her and Rissa's life."

"And you became a family"

"Yeah" William smiles sadly

"Daddy need help" Marissa says standing in the doorway "can't reach counter"

William smiles picking her up he carries her into the bathroom turning on the faucet he helps the little girl wash her hands.

Buffy watches as her son takes care of the little girl. 'He seems to like being a Dad.'