Through It All
By: Kitten Kisses


Author Notes: This is a collection of drabbles for the Tales of Symphonia section. Every character will probably appear eventually, and a lot of different romantic pairings, as well. Each drabble will not be connected to another, and should be between 100 and 500 words.

I am using the prompts given by the 100Drabbles community on LiveJournal; so credit to them. My job is to take these prompts, and turn them into a story. The title of each "chapter" will the be name of the prompt word. (In this case, "Beginnings".)

I WILL change the "pairing" this is listed under for every new chapter. (So next chapter, it won't be listed under "Raine" anymore.)

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my ideas.


Challenge #1: Beginnings

Characters Used: Raine, Virginia


Time passed slowly in the floating city of Exire. It was no wonder that the people of this community refused to leave. She'd been living there for several years now, and found the peace and quiet rather beautiful in its own way.

The sound of singing interrupted her thoughts. Outwardly, she remained the same, but at the sounds of those soft words, she inwardly cringed. Virginia was lost in her own world on the other side of the room, cradling that ragdoll and crooning softly.

'Three long years,' she thought, sinking lower into the rocking char she was sitting in. And they had certainly seemed longer than the average 365 days per year. She'd been calling her "Virginia", pushing the word 'mother' as far away as she could make it go.

Her original plan had been to stay with Virginia until the woman realized on her own (and without any yelling this time) that the Raine standing in front of her was, indeed, her daughter, and not a doll. At times, she hated the woman for it- and at other times, she almost couldn't blame her.

She'd lost everything and then some. First her home, and then her children… and lastly, she watched her husband slip away, leaving her completely and utterly alone.

The chair was moving slowly now as her thoughts deepened. Did she really have any right to judge her own mother? When she had ended up in a strange land, with her infant brother in her arms, she had felt alone- and scared, of course; but she had had Genis, so even though she had felt alone, she hadn't completely been so.

Briefly, she wondered how it must have felt, and after a few moments, she decided that she really didn't care to know firsthand.

She watched the woman in front of her swaying back and forth to a song that Raine could only vaguely remember. Virginia hadn't really forgotten about them- in fact, it seems as if she had loved them so much, that she just couldn't live without them… regardless as to whether or not they were real or imaginary.

Virginia turned and caught her gaze. "Yes?" she asked, still rocking the doll back-and-forth in her arms.

And though she knew it would do nothing but confuse the poor woman, she felt…no, knew that she had to say it.

"Mother…" she said. "I forgive you."


Word Count: 400

Author's Reasoning- This is called "Beginnings", because it's a new start for Raine. Something she's finally able to do to move on with her life. Forgiveness is real love, after all, and I'm sure Raine's burden would be lifted if she could bring herself to forgive her mother.

Author Note: Please, let me know what you think. If you have any ideas you might want me to use, please check out my bio. Constructive Criticism is most certainly always appreciated.

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