Through It All
Challenge #3- "Ends"

Starring: Virginia, Raine, and Genis.


The news of her immanent death reached them at a most inconvenient time- during an exam- but they had dropped everything immediately; running out of the school and down the dirt path that led to their house. Hurriedly, they had packed a few things- books and clothes, mostly- and started to fly to Exire as quickly as they could get there.

"Have you come to visit?" the elven woman had asked them from her bed as they entered the now-drab and rather dark house that she lived in. "I apologize," she muttered through lidded eyes, her speech slow, and her tone confused. "I am not feeling well."

It was obvious to the siblings that this woman who they called "mother" in private, would be lucky to live even through an entire day. They settled in for a long evening.


He knew that she didn't have much longer. It was dark, and her breathing was beginning to sound as if each one could possibly be her last. He couldn't help but smile softly as he brushed some of her hair away from her face. Despite the fact that she had pretty much forgotten about him, she was still his mother, and he still cared about her.

He felt her wake a few minutes later, and he knew that she would leave them soon.

Her voice was hoarse. "Take… care of my daughter…" She half-smiled at him as he grasped her hand, her eyes tired.

"I will," he promised, glancing over to the crib beside his mother's bed, the lifeless eyes of the doll inside's eyes glinting in the moonlight that streamed through a small window nearby.

"No." She shook her hair, the damp tresses shifting slightly. "She looks just like me." And she raised a hand shakily to point at Raine, who was propped up against a wall in the corner, asleep.


Author Notes:

I'm so sorry for not getting this out sooner. I couldn't find the notebook that I originally had written this in, but it was pretty much right in front of my face the entire time!

Well, celebrate anyway, because as of the 26th of July, I'm 21 years old!

NEXT UP: "First"- [I have not written this one yet. Any suggestions or ideas?