I forget exactly where I got this idea, but it just struck me suddenly, and I had to write it. It's a ONESHOT. Meaning that there's ONLY ONE CHAPTER and YOU AIN'T GETTIN' ANYMORE. You will NOT, and I repeat, NOT be able to convince me otherwise, not even with homicide or suicide threats, because 1) I ain't scared of you, and 2) Are you even serious?

Ha. That's kinda funny.

Disclaimer: Believe it or not, this story's not mine, I have my own story, it's called Fine Line!

The other disclaimer: I don't own George's away song from Seinfeld, either. (It was the first disclaimer).

The Other Side

There was light. A bright, blinding light.

Sirius blinked and rubbed at his eyes. Oh, he could see clearly now. Everything was… white. There were paintings everywhere. And he was sprawled out on the floor. Something was sticking in his side.

He looked and saw his wand. "Oh." He smiled and picked it up.

Then he remembered what had happened.

"I've got to get back!" he exclaimed, running towards the first entrance he saw, but as soon as he hit it, he bounced back on the floor. He saw the Order and the Death Eaters out there… it was like looking through a window.

Why couldn't they see him?

"HARRY!" he yelled. "REMUS!" He fired red sparks at the glass, but they seemed to fizzle out. "TONKS!"

"They can't hear you," said a male voice from behind him.

Sirius blinked and turned around, only to come face to face with… "Prongs?" he laughed in shock. "But you're…"

"Dead," chirped James brightly. "Haven't seen you in… wow, it must have been at least fifteen or sixteen years, huh, Pads?"

Sirius smiled sheepishly. "Y-yeah. Um… where am I?"

"Behind the veil," answered James, which didn't really help answer Sirius' question. "Come on. Me and Lily have been wondering when you would get here." He smirked. "You lasted a lot longer than we expected." He started to walk away and opened a door that hadn't been there a moment ago.

Sirius blinked. "What?" He ran after him and said, "James, what are you talking about? Where am I? What happened?" He followed him into the next room and gasped. "Holy…"

Behind the door was about the biggest gathering of wizards and witches and dead people and creatures that Sirius had ever seen in his life (and this in itself is ironic, considering he is dead). They were zooming in and out of doors that were popping up everywhere, to the right, to the left, on the ceiling, on the floor, in the corners, in that chair…

It was better than Diagon Alley. Heck, it was better than Hogwarts.

"Prongs… what is this place?" murmured Sirius in awe.

James smiled and replied casually, "It's the Afterlife."

If he weren't dead, Sirius would have fainted. He turned to James and gravely said, "It's the what?"