(Bella's POV)

I stood there dripping wet from the rain. I stammered trying keep up, only because my train of thought was failing terribly. Did he really say that?

"Wait, what?" I said trying figure out reality.

"Bella," Edward said as he sighed deeply, "We both know that you and I can not be together. I am too dangerous for you to be around anymore. Bella, I truly am sorry." He turned around and ran at vampire speed away from me. He just left me in front of my house. He never once turned around and looked back at me. I felt my knees give way and just moments later I was on the ground crying as if my soul and heart were being torn apart. I tried to hold back my tears, but I failed. I just couldn't stop thinking that my only love just walked away from me for the second time. But I had to hold strong for Charlie.

I slowly stumbled to the front door and walked in. Charlie had a concerned look on his face. I could not think about what had just happened. I couldn't. I wouldn't. He opened his mouth, but I quickly cut in.

"Dad, I don't want to talk about it right now," I said trying to gain control over my raging emotions. "Your wish has come true." I turned quickly and ran up the stairs. I couldn't stand to see Charlie's broken face any longer.

I got into my room and changed into my fuzzy pajamas. I sat on my bed and looked at my clock. 9:15 pm. I tried to fight back the tears but I couldn't, they just kept streaming down my face. Maybe if I went to sleep I would wake up in my beautiful angel's arms. I wanted this all to be a horrid nightmare but it just hurt too much to be a dream. My head slowly sank to the pillows then I started to cry myself asleep.

I woke up early and looked at my clock. It read 8:45 am. I slowly sat up and yawned expecting to see my angel waiting for me. I looked over to my rocking chair and saw it was empty. I was beginning to panic when I remembered about yesterday. My nightmare was reality. I had hoped this day would have never come again. I rubbed my eyes and looked again at my rocking chair. Sure enough I was not dreaming. Edward was not there. I had to leave this room full of memories. I grabbed my clothes and bag of toiletries and ran towards the bathroom.I looked into the mirror and saw my red, puffy eyes. I took a hot shower to clear my thoughts and headed downstairs. I glanced out the window and saw an empty driveway. I once again broke into tears. That was where he picked me up so many times. I turned around quickly. I would not let the memories flood into my mind. Though my teary eyes I saw a note on refrigerator. I walked up to it and it read,


I will be out late. I went fishing with Billy. Don't worry about supper. I will stop and get something to eat later.



I opened refrigerator and glanced at the food. I was too upset to eat. I was heading towards the living room when the doorbell rang. At the door was one of the last people I would have expected to see.

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