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Sumary: what happens wen Kissh has a bad dream on a rainy night?


It was a rather strange night… nothing could be heard except for the rain falling. But for a green haired alien there was something besides the rain that could be herd…it was the desperate beatings of his heart wile he was looking everywhere for just one person:

"Ichigo…………… please be ok, please be ok, please be ok."

His precious kitten was nowhere o be found and the sharp pain of despair fear was starting to take over him. He had looked everywhere:

Not at home

Not at the café

He even dared to see if she was with that bastard Masaya but he was not at home and also out of sight.

Kissh was flying trough the park when a big thunder was heard… and also a scream. But it was no random scream he new that voice for too long to not know ho it belonged to………… it was Ihigo's voice!!!!

He quickly flew to the source of the scream but had to stop to prevent himself from a heart attack.

There she was, his koneco-chan his beloved Ihigo completely covered with bruises lying on a puddle of her own blood and right next to her was that bastard Blue Knight with his sword all covered in blood HIS KITTEN'S BLOD

At the sight of Kissh the Blue Knight gave a evil smile and disappeared letting poor Ichigo lying on the floor dead………..

Kissh couldn't control himself he wasn't able to move. He just stood there with tears running trough his face

" kitten, my kitten she just c… can't be …. I…Ich…..Ichigo please …….wa...wake up ...please…………….



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