It is in the cold, dark, quiet depths of space that we find the courageous, cybernetic and multihued heroes. Everyone seems to be a bit on edge about this mission they are facing. In the command room of the Super robot a great argument has broken out between the two sibling primates.

"And I say we don't go!" shouts the dark crimsoned robotic monkey, also known as Sprx-77

"Well then it's a good thing no one listens to you then." The lagoon blue monkey says" it's our job to go and help others…"

"Well the last time we went on a mission like this to some unknown planet, we all became ordinary monkeys. In case you've forgotten." Sprx retorts

"I remember. But I also know that we won't have to worry about that on this planet. I have already scanned the planet and found no traces of life sucking or technology disabling energy. Besides it's a jungle planet not a desert." Gibson explains proudly.

"Well thank the power primate we've got you to explain everything to us big-brain. Whatever would we do without your constant self-righteous ability to know everything?" Sprx says, sarcasm dripping venomously off every word. As he talked he folds his arms across his chest.

Gibson rolled his eyes, ground his teeth and sigh. Exasperated from this pointless argument. Why can't he just be logical for once? He remembered very well the last time that they had responded to a distress beacon from an unknown planet. How the ruler of the planet used the distress beacon to lure ships into the atmosphere, while a gem would drain the life from the planet and simultaneously disable all technology. Since they were all cybernetic, except Chiro their leader who was human, their brain chips got turned off and they had all run off acting like a pack of real monkeys. Luckily Chiro was able to destroy the gem and save the planet and them. Not to mention the fact that last time Sprx had protested as well, and it turned out he had been correct.

This time they may not be so lucky.

"Sprx, Gibson is right. It's our job and duty to protect the universe and it someone is in trouble we have to help them. No matter the cost." Antauri the second in command and by far the wisest of the monkeys said.

Sprx looked at Antauri then at all the others, seeking for support. When he found none he sighed in defeat. "Fine." He said. Then he stormed out; shooting up his matching colored tube toward his room.

Everyone looked around at each other, hoping someone would have an idea on what to do. "I'll go talk to him." the golden warrior, and the only female monkey Nova said after a moment. And she went off following in her own colored tube. Everyone in the command room grew quiet with their own thoughts about what was said.

"Anyone wanna raise their bet?" the green mechanic monkey Otto asked slyly after a moment. Chiro, Antauri and Gibson all nodded yes.

Meanwhile in Sprx's room

Sprx sat on his bed looking blankly at the ceiling, brooding. There was a light hesitant knock on the door. "It's open." Sprx called indifferently.

Nova walked in, looking everywhere but him. Nova silently cursed herself for volunteering. Why did I do that? Antauri can probably get through to him more than I can.

Oh what's the use? You know why you volunteered.

Shut up.

It's because you like being with him. And hate seeing him down, Face it you love him.

Shut up! No I don't. I'm a warrior and warriors aren't supposed to love.

They aren't supposed to but they can and you do.

Who asked you anyway?

Sprx didn't even look to see who had entered, he want in the mood tight now. He was lost deep in thought another the planet they were heading for. When it came up on the screen he had immediately gotten a weird feeling about it. Something just wasn't right, it just seemed too familiar.


The voice brought him out of his thoughts. He'd know that voice anywhere among a thousand others. It was the voice that comforted him when he was down, scolded him, when he was annoying, that crept into his most intimate dreams, which haunted his very existence. It was the angelic voice of his beloved Nova. Of course, he had never admitted he loved her to anyone but deep down, underneath the mask of immaturity he had fallen completely and helplessly in love with the golden goddess before him.

Sprx looked over in the direction of the voice and gently but determinedly memorized every detail about her for the millionth time. He couldn't help but stare at her beautiful golden-yellow fur. The way the light hit it and made her seem to glow, whether the image was in his head he had no clue or care. He looked at how poised and proud she held herself with her head high and shoulders back. He then lifted up his gaze to meet her eyes. Oh how he could get lost in her bubblegum pink eyes for hours even days without thought or care. The he noticed something strange about her; there was a look in her eyes that he didn't recognize. Was it fear? Struggle? Apprehension? Then he noticed how reserved her posture was, how closed she seemed to be.

"Yes, Nova." He finally answered

"I was just coming to check and make sure you were okay. You kina stormed off back there," there was a hesitant tone in her voice as if she didn't know quite what to say.

"I'm fine. It's just that lost time we ended up in a cage over a lava pit and you were enslaved as a savage beast. I just don't want to go through that again."

"I know and I get that but…we've been through much worse since then so don't worry. I'm sure we'll be fine. And if not I guess I'll just have to kick some serious ass." She smiled the usual confidence coming back into her voice.

If there was one thing that Sprx loved about Nova it was her smile. It was perfection to him just the sight or hint of it and he became completely tongue tied with shivers running up and down his spine. But there was one thing he loved more than her smile, her laugh. The first time he remembered hearing it he immediately fell in love with it and her. His earliest memory was of her laughing when they were babies with the Alchemist. At that moment in time he knew that was his purpose in life, to watch…hear…make her smile. "Ya I'm sure you're right" he smirked back at her "but still I can't shake this feeling…."

Nova's eyes became filled with concern. If there was one thing she'd learned over the years it was to trust you're feelings. Usually whenever one or more of the team had gotten a feeling about something or one and didn't act on it, things went bad. "What kind of feeling?" she asked curiously.

"Just that something isn't right or something's about to happen, for good or bad I can't tell but..."

"But what?"

"But…I just don't know." He confessed. If there was one person on the team who would listen to him about his feeling he knew it would be Nova. Not only that, but love has a funny way of making you trust someone completely whether you want to or not.

"Well why didn't you tell Antauri or Gibson about this earlier?"Nova asked

"Ha! I doubt Antauri or Gibson would care. I'm not strong enough in the Power Primate to be relied on and plus Gibson would go on into a lecture about how irrelevant feelings are and how they're just chemicals in the brain blah blah blah…"

"Well then why are you telling me?" Nova asked hopefully

"I don't know. Maybe because…because...I don't know. You asked?" Sprx sighed

Nova sighed. I guess he really doesn't feel anything for me…Oh well why should I care?

Maybe because you were hoping to live out your deepest desire.

What are you talking about?

You know….the one with the beautiful cottage house, little robot monkey children, and him right there next to you telling you how much he loves you and how proud he is of you and your children.

Stop it! That is not my deepest desire. I only desire to be the greatest warrior of all time.

Of course you do.

I hate you.

Then you hate your true self and conscience

If you're my conscience then I can see why Mandarin went evil.

Temper, temper. You wouldn't want to "hurt the one you love"

Just shut it and leave me alone!


"What!?" Nova snapped. She realized she had zoned our and Sprx was starring at her. "I'm sorry, I was just…thinking."

"Abut what?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all." She could see the disbelief on his face and watched as he got up to go towards her. "It's really nothing, okay?" she said before he could protest or inquire more. "At least nothing that concerns you."


Shut up.

"O…Okay." Sprx said skeptically and some what disappointedly. They then stood there starring at each other for a moment. Sprx opened his mouth to speak then shut it as Chiro come over the intercom.

"Sprx, Nova. We are approaching the planet. Get up to the Control room."

"I-I guess we better go." Nova said and turned to leave.

"Ya…..I guess so." Why can't she see how much I love her?