Hey there kids, I'm here with some…disappointing news. There is not going to be a sequel to Another Uncharted Planet. However, I am going to address the main points which most of you were most concerned about:

1) Rachelle. Rachelle leaves Gibson. Yes, you read that right. This was always in the stars for their relationship. She does not believe in Love (which I heavily hinted at in the AUP) and therefore is not with him for such frivolous reasons. She got together with him because she felt a mutual attraction to him and then left with him because at heart she's an adventurer. Basically, once the "honeymoon" stage is over she packs up and hops on the next interstellar bus outta Shugazoom with barely a "good-bye and thank you." Her mindset is one of pure science, if you cannot outright observe it, then it doesn't exist—so abstract concepts such as altruism, love, justice, ect. are all complete fabrications of the mind to her and she does not believe in them. As you can imagine, she really couldn't stand being on the Team in the first place since it's founded on those principles. She travels around the universe and takes on various "lovers" which she then leaves and eventually dies alone like she always knew she would. She's a cold-hearted being and she's fine with that.

Now Gibson truly did love Rachelle and is understandably devastated when she leaves and that's pretty much what I was going to focus on in the sequel. He becomes very depressed and cynical and detaches himself from all outside contact to brood in his misery. He tries to throw himself into his work but fails because he just can't shake all the memories of Rachelle from his mind.

The whole Team tries to cheer him up and get him back on track as much as they can but really really suck at it as none of them have ever had to deal with anything like this. Eventually Antauri is able to reach him in a "Look, I know you love her and that's okay, but sometimes that's not enough and you have to keep going on despite how horrible you feel and how awful life is. You have to recognize that you didn't lose everything. We're still here and we still love you" speech.

2) Nova is pregnant but she has a miscarriage. Yes, I know, I'm evil. Look, my whole reasoning for this is that they are ROBOT MONKEYS how are they supposed to replicate? You can't birth metal parts. Not even with magic. Also: Nova is a warrior who has sustained numerous injuries throughout her lifetime—they do leave scars that never can quite heal. Her body is not able to sustain the burden of a growing mass of life within her. So naturally it terminates the pregnancy like most other organisms do.

She gets all depressed as well and blames herself for not being able to do this one thing and she thinks Sprx blames her and hates her for "killing" the kids. Sprx does everything he can to snap her out of it but is completely clueless on how so he only ends up pushing her away. He of course is hurting too and somehow blames himself for the whole thing.

Eventually they learn to just lean on each other and grieve together through this ordeal and they start to strengthen their relationship through this growing experience. It's all very Angsty-Sweet.

My reason for not doing a sequel is because this whole thing up there? It's all trash. NOTHING HAPPENS. It's pointless and it's plotless and I really don't want to waste my time writing it. I tried y'all, believe me I tried but it's just not happening.

So, sorry for getting you hopes up, but this decision is final.