a/n: Gorillaz belongs to Jamie Hewlett and Damon Alburn

The year long silence of Kong Studios was finally broken by the sound of wet, squishing footsteps climbing up the rain drenched stairs. A crack of lightening suddenly lit up the sky, revealing a spiky haired silhouette quietly shuddering from the cold. This fellow, who went by the name 2-D was followed by a large, bulky man called Russell, Russ to his friends.

"I hope to god he didn't lock the door." Russell muttered with a slight shiver.

2-D rapt his slender fist on the giant glass doors. "Muds, it's me n Russell, open up!" Both listened for an answer, but were only met with low rumbles of thunder.

"Try the intercome, D."

2-D pressed the intercom and a loud, high pitched buzz emitted as the screen turned fuzzy as a face faintly appeared.

"Eh? " Murdoc's scratchy voice grunted as he squinted at the screen.

"Muds, It's us! 2-D and Russel!"

"Oh, eh hang on." Murdoc then popped off of the screen.

Oh God, they were only here for one thing: they knew the truth! They knew about Noodle!

"Ah, c-come in, lads." He then called.

Once inside, they found that Kong had been completely torn apart: giant pieces of plaster was strewn on the lobby floor and the wall near the receptionist desk was exposed to reveal a vast, black sky full of endless rain.

"What happened?" Russel muttered.

"Dunno, how can Muds live in a place like this?"

"Easy! I got my Winnebago!" Murdoc replied as he stepped out of the elevator. He then slowly walked over to them, trying not to trip over the rubble.

"All right Murdoc. First off, why'd you want us here? Second we want to ask know" Russel was then cut off my Murdoc's slight chuckle.

"Where Noodle is?" he finished with a sly smile on his face.

"Yes, so cut the smart remarks and tell us, cracker-ass."

"All right, all right," Murdoc sighed with exasperation, " she's in the Maldives."

"B-But what about the accident?" 2-D asked.

Murdoc snickered. "Did you even see the end of the video? You can see her in the distance on a parachute."

The large drummer and blue haired singer just stood there in shock

"Then why the hell didn't you tell us?!" Russel scolded as he quickly slapped Murdoc across the face. The bassist then shook his head and clutched his head in pain as he searched for an answer.

"I-I. was gonna"

"Don't give us any damn excuses, Muds! We helped Noodle pack up her stuff, she could go on her so- called vacation!"

"You lied to us! You lied!" 2-D cried..

"You sods don't get it," Murdoc growled, "I had to do it: Jimmy Mason wanted to kill you guys so that he could start a band with me. I agreed to this, but tricked Jimmy by hiding the weapons in the windmill."

"You should've told-"

"Shut up and listen! In the end, I had Noodle escape the destruction of the windmill and made sure Jimmy was killed instead!"

"But Muds, w-why didn't you tell us about this?"

"I-I didn't want Jimmy to find out because he might've killed me and would've probably murdered all of you."

There was a long pause as Murdoc longingly glanced at the corridor on the left side of the directory. "Anyway, the real reason I asked you here today is because I want to show you something," He then motioned to the door "c'mon."