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Gosalyn Mallard and Honker Muddlefoot stayed close to one another on the Mallard's living room couch. Their eyes wide with anticipation as they announcer on the television introduced the latest horror flick to grace the station's Late Night Fright. Gosalyn dug into the bowl of fresh, buttery popcorn getting her feathered fingers covered in the vegetable oil as she clawed up a hand full of the treat. Honker ever-so-often would get his own popcorn but not nearly as often as the movie-goer beside him.

The announcer's voice grew darker and more mysterious as he introduced the story of the night, which was titled, "The Creatures from Mars and the Ancient Weapon of the Mayans". Honker commented lowly, "That sounds like a history channel conspiracy story than anything else..."

Gosalyn hushed him as the program began to start. A completely new narrator began to speak in a matching spooky voice as the previous announcer, "Long ago, the ancient peoples of South America had technology far beyond those of the Egyptians, even far beyond that of those now. Gifted with the power to read their futures from the stars and other heavenly phenomenon the Mayan people grew confident that they would be able to handle any disaster that came their way. Then the ancient fortune-tellers foresaw their own demise. Just after their demise was shown to the ancient people they begged to the heavens that had shown them the cruel fate of their people to grant them another path and let them live. The stars told them to fashion a device that could be used as a weapon and then leave that weapon as well as their villages unattended. They created this weapon, a weapon with the ability to create a hole in the atmosphere, and they left it just as they said. Now that weapon lays deep in the jungles of South America awaiting one day to be used for good... or for evil."

The television screen faded into a logo with the title in crimson with dripping letters that read, "Creatures for Mars and the Ancient Weapon of the Mayans! In Technicolor television!" before going into a commercial break. Gosalyn Mallard finally drew in a heavy breath, as if she'd been holding it in for the entire introduction of the movie, saying in a giddy, light hearted manner, "Keen-Gear! This movie's going to rule, Honk-man! I can just see, aliens taking over the world! Boom! With helpless maidens and heroes with big ol' bazookas--"

"G-Gos, don't you think that this plot is a bit silly? Stars that tell Mayans to make weapons?" Honker said, moving his glasses up on his face as they slipped to the bottom of his nose. "The Mayans did disappear but it probably had nothing to do with aliens..."

Gosalyn rolled her eyes at her friend and neighbor, "What a kill-joy you can be sometimes. Well, it would be worse if my dad were here. He would say, 'Gosalyn, you shouldn't be filling your head with such scary things, it'll keep you up late at night with nightmares.' or something like that."

Honker nodded, he actually liked how Mr. Mallard tried to protect Gosalyn from her own rogue imagination. His parents were just the opposite sometimes, they only seemed to care about his grades and if he was eating correctly (not that they were unloving) they were nothing like Mr. Mallard. "Your dad out on work again?"

By work they both knew he was searching the city for criminals as the masked hero of Saint Canard but this lingo kept the conversation somewhat normal. Gosalyn nodded, "Yea, he's looking for SteelBeak again. It's been the third incident that was F.O.W.L. involved. Not to mention this string of break-ins in stores..."

"Hard night, I guess..." Honker said.

"Quiet, the shows back on! I know he'll be fine; he always is, Honk-man."

So began the story of the Hole in the Sky


the unkindness that brought it to Saint Canard.