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Chapter 15

To the less technically advanced portion of the Fearsome Five, that didn't include NegaDuck for the most part, it looked like Megavolt was simply tearing apart the cellular phone. But when they heard the rodent crying out in triumph, "There we go!" they knew he was not fooling around with the machine. All the while the raven in the background watching from his upside-down position and humming to himself lightly.

"Great, Megadolt! What's it say the location is?" NegaDuck cried out, quickly pushing the rest of the team from in front of Megavolt and looking at the device over the rodent's shoulder.

"That's not right... Maybe I messed something up." Megavolt bit his lip, poking the cellular with a screwdriver and whimpering. "That's not possible. It says he's right in front of us, through that door."

Megavolt pointed to the far-end of the warehouse that the Fearsome called their hideout. NegaDuck narrowed his eyes and turned back to the captured raven to give him a darkened glare. Gimbel replied with a wide-eyed expression, as if to say he wasn't responsible. "Are you sure, Megavolt?"

"Positive." Megavolt never took his eyes from the door, "It's possible he was tracking the phone's last point of activation, because I had to turn it off at least once during the process."

"Then what are you idiots waiting for!" NegaDuck growled glancing at the remaining three. Quackerjack, Bushroot and Liquidator all looked at each other but didn't move. NegaDuck crossed his arms, "Yes?"

"Why do we have to go out there?" Quackerjack whined as the other two nodded, "It's not like we did so great last time anyhow..."

"Fine! I'll go with you, children!" NegaDuck growled, pushing his way past the three again as he started for the door. "Megavolt, keep an eye on the kid!"

"I'm twenty." Interrupted Gimbel as NegaDuck walked past him, the duck only glared at him. "You keep calling me kid..."

NegaDuck stopped abruptly as if he was hit with an idea, Calling back, "What's your brother's weakness?"

Gimbel sighed looking defeated, "His daughter and his pride, I suppose."

"I knew keeping you around would make things easier."

"Terminate program." Brigley whispered as he closed the device in his hands, putting it into his pocket. He was in front of a building, this he knew, and it smelled like fire. Those two things certain he began to search for an entrance. Dragging his nails along the edge of the tin building until it made an eerie screeching sound. A smile graced his bill, no matter how grave the situation, he was enjoying the cold night's air on his feathers.

"Hold it right there, raven!" A voice said behind him. He didn't bother to turn around. His smile only grew underneath his drooping feathers his eyes blindly opened to stare forward. He was calculating how many there were, it was easy because unlike those F.O.W.L. Idiots they didn't stand in silence. Their feet shuffled as they moved forward—all four of them.

"What have I stumbled upon, I wonder." Monotone voice as he turned to the side, inching towards his pockets. "Let me guess, you're those four that I ran into before? The notebook?"

"Exactly!" A different voice than he was used to, this one wasn't part of the group previously. "Except this time, the cat's not away... and you won't get away without consequences either."

"A new voice, and a new motivation. I suppose you mean my brother's your prisoner, right?" Brigley whispered, letting his hand fall from his pockets. "I will go with you, let me speak to your prisoner."

Bushroot glanced to Liquidator who in turn shook his head. NegaDuck saw this motion, "If you do anything... we'll kill him." He added with a snarl. "And trust me, the little chatterbox needs a little death in his cheerful life."

Brigley only laughed a husky chuckle. Bushroot, Quackerjack and Liquidator lingered behind as NegaDuck showed the raven the entrance to their hideout. NegaDuck shot the threesome an intimidating glare as he stalked close behind the other bird. "So, what's this weapon about, raven?"

"For destroying the world." Breathed the raven, "Utterly and completely without fail."

"Oh, creepy." NegaDuck sardonically said, "What's a nice guy like you doing with something like that?"

A laugh.

"I never considered myself quite the comedian, bird."

"Then perhaps you should take up the profession. It would work better than your current of hiding in warehouses." The raven's face perked up as they entered the room with his brother dangling from the ceiling beam. Gimbel's mood changed as well, but he did not say anything to his brother immediately.

"Is this a reunion, or a funeral!" NegaDuck chortled as he brought a rough hand on the raven's lower back. He heard the bird growling lowly, so he made it a point to linger in his actions. "Big brother's come to join you, birdie!"

Brigley stepped forward, "Where is it, Gimbel?"

"In a cache at the bus stop that I came from. Safe as it can be." Gimbel told him directly, the others in the room exchanging glances in confusion.

"Very well." Brigley turned on his heels and nearly stepped on the shorter NegaDuck as he backtracked towards the door that he'd entered.

NegaDuck rose his arms, snarling at the raven. "Hold it! Where do you think you're going, raven?"

"I've got no further use of him. Do as you will." Brigley replied, but even saying this his brother did not look too shocked about his brother's bluntness. The Fearsome Five only glanced at each other, even NegaDuck had a strange look on his face—as if to say, 'I don't believe what I'm hearing'.

"Y-you're joking!" Bushroot's cried, the mutant duck stepped forwards from his cowering place behind NegaDuck. "He's you brother, you can't leave him to us villains."

Another laugh from the raven, "You are a strange duck. Not only do you call yourself a villain—which begs the question whether or not you have more moral than everyone here—but you think I care about my brother's well-being."

NegaDuck laughed hardily, holding his sides. Coming towards the raven, slapping him on the back again between the shoulder blades. "A fowl after my own heart! What about you and I becoming partners? Eighty-twenty sounds fair enough to me."

"Another joke? I have no need for you either." Brigley threw his arm back, knocking NegaDuck's hand backwards. NegaDuck's eyes narrowed, withdrawing his hand but his grin never wavering. Brigley started towards the exit again, leaving the Fearsome Five and his brother behind him in a storm of confusion. NegaDuck seemed more amused than anything else. Swiftly the mallard menace stepped towards the captured raven, pulling out a weapon from behind him.

"Bluffing." NegaDuck sneered, pressing the muzzle of a handgun against Gimbel's forehead and taking off the safety. The audible 'click' the tale tell sign to the blind bird that a weapon was indeed at his brother's head. Gimbel whimpered and closed his eyes—dispirited. The remaining Fearsome Five becoming spectators to the scene, standing as statues.

Brigley turned back, his broken grin saturating his face as he stated, "Am I?"

NegaDuck growled lowly, unable to get a reaction from the raven. He turned to Gimbel, "He's bluffing."

And with that NegaDuck curled his hand on the trigger. The weapon only clicked loudly and did nothing more. Gimbel however yelped loudly, as the weapon was fired and looked ill even after he realized it was not loaded. NegaDuck watched Brigley for a reaction only to be disappointed. The raven did nothing at all—no shock graced his face nor did he make a sound of anguish at his brother being 'shot'.

"What a cold guy." Whispered Bushroot to Megavolt, the others only agreed.

"New flavored shaved ice from Bernie's House of Dessert. For only two dollars a cup or three for a cone." Liquidator agreed, in his own way.

"You are the one bluffing." Brigley smiled his cockiest of grins and turned away from the group. Stopping at the entrance, "Gimbel... We'll be waiting for you at home when you decide you've had enough of these idiots."

The end of NegaDuck's bill twitched, he looked at the weapon in his hands. The Fearsome Five approached him, of them all Quackerjack spoke up first, "Gee, Negs, I didn't think you would be the type to be so generous..."

NegaDuck grabbed the jester's bill, screeching, "It's only jammed, you moron!"

"W-wait, Brig! I'm coming too!" Gimbel began to wriggle in the bonds, "Sorry, guys it's been fun..."

Quackerjack's alter-ego Mr. Banana Brain spoke up then, "You think you're just going to leave, Steve?"

Quackerjack agreed, "Yea, last time I checked you're still dangling like a piece of meat."

Gimbel smiled, "Oh, about that."--then much to the surprise of the Fearsome Five Gimbel twisted his body in a strange way and his arm popped out of the ropes. "It's a really easy knot to figure out... especially for a Raven Illusionist."

NegaDuck's mouth hit the ground as he watched the younger raven untie himself. Anger rose in the dangerous duck and he clinched his fist together, "I've had just about enough of these morons... Fearsome Five, get those idiots!"

Bushroot, Megavolt, Liquidator and Quackerjack shrunk away from the fuming NegaDuck, and began to follow his orders—more scared of the duck than either of the ravens. Bushroot's vines spread along the ground and crept towards Brigley's legs as Megavolt circled around to the front of their victim. Quackerjack and Liquidator deviated towards Gimbel watching the raven closely as he fell the short distance from the dangling ropes to the ground.

Brigley was lifted from his feet and turned upside-down with the vines, with not so much as a yelp. Megavolt moved in closer, body beginning to glow with electric current, as he reached towards the raven's face, "It's time to go to sleep, raven."

Brigley's hand caught onto Megavolt's, "Sleep, then."

"Eh?" Megavolt let a burst of energy free but was surprised to see neither the raven or even Bushroot were affected. Megavolt was knocked backwards, only stumbling for a minute before the electric villain grinned, "Just like before. I think I understand what's going on here. How about this, then?"

Megavolt closed his eyes, his power glowing more intensely than before, almost blindingly bright. NegaDuck and the others squinted their eyes as Megavolt's electric grew stronger and then the villainous rodent attacked again. This time the raven was hit, unfortunately so was Bushroot who had no time to let go of the upside-down bird, and it sent him flying back. Bushroot and Brigley landed against a far wall—unconscious.

Megavolt clasped his hands together, satisfied with his work. "Fool me once, shame on me! Fool me twice shame on... wait don't I have that backwards?"

Quackerjack nudged Liquidator's 'side', "Wow, so he's useful for something besides changing light bulbs after all!"

Liquidator only laughed.

"Oh, that's not good at all." Came the nervous voice of the younger raven. He looked to his motionless brother to NegaDuck. NegaDuck was stunned and staring at the prancing Megavolt—who was flexing his arms and praising himself. Gimbel coughed, "You know it's a boss' job to tell his underling that he did a good job."

"... but they never do anything right." NegaDuck grabbed the end of his hat pulling at it.

"That can't be true. They look capable enough to me." Gimbel sighed, "Sure, he didn't see through my brother's illusion but he stopped it right."

"Aren't you concerned about you brother?" Quackerjack narrowed his eyes, approaching the raven.

"Well, I could ask the same about your plant-friend." Gimbel's body puffed up, as if he took great offense to the jester's inquiry. "Of course I care about my brother. But, it's obvious that he would want to get himself out of the mess he's in... so I'll be a good brother and just leave it to you."

"Leave it to us?" NegaDuck continued to pull at his hat, "Now you think you're leaving? Do we need to get the water checked in Saint Canard? You aren't going anywhere!" Another weapon was pulled from the furious duck's coat, pointing it at the raven's chest. "You and he are both going to stay here until you give up you're little weapon and my notebook."

"... come on. It's not like I had anything to do with this really..." Gimbel begged, his hands in the air like he was a victim of a bank robbery. "And someone has to take care of his kid. Come on it's not like I'm lying, right?"

NegaDuck ground his teeth, closing his eyes, "Megadolt. Get this idiot his phone."

Seconds later Gimbel was handed the phone and the short-tempered duck snarled out orders to him, "You will answer this phone at all times, or your brother will be no more. Likewise, if I give the phone to your brother, be assured anything he says to you—he'll have a gun at his head so you'd best be getting together all of your little weapon information. Because your brother and I are going to have a little chat."