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A Walk on the Wild Side

She must be mad! She'd followed him! His patient had been suffering for the past week with multiple system failures and House had taken it upon himself to go to the forest and try and follow the path laid out for him by his patient. It was a stab in the dark, trying to find that single final link needed for a diagnosis. He'd needed help; not that he'd admit it, but she knew that, there was no way a man with one leg could stumble his way round a bunch of tree roots.

His lackeys had been absorbed in other vital tests, trying to solve the mystery before the time finally ran out, so it rested on her shoulders to make sure he was ok. She told herself she was just looking out for an employee, making sure no damage fell upon him and a lawsuit on the hospital to follow. But she knew he'd never sue, so her argument fell flat. Why did she care??? She didn't! The selfish jerk could encounter many dangerous pit holes for all she minded; she hoped he'd fall down one and never get out again. But she couldn't allow her employee to venture on a dangerous task without it being a risk to the hospital and her reputation. So she'd followed him.

And now here she was, and he wasn't. Where was he??? She scanned around, lying low in the seat of her car, trying to find a wobbling figure somewhere on the horizon….nothing. There was no way he could move that fast, and he was definitely here, his biked parked two spaces over from her. So where was he??? Her fingers wrapped round the door handle, clicking it open as her legs swung out, shoes balancing on the soft surface. Her heels were lower than normal, thank god, but no way suitable for what she had been planning to do, but it didn't look like that was going to happen now anyway, the place was deserted. The car door slammed shut as she hobbled forward, heels sinking in with every step, trying to wash the painful voice in her head reminding her that her Prada shoes were now covered in mud. Silence rung out, broken every now and then by the whistling wind cursing through the trees. It was eerie, no bird song, nothing. She turned, intending to head back to her car. Her body jerked forward, held in place, the sensation of cold gunge sliding between her toes; grimacing as she looked down, foot now coated in sloppy soil.


As she leaned forward trying to pull her foot free a loud crack rang out, she bolted up, eyes whirling round in search for the source of the noise, nothing, the silence seeping in once more, deadly still and quiet. She breathed in slowly, trying to calm her heart, nerves alert and jittery. She went to lean forward once more but was disturbed when a warm breeze tickled her neck, unknown heat radiating into her, she lent back slightly, encountering something solid.

'You know it's rude to stalk people'

'FUCK' she jumped, whirling round, foot flying out of its shoe, her whole body stumbling backwards crashing into the side of her car, hand coming to rest on her chest, heartbeat pounding against her palmthe other rising to brush where his breath had been moments before, trying to calm the tingle of her skin

She watched the smirk slowly creep over his face. Snatching her hand away, shaking the sensation from her mind she force the anger to well up inside of her. Always forced.

'That was not funny!'

'I happen to disagree….THAT….was very funny.' He stooped down, unaware of her eyes caressing his body, the muscles so toned, his ass inches away tight against the denim, her fingers flexed, fighting against the overwhelming need to reach out, grazing over his skin, squeezing. Her body remained still, thoughts pushed from her mind as she watched him pull her shoe from its mud bath reeling as he waved it in front of her nose.

'This belongs to you I believe.' His face remained blank, but she could see the amusement flickering in his eyes. She huffed, her chest rising sharply, frowning as his gaze zoomed in. It made her skin burn, unbearable.

'Stop!' Her voice sounded hard and breathless to her own ears, but the wind whipped it away, passing by him unnoticed for once. He didn't blink, stare unmoving as he replied,

'Stop what?'

'Stop staring.'

He shrugged, 'ok' with that he turned, limping away into the woods.

She waited, he didn't, she sighed, thoughts along the lines of I must be mad, screaming at her as she raced forward as fast as she could, her inappropriate footwear hindering her on her way, the ground solid enough to support her thin heels, as long as she avoided the soft patches.

'House!' her voice rang out into the trees,

He pretended not to hear her,

'House stop!'

His head turned, shouting over his shoulder, 'I have, I'm not even looking at you now.'

She resisted the urge to scream, 'I meant stop walking.'

He slowed enough for her to catch up with him, halting so abruptly she skidded to a halt inches away from crashing into him, panting.

'Well why didn't you say so,' he mocked. His eyes flowed over her freely, his blue gaze taking in every inch of her. A shiver shot up her spine, eyes falling to the floor, blocking out the light tingle of flame his icy stare alighted inside her. What's wrong with me? His voice broke her from her thoughts.

'I'm loving the outfit!' her head shot up, 'but won't the girls get a bit cold?'

She felt the frustration return with a rush, good, 'it's nice to know you're worried about me.' Her voice was laced with sarcasm, one eyebrow raised, knowing his game and making sure her behaviour was seemingly uncaring, knowing the danger she'd be in if he even got a sense of the emotions bubbling through her right now, anger, frustration, want, lust.

I'm not worried about you, just your assets. They keep the hospital in business, we both know that.' He winked. 'And I can see the cold is taking effect.'

Eyes now firmly fixed on her breasts; she followed his gaze, blushing as she noticed the outline of her nipples through her shirt, perfect 'would you like me to warm them with my hands.'

She didn't even bother to reply, throwing her hands up in the air and storming away, shouting over her shoulder,

'You're a nightmare,'

He set off in pursuit, able to keep a steady pace behind her as her heels slowed her speed, his reply hollering out,

'Aww I'm in your dreams, although I doubt there's anything nightmarish about them….apart from the fact you wake up at the end…does it always happen right before you get to the good part where I…'

'Don't even finish that sentence,' she was still walking, voice shouting over her shoulder,

'Why does it get you all hot and bothered? Knowing you haven't had it for so long, I can understand why,'

'And I'm sure you can relate to the feeling as well, although I'm guessing the working girls dull it when they can.'

'I'll keep an eye out for working guys, maybe we could start up a new business…..you could test drive the merchandise.'

'Only if I could find the time between your lawsuits, I don't need a man to keep me up at all hours I have you.'

'Are thoughts about me affecting your sleep? Trust me flesh is better than riding a piece of plastic with my name on. I can keep your bed warm at night.'

'House the icy vibe you give off would freeze me in my sleep; I wouldn't dare touch your cold heart in case I get frost bite.'

'Don't leave it to the frost; I'll bite you for free. Maybe you like that sort of thing.'

'You wouldn't know where to bite, its been so long since you sunk anything into female flesh,'

'I could find your sensitive spots in minutes, have you screaming my name,'

'Well I've had enough practice, shouting at you every single day because you won't do your job,'

'The hospital is a hard place to navigate, many rooms, many halls, so confusing,'

'You've been there for 10 years and your excuse is you get lost,'

'No but I think you have'


'We're lost'

She jolted, halting abruptly, still not looking back at him, her heavy breathing ringing in her ears as her eyes scanned round, looking over the edge of the hill into vast amounts of green as far as she could see. Every thing looked the same.

'I thought you knew where we were going.'

'Well I did until I followed you. You seemed to have a destination in mind when you set off like a steam train.'

She squeezed her eyes tight shut, breathing in deeply, calming, 'why did I come here?'

'Well I certainly didn't make you, and now you've gone and got us lost, is this all part of your stalker plan, kidnap me and have your way with me in the wilderness.'

Her body tensed as she felt him approach behind her, his scent getting nearer mingling with the pine smell stinging her senses. Forcing herself to focus, drawing back from wandering across an uncharted territory of emotions, sticking with what she knew best,


Her hands balled into fists, whirling round, her plan to throw a remark back in his face, it was halted however when she came nose to nose with him, not realising how close he had been. She gasped, jumping backwards, shocked, feeling her body tilt as the ground vanish beneath her feet, falling. House's fingers grasped at thin air as she fell, head hitting the ground, body rolling backwards, tumbling. Her body slid over the leaves, colliding with a trunk, stalling her downward trip abruptly, pain.


House stumbled down as fast as he could, sliding his way down manoeuvring with his cane, trying to stem the pain shooting up his thigh with every slip.

She moved, pain shooting up from her ankle.

'Are you ok?'

She was too dazed to notice the concern in his voice; instead she looked down at the swollen flesh that surrounded her foot, watching as he knelt down, sliding her shoe from her foot. She flinched, the pain sharp and shooting as his hands slid over her skin, examining.

'It's not broken. Just badly sprained.'

Trying to shake off the dizziness, she spoke, her voice sounding gravely and rough.

'We need to call for help. Its obvious I can't walk, and I'm pretty sure you can't carry me.'

He nodded, slipping his phone from his pocket. She saw his eyes settled on the screen, noticing the frown emanating across his forehead.

'No signal.'

She sighed, shifting her hip towards him. 'Pager.'

Leaning forward he snatched it from her hip.

'It's smashed.'

'Seriously?' Her head snapped up as he flipped it towards her, screen cracked with no sign of life.

Her eyes met with his, he shrugged…'I didn't bring mine. Didn't think we'd wanna be disturbed.' His eyebrows waggled before her. Only house could make a joke at times like this.

Her head fell back, staring straight up into the blue sky, dappled light shining down through the trees. Her eyes remained blank, before the reality finally sunk in. She was lost, in the woods, with House, lust and whole load of emotions. Her nightmare had finally come true. The only upside was there was no way she could jump him with this ankle.

She sighed; voice ringing out into the silence that hung between them.



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