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Hold Me Tight

She grunted as her back hit the mattress, her mind in a whirl as the room rippled, shuttering in flashes as she blinked. She couldn't clear her head, the rainbow sensation of desire sending a fizzle of longing along her skin. So many emotions collided almost choking her as they clammed up within the cavity of her chest. She should stop this, she should say no. The book didn't excuse this. They were in office hours even now and he had her sprawled in his bed. Somewhere the courage to tell House it was over existed, what she lacked was the will. 'No' a two letter word, just a single solitary syllable, but it was one that wouldn't leave her lips. The weight of him held her down, his fingers folding around her wrists pinning them beside her head.

'Stop it.'

'Stop what?'

'Thinking, try feeling for a change.'

She felt his lips dance along her collar bone, his tongue accidentally hitting her skin as his butterfly kisses fluttered over her throat.

Her eyebrow rose, the scorching mist gradually separating as his words bled in, 'Like you ever let yourself feel.'

His hand cupped her breast, 'I feel you all the time.'


'You wouldn't want me any other way.'

'I've told you I don't wa-'

'I'm never wrong.'

'You're narcissistic,'

'But right. Being right is all that matters in the end.'

'And does this matter? Why does it matter if you're right about this?'

'Because I want to be, I want to be right.'

'You…' She paused, 'You want this?'

House didn't answer, leaning in to brush his lips over hers in reply. His hands slid into her hair, slipping to her shoulders before delving into the buttons of her shirt twisting them free. Her tongue battled with his, drawing all the answers out through his kiss. Her heart hammered. She shouldn't be letting this happen. In the woods was one thing, but here and now inside his home, in his bed. It was wrong. But it felt right, and against all the rules, all the standards she was ordered to uphold. She ignored them all because, she wanted it.

He felt it when she let go, her fingers easing their way beneath his t-shirt before tugging it up over his head. Her nails raked over his skin, the tip of her index dipping beneath his belt before battling with the buckle and button. Her thigh eased up to rest on his hip as she forced his jeans and boxers down with the heel of her foot.

He reared up slightly, easing his weight onto his good leg as he kicked them off his ankles. His attention returned to her skirt, the tight material now bunched up around her waist. Fumbling with the zip, he used two hands to ease it apart before forcing the material from her hips, his hands meshing with hers in the eagerness to ease it on its journey.

Rolling away from her he watched as her fingers hooked in at the edge of her panties sliding the tiny garment down her legs, her eyes meeting his as she slipped them off.

His hand slipped over her stomach. Resting on his side, he kissed his way over her shoulder his lips caressing the curve of one breast. Her fingers curled behind his neck, flexing as his tongue tickled around the areola; a teasing dance making her arch up against his mouth. The fingers of his left hand brushed over the other breast, his palm taking the full weight before rolling the stiffening bud beneath the heel of his hand.

He could feel her fingers almost pulsing as they tensed and relaxed in reaction to the different sensations he sent flooding into her system. Her eyes we closed, losing herself in him as he touched her. Her dark curls fanned out over his bed, a faint blush just beginning to flare over her cheeks, painting her neck and chest in a dappled rouge.

She hissed as he bit down on the sensitive skin just around the nipple, leaving a little red mark on the pale skin.

His eyes watched as her knees hitched up, parting without thought. Following the instructions of her body his hand darted down, slipping between her thighs parting the folds and carefully easing inside to brush against the nerves just at the edge.

'Fuck.' The buck of her hips forced his fingers deeper but he withdrew them quickly, unwilling to let her over the edge just yet.

Her eyelids slowly opened as she frowned confused and frustrated by the vanishing sensation. Intent on taking control she shoved him backwards, slinging her leg over his hip, the wetness between her thighs touching his stomach. His muscles clenched at the welcome site of her poised over him, eyes wide and wanton. Her tongue darted out wetting her lips. She thought she was in control, but he was well versed in this position. This was his domain, and he didn't let the illusion last long. With a smirk he grabbed onto her hips, ignoring the wide eyed look at he pulled her whole body forward, bringing her pussy just inches from his lips.


She gasped as House's hands found her hips, tugging her to the top of the bed his palms sliding up the outside of her thighs in a rhythmic motion, the calluses grazing her skin an antithesis to the silky sensation of heat rippling along her skin as a consequence of his touch. 'House, this is…no.' She tried to move, but his hands held her. 'Relax. You'll like it. I do.' His lips tickled behind her knee, eyes boring into hers as his head eased its way between her thighs. It felt good. As her eyes fluttered, her head fell back the tension in her neck easing away as her thoughts floated free from the confines of her mind. All attention was zeroed in on the sensations being fed to her senses. His stubble scorched along the inside of her thighs.

He bit her.

'Ah,' her head snapped up, eyes narrowed as she glared at him. 'What the he-' She stopped, her stomach clenching in an attempt to ignore by the tremor that broke through her emotions at image of him poised between her between her legs, but like an arrow to her anger it blasted it apart. She licked her lips, eyes zeroing in on his watching as he lowered his head, the tip of his tongue slipping over her skin, stilling the sting.

'I want you to watch.'

She blinked, forcing herself to keep her head forward. His tongue darted out, teasing against her folds, the tip barely touching. She gritted her teeth, the moan lingering at the back of her throat. She refused to buck, the blush emanating up her skin from being in such a vulnerable position. She couldn't deny the slutty sensation of having her legs spread, hovering just over House's mouth, totally open before his eyes as he devoured her. Her muscles fluttered inside her.

'Eye's open'

She'd shut them without realising, so focused on resisting the teasing of his tongue. It was as though he was testing her, only letting it touch the barest millimetre before withdrawing it between his lips. He blew, the sudden shock snapping her hips forward on instinct. 'Shit'.

He tugged her down. The sudden movement was a shock, causing her almost to topple as her balance shifted. His tongue delved deep inside, lapping, before jerking against her clit. A variation of movements with no continuous rhythm leaving her to guess what sudden sensation was to come next. She couldn't resist him, her hips rolling as they ground down. She could see her juices coating his lips, glistening in the low light as he fucked her with his tongue. 'Oh, yes.'

She gripped the headboard, knuckles turning white as his hands came up holding her hips tightly, controlling her motions as he circled her clit with the tip of his tongue. Each motion launched a firework between her thighs every second. It felt so good, her body almost seeming to ease apart as her instincts took control. Her body hunted out the pleasure he provided, eyes still watching his tongue slipping between her legs, licking and lapping.

She was so close, her teeth sinking deep into the tender flesh of her lower lip in a fight to keep her eyes open. She wanted to give in. The ripples inside her were coming in a constant stream. She wanted him, needed him inside her, wanted him to fuck her over the edge. It felt so different, this time. No night sky clouding the sight before her, with rocks littering the ground and her skin coated in dust and dirt. Now there was softness beneath her knees with the light defining every expression that graced his face, the desire shining in his eyes that burned into her.

A sudden shock made her cry out as the world tilted, his hands forcing her to fall from him. Her back hit the bed. She cried out in frustration, unable to react to the slight laugh that danced along the edge of her senses. She puffed, her hair fluttering out the way. It had curled, sticking to the sweat the now trickled over her skin, the beads glistening like dew drops.

'Fuck you're gorgeous.'

She didn't have time to reply, her words having already been stolen along with the ability to speak. She moaned. Her fingers sunk into his hair as his body glided against her. His mouth latched onto her right nipple and rolled it with his tongue, sucking till it stiffened. She could feel his hardness against her thigh, her body trying to shift, her pussy crying out to be touched. She ached, having been on the precipice for too long.

'House, now.'

He smirked as his tongue flicked out to lap up the lingering juices on his lips. He eased her legs apart with his hand, his head bent as his eyes focused between her thighs. 'Fuck, yes' he whispered as he plunged into her, hard, forcing her to take all of him as he slid easily into her wetness.

She felt her fingers contract into the duvet, tangling in the sheets as he pounded into her. Each thrust drew an unwilling uttering from her lips, mouth wide open as she panted in pleasure.

How could she ever end this?

The bones of his hips were hard and heavy, digging into her skin with each jerk. Moaning, his hands slipped beneath her knees, bending her body in half as he forced her legs higher. She groaned, the altered angle increasing the pressure inside her. Her mind was hazy as he slowly slipped out, her hips rolling to hold onto him. God he felt good, she didn't want to lose this, ever. He made her feel, fucked the control right out of her hands. She shattered when he was inside of her. His breath rattled in her ears, his hands resting against the mattress. She cried out as he pounded into her, deeper, harder, faster. The sweat caused their skin to slide together, the noises echoing out into the room, the air foggy and damp swirling around them.

'You're so mine.'

She grunted, nails digging into his shoulders as he thrust harder, the speed slowing as he rolled his hips, gently driving her into the mattress. Her legs were aching and her hands slid down to his hips trying to increase the speed. He refused her. Her body was under his total control and she was unable to gain any pleasure without his permission.

'House, please.'

'Not House, what's my name?' he withdrew, keeping just the tip of his cock inside, jerking his hips in continual teasing thrusts. She was on the edge but there was not enough to go over, he was holding her there, poised, teetering on the brink of breaking apart but the final blow never came.

'Please, oh…god'

'Just say my name, come on say it.'

She gritted her teeth, choking as the name bubbled up against her will, 'Greg, ple-'

She didn't finish her plea, the sharp thrust bolting pleasure between her thighs tearing her at the seams as he tore into her. She hollered his name as she came. It was the last word she could remember, the only thing her mind could find on the tip of her tongue as he fucked through the binds tying her mind to the earth allowing it to topple into the abyss. She felt like she was falling as she came, her muscles clamping down as her orgasm singed her insides, pleasure licking along her senses like a flame.

Her eyelids flickered as the flame died down. She panted. Her body had been starved of oxygen and was now drawing it deep into her lungs, eagerly feeding her mind trying to ease away the numb high that now lingered in her head.

House had rolled off her, the chill of the room lapping up the lingering beads of sweat that had coated her skin only moments ago. He was silent. She frowned, inching up to rest on her hands, her arms taking the weight of her body as she eased into a sitting position.


'Don't know about you…but I think by now…we're on a first name basis.' His breaths mirrored hers, short and sharp as he tried to get his breath back.

She said nothing.

She'd said his name seconds ago, but could excuse it as a moment of passion. He'd torn it from her when her mind wasn't fully in control.

Now the sound of his name was an unwelcome exotic tingle on the tip of her tongue. It was too close, too open. To anyone on the outside it would seem like such a simple thing, without any meaning or depth. But within her world he was House, just another member of staff like everyone else. A man who she didn't harbour any deeper feelings for than the rest of her doctors. Even when her body started to tell her different, saying his surname reaffirmed their situation within her mind, boss and subordinate.

First names implied a level playing field. Were they both ready for that? It was easy to hide behind her job, hide behind a name. Like an actress playing a role, expressing the emotions of a character even though every action shows a shimmering detail of an underlying personal element. Acting could all be denied as the figments of the imagination, something that wasn't real.

House becoming Greg, would drag this relationship in the realms of reality. She'd willingly submitted beneath the stars but in the light of the day the next step seemed far more daunting than she'd ever imagined.

Her head was ordering away from it all, but her heart was holding her here. Leaving him would cause her to lose everything she, her thoughts stalled. She'd lose everything she loved about him. Her breath hitched in her throat.

'Say it.'

His fingers trailed over her stomach, stopping just beneath her breast before retreating back the way they came. Gentle, almost lovingly.

She swallowed. All of a sudden her throat was dry and constricting. She loved him, didn't she? It wasn't just the sex. He added to her, dragged her out of the safe place she'd caged herself into and made her face up to a more exciting existence. Even his barbs made her smile. He was acidic and bitter but in this brief moment she saw another side of, Greg.

The name shouldn't be so hard. She'd used it in the past. And lying here, she wanted a future.

'Had enough time to justify yourself to the voices in your head?' his voice was gruff almost accusing.

Feeling the walls gradually ease away, she steeled herself to face up to the facts. Rolling over she kissed him. When she pulled back she smiled at the shocked expression she'd succeeded in drawing from him.

'Greg, screw the board'

'I never knew the board members were to your taste, but if you're into foursomes I'll give it ago, just the women. Although Jimmy's welcome to watch from the sidelines, he might learn a thing or two.'

She laughed, smiling down at him, her fingers easing away the curl that was now stuck to his forehead.

'Maybe later, you've tired me out.'

'So, screwing the board means?'

She tried not to grin at the unease in his voice, the tinge of hope hiding in the innocent question.

'As of tomorrow we're on. The board can either accept it or have a hell of a fight on their hands.'

He grinned, wrapping his arms around her. 'Anything that upsets the board sounds good to me.'


His laugh tickled over her shoulder, 'Not really, just wanted to hear you say my name again.'

'Sure,' an eyebrow rose in disbelief as she grinned, 'Learn to love it while you can, you're going to be hearing it far more often.'

'Yeah screamed into my ear as you cum.' His lips grazed the side of her throat making her shiver.

'Or just when you're you being you.'

'In the hospital you will still have to call me House.'

'And at home I now have the privilege of shouting at you using your first name.'

'I vote we leave work issues behind.'

'I vote you don't make any issues for me at work.'

'That implies a change in my behaviour. Doesn't that go against board rules for subordinate relationships?'

'Somehow I don't think the board would mind that change.'

'I don't do anything that makes the board happy.'

'Greg! What about keeping me happy?' the volume of her voice increased, sensing he was intentionally being difficult, almost wanting to smack the smile off his face as he grinned at the use of his name yet again.

'I prefer make up sex.'

Her eyebrow flicked up, before her eyes narrowed, 'Make up sex?'

'Yep,' he flipped her on to her back, 'here's a demonstration.'

Cuddy rested in his arms, her body limp and exhausted after a repeat performance. His leg ached a little but the adrenaline had eased the pain away enough and the after shocks still lingered taking the edge off. He laid there, his eyes focused on the ceiling over his head, the silence that had existed in his room for so long shattered by the sound of her breathing. The ghost of her giggle remained as it chased its way through the halls of his house.

He wouldn't admit his emotions, amazed that he'd drawn out the honesty from the woman in his arms when it wasn't a strong trait of his own. But lying here, with no one watching and no mask to hide behind he could be honest with himself.

His fingers curled over her shoulder, lightly stroking the velveteen skin revelling in being able to touch her after only looking for so long.

In the cover of darkness, shielded from the eyes of the night sky he could admit he loved her. In his unconventional way he wanted this woman. She battled him, took his bitterness and threw it right back with enough bite score into his skin, and he loved it.

He laid there, content and comfortable. In the forest he'd never dared to dream she'd have let this relationship continue, but his persistence had paid off. As determined as ever to prove her wrong.

As his eyes slipped shut, his arm subconsciously tightened, his body admitting what his lips would never reveal.

She was his and he had no intention of ever letting her go.


3 years later…

The sun shimmered through the trees, the rays rippling as they wandered along the path. Dust clouds billowed up beneath House's cane, one hand resting upon the polished handle in his grasp the other holding the hand of his partner.

His eyes were watching her, the smile gracing her skin as she gazed up into the sky. It was dusk and they were making their way back. The sun was easing its way behind the hills as the birds ducked and dived singing their twilight song before bed.

They came here every year on the date of the day they got lost. House thought it was far too sentimental but Cuddy liked it, and secretly what made her happy made him too; he was determined the secret would die with him.

Their battle with the board was over, it had taken some convincing and some compromising on his part to ensure their relationship was overlooked. It was hard to convince the board that their relationship wouldn't impact upon Cuddy's treatment of him, but his record spoke for itself. The outside adjudicator, who luckily enough didn't know House, granted a period of observation before continuing their employment contracts once it had been confirmed that their relationship did not to interfere with their work.

It had been the worst few months of House's life. Cuddy had been harder on him than ever, and he'd been forced to keep in line because his women definitely took her work issues home with her. When it had all died down he'd reaffirmed his alpha male status by dragging her home and hammering into her what she'd been missing. The memories still brought a smile to his face. Cuddy hadn't been able to sit down properly for days, much to his amusement.

He was drawn from his thoughts by a loud screech. He looked up and watched a bird soaring over head. The world was bathed in the scarlet light of the evening sun. Casting a glance around he recognised the area they'd fled the path long ago. A mistake that had changed his life in a few star studded evenings.

Pausing he pulled on her hand, the feeling in his stomach swooping as his fingers curled round the box in his pocket. He'd sworn he'd never do this, wouldn't subject himself to the risk of rejection. But he wanted for everyone to know she was his, for the men that eyed her up to know she was taken. That it was symbol that someone loved her appealed to him a little too, in the dark romantic part of his heart.

He ignored the worried flash that darted across her face knowing she was interpreting his fearful expression incorrectly.

Swallowing his nerves as he forced himself to speak, 'you'll have to excuse me if I don't get down on to one knee, but,' he held out the box, 'Will you marry me?'


She was stunned, her eyes staring at the box as though it was a bomb, unable to believe it could hold in it what she'd wished for.

Reaching out with shaking fingers she lifted the lid. She refused to cry, knowing this was hard enough for Greg as it was without adding her over emotional outburst to it. The light glinted on the edge of a blue sapphire, with smaller diamond and sapphire stones swirling around it, delicate and intricate.

'The guy said it would bring out your eyes, if you accept it that is.'

She smiled as he seemed to choke on his words, nerves getting the better of him for the first time in her memory.

'Of course I accept,' she grinned, 'who else would have you?'


'Going gay?'

'Only for Jimmy.'

She laughed, 'luckily for you my answer is yes.'

Lifting up on to her tiptoes she let her lips caress his as his fingers fumbled with the ring and slipped it onto her finger. Placing the box in his pocket she felt his hands fall onto her waist pulling her closer and he deepened the kiss.

Slowly easing apart, peppering kisses she smiled up at him. The sky was now covered in darkness, the light of day barely lingering.

Slipping her hand into his she felt his words whisper against her ear.

'It's a warm night, how about it?'

Their laughter was whipped away by the wind, flurrying between the trees, the only onlookers the innocent eyes of the night sky.

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