Because Sinners Deserve A Second Chance

Part 3

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Over the next week, Ed's mood seemed to have perked up and he seemed to be out of the house a lot as well. Or so, Winry could see. She certainly noticed his change in behavior. He'd wake up early, come home late, and had permanent smiles on his lips. It was strange to her.

One night, on the second week of Ed's strange behavior, after Marcus left, she stayed up and waited for him. She sat down on the sofa in the living room and waited. Everyone else was asleep. She sat there. Waiting. Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours. After at least three hours, the door knob finally moved.

She peered at the front door. When it finally opened, she was surprised to see two figures. One was, unmistakably, Ed. The other was a young woman. "I had a nice time today, Ed!" the woman said cheerfully. "Yeah, me too, so, I'll see you tomorrow, huh?" Ed asked. The girl smiled at him and nodded. "Wouldn't miss it!" she said.

The girl leaned in and kissed Ed's cheek. Winry could feel her heart beating rapidly. Why is my heart beating so fast!? It's not like I should care who kisses Ed! She mentally scolded herself. The young woman pulled away and stared into Ed's eyes. "One of these days, you're coming home with me!" she whispered lustfully. Ed rolled his eyes amusingly. "I'll see you tomorrow" he stated and the girl left and he closed the door.

"A new friend?" Winry's voice caused Ed to jump and protest slightly. He turned around and faced her. "Winry, you're awake. I thought everyone would be asleep by now" Ed said uneasily. "Everyone is sleep, I just decided to stay up and wait for you, considering you've been coming home late for the past week… And now, I know why" she stated.

"What are you saying?" Ed asked. "Who was that anyway?" Winry retorted. "Her name is Meg Harrison, if you must know" Ed replied as he started towards the stairs. "I'm going to bed" he stated. "What about a shower first?" The blonde mechanic asked. He stopped and faced her. "Already took one" he declared. "What? When and where?" she asked. "Today, in the afternoon, in Meg's house" he replied matter-of-factly.

Winry's heart started beating faster again and she automatically wondered why Ed taking a shower in another woman's house bothered her. I am not jealous! I moved on and so has Ed! Winry told herself angrily. "I see… Well then… Sleep well" she said quietly as she walked up the stairs past Ed. Ed sighed and walked up the stairs to his room.

He walked in his room, closed the door behind him and leaned heavily on the door. He looked around the room momentarily. His eyes strayed to the dresser for some reason. For the past month Ed had bought some new clothes to live off and hadn't even tossed that dresser a care.

He carefully regained himself and walked over to the dresser. He gulped nervously as he stood in front of the dresser. He hovered his automail hand over a random knob. "I wonder if any of my old shirts are here" he whispered. He placed his hand on the knob. Though I doubt Winry would keep anything that belonged to me… he doubted.

He tightly closed his eyes and slowly pulled open the drawer. Carefully opening one of his eyes, he looked in the drawer and was surprised to see all of his old black tank tops, pants and a few of his brown belts. She kept all my clothes? But I thought... I thought she moved on… he pondered.

"You're probably wondering why I kept all your old shirts" came an, all too familiar, voice. He jumped a little at first and then looked over at his bedroom door. Winry was there, leaning on the doorframe. Edward silently closed the drawer and looked at her once again.

"Actually, yeah" was his reply. Winry got off the doorframe and quietly closed the door behind her. It only took Ed two seconds to realize he and Winry were alone in his room. The blonde girl slowly walked over to him, which gave him the perfect view of how her hips moved so perfectly with the rest of the curves on her body. He started sweating uneasily.

Is it me, or is it getting a little too hot in here? He asked himself. Winry stopped once she was in front of Ed. Oh brother! It's me, isn't it? He thought. He gulped, which was somewhat difficult considering, now, his throat had dried significantly. "I didn't mean to keep your clothes..." Winry said quietly. "Then why are they still here?" he asked. "The first few months, after you left, I had considered keeping them… But, later on, I realized, I had to move on…" she replied.

"So… What happened?" Ed asked absentmindedly. "After a few months, I decided I'd find a way to get rid of your clothes… Then, Marcus moved to town and he'd visit a lot. I'd get lost in automail and never found the time to figure out what I was going to do with your clothes…. After a while, I just decided you weren't coming back and it didn't matter whether or not I had your clothes or not, considering I never even walked into your room" she explained.

Ed hung his head so that his bangs shadowed over his eyes and said nothing. "Edward… I have something to confess to you" Winry began; Ed slowly looked over at her. "Ed, before you left, I did have feelings for you, I adored everything about you" she stated. Ed shrugged and looked away. "But" Winry began again. "Once you left, I tried to convince myself you'd come back…Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months turned to at least a year… I couldn't wait for you forever so when Marcus asked me out on a date I couldn't refuse because, I know if I did, I never would've gotten over you" she declared.

Ed shrugged and continued to look away. "I see" he said quietly. "Well, at least…" he trailed off. "At least, what?" Winry asked. Ed paused before answering. "I was going to say that at least we still have our friendship, but… I'll be leaving soon, considering you would've kicked me out anyway" Ed replied sadly.

Winry's eyes widened.She hadn't expected Ed to actually decide to leave! "Ed… What do you mean?" Winry asked. "Since you've gotten over me, I'm guessing you don't want me around. I'll leave, find a new mechanic and act as if this whole thing never happened. The moment I leave, you just act as if I never came back" Ed told the other blonde.

Winry was speechless, she had gotten over him, but she didn't want to lose their friendship completely! "Ed, you're just going to leave?" Winry asked sadly. "What do you mean? I'll just leave and be outta you're life and you'll be much better off! Why are you complaining?" Ed asked, curious at why she even cared that he was leaving.

"I got over you Ed… I hadn't expected to lose your friendship because of that!" she replied. Ed narrowed his eyes on her. "I don't hate you for moving on, Winry… But I'm not leaving just for you" he explained. "What?" Winry asked. "I'm leaving for myself, Winry. I also had feelings for you, if I stay here, I'll just hurt myself more than I need to" he replied.

Winry held back the tears that threatened to shed. "I understand… Good night, Edward" she said as she turned and began walking towards the door. "Good night, Winifred" Ed said quietly. Winifred? He's never called me by my full name Winry thought before she left his room completely.

Ed let out a breath. He stepped away from the dresser and commenced undressing himself until he was just in his boxers; afterwards, he went to bed and fell asleep.


The next morning, Winry was the first to awake. She quickly got dressed and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Her eyes strayed to her workbench. She saw, the usual, automail parts all over it. That reminds me she thought, I haven't checked… His automail she thought, somewhat scornfully.

She stared at the automail pieces for a moment, deep in thought. I guess I won't check it, considering he said he'd get a new mechanic she decided finally. She continued to the kitchen and made herself some coffee. She heard steps coming down the stairs and looked up to see, it was Ed. Oh great! She thought irately.

Ed took the final step and looked over to Winry. "Morning" he said plainly as he also walked into the kitchen. Winry, in response, simply took another sip of coffee. Ed made himself a cup of coffee as well and walked into the living room. He took a sip of his warm drink and sat down on the sofa.

They sat in an uncomfortable silence. After a while, Ed took a final sip from his coffee and stepped into the kitchen and put the cup in the sink. He then proceeded to the stairs. Winry didn't question his lack of words; she was already accustomed to it. Al came down the stairs now, somewhat groggy and tired looking. "Morning Winry" the younger Elric said through a yawn.

She smiled at him. "Morning Alphonse" she said cheerfully. Hey, she had gotten over one of the Elric's; the other was like a cute younger brother whose company was always appreciated. Al stretched his arms a little, walked to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of milk. Unlike his elder, he didn't mind milk.

"So, how's Ed?" Al asked as he sat down next to Winry. "I don't really want to talk about him, Al. Me and him… Don't exactly see eye to eye right now" she stated. "Oh, OK" Al said quietly. A while later, Ed came down the stairs, fully dressed in his usual long sleeve button shirt, long pants and vest. Ed, without a word, left the house through the front door.

"Where's he been going this past week?" Al asked curiously. Winry sighed; she really didn't want to talk about that. "He's… He's been going to his girlfriend's house" she said scornfully. "What? When did he get a girlfriend?" Al asked, surprised. "About a week ago" she replied quietly. "Strange, he didn't tell me anything" Al said.

"Yeah, well, I found out last night while I waited for him, so you're not alone. But, still, it does surprise me that he wouldn't tell you, I mean, you are his younger brother" Winry said. "You'd be surprised, sometimes he doesn't tell me everything either" Al stated. "That's just the way he is" Winry said sadly. They let out a breath in unison.


The day went on as usual. Marcus came over for a while and Ed didn't return until much later. Ed had taken a shower in Meg's again and Winry was finding it hard to restrain herself from throwing a wrench at his head when he told her.

And that was basically how it went for a couple days. Ed and Winry just avoided each other, Al tried to stay out of it and Pinako would scowl at both of them sometimes.

It was a routine that seemed would not end. Until, one day…


The Night In Resembol's Caves

Ed and Meg had gone out on another one of their dates and so had Marcus and Winry. Little did they know they had both planned to go to the same place that night. They had, both, planned a romantic nightly stroll through Resembol's caves.

"To tell you the truth, Ed, I'm kinda nervous" Meg stated as she and Ed were on their way to the caves. "Don't worry, Meg, you've got me! I'm in pretty good shape, have faced perilous odds, blood thirsty chimeras and much worse! I'm sure a walk through some caves will be a piece of cake. I've got some pretty good fighting skills, we'll be fine!" Ed promised.

"Well, that does help, a little" Meg said, smiling slightly. "You worry too much!" Ed said jokingly. "Well, I've never faced such odds! So of course it's easy for you to say that!" Meg said. Ed rolled his eyes humorously. "C'mon! We're almost there!" the blonde stated excitedly.

Meg grabbed his flesh hand and they both began running over to the upcoming caves.


"You sure this is a good idea?" Marcus asked as he and Winry walked towards the caves. "Of course I'm sure! You're not getting cold feet, are you?" Winry asked sarcastically. "Of course not! I just want to make sure you're not scared or anything" he replied. "Me? Scared? Yeah right!" Winry said confidently.

Marcus smiled at her happily. "What can I say? I guess I'm a little overprotective" Marcus stated. Winry laughed quietly. "You can be so cute sometimes, you know?" the blonde asked humorously. The bronze haired young man simply smiled brightly in response.

"Hey, look, we're almost there!" he stated happily. Marcus grabbed her hand and they began running to the approaching caves.


Ed and Meg carefully stared at the structure in front of them. "C'mon, let's go" Ed said eagerly. Meg nodded and they entered the large cave entrance.

It took the raven haired girl a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the inside of the cavern. The way tiny openings in the ceiling let light pour in and stagger themselves on the floor to create a strange pattern. Some openings were even wide enough to see outside to the night sky.

"This is beautiful" she said quietly, still trying to breathe it all in. "Hm, I knew you'd like it!" Ed said cheerfully. "Like it? I love it! This is beyond beautiful, it's incredible!" she said. "C'mon, we still have the whole cave to check out" Ed said enthusiastically as he began walking over to another opening. "But, wait!" Meg said as she quickly ran over and grabbed his arm.

She had pulled on him so hard that he almost fell over. "What? What is it?" Ed asked worriedly. "Well, what if we get lost?" Meg asked anxiously. He smiled at her comfortingly. "We won't get lost" he replied. "How do you know?" Meg retorted. "This cave used to be a mining cave, the miners posted maps everywhere so they didn't get lost themselves and so they could know which places they already checked" Ed explained.

"Really? How do you know that?" Meg asked as she began loosening her grip on his arm. Ed frowned slightly, a few memories flooding into his mind, and then forced a smile again. "When I was a kid, I'd come here a bit to play around. I'd see those maps a lot, but I was young and they didn't really make sense to me, so I'd stay around the entrance the place so I wouldn't get lost" he explained.

"Oh, I see" Meg said understandingly. After that, they continued into the entrance that Ed had originally chosen.


Winry and Marcus had entered shortly after Ed and Meg. They also had a talk about getting lost in the caves and Winry had told Marcus the same thing Ed told Meg and they had walked deeper into the caves but through a different opening.


Ed and Meg walked deeply into the cave. Ed had stayed somewhat silent but Meg seemed content just walking through the ins and outs of the beautiful structure. She then looked over at Ed and realized he looked a little gloomy. "Ed, is something wrong?" she asked worriedly.

The blonde looked back at her and forced a smile. "I'm fine, don't worry about me" he lied. She walked in front of him, placed her hands on his chest, which caused him to blush slightly, and stared deeply into his eyes. "You can't lie to me, Edward" she said quietly. "Hm, I guess not, huh?" he said amusingly.

She smiled happily. "Don't worry about it for now, OK?" he asked. "Alright, but we talk about it later, OK?" she questioned. Ed nodded reassuringly. She pulled away from him and walked over to a nearby map. "So, where haven't we been?" Ed asked. "How about here?" Meg asked as she pointed to a spot the seemed away from the rest and somewhat secluded. "But, there aren't any other openings there" Ed said, eyeing the spot she had chosen curiously. "That's the point" she said in that lustful tone of voice she had.

Ed looked at her uneasily. He had been alone with her before but, that's not what bothered him. He had never been alone with her. "Moving a little quickly, aren't we?" he asked, scratching the back of his head and looking away. "Oh, c'mon, Ed" she said eagerly as she grabbed his flesh arm and began dragging him off in the direction of the secluded area she had chosen.


Winry and Marcus had walked deeper into the cave. "This is real nice, isn't it?" Winry asked. "It is, if I do say so myself" Marcus replied happily. He walked over to a nearby map and studied it for a moment. "Where do you wanna go next?" Winry asked as she walked up next to him. "I don't know, I'll let you pick" Marcus replied. "OK, let's see" she said as she looked up at the map. "I can't decide; too many places to chose" she said finally. "Well, how about you close your eyes and choose randomly?" Marcus suggested.

"Hm, OK, I'll try that" she agreed as she closed her eyes and hovered a finger in front of the map. She then quickly placed her finger on a random spot, just as Marcus suggested. "Where did I pick?" she asked as she slowly opened her eyes. "Look for yourself" Marcus replied, somewhat alluring. She looked at where her finger had pointed and felt slightly nervous.

She had chosen a spot that was somewhat off and rather secluded from the rest of the map. "Um, do over?" she asked quietly. "C'mon, Winry, let's check it out!" Marcus said eagerly. She shrugged quietly and they began walking to the spot she had, regretfully, chosen.


Ed and Meg had made it to the secluded cavern a short time after looking at the map. The area was indeed beautiful. Several openings on the ceiling allowed whoever stood below to see clearly into the night sky above while other smaller openings allowed light to totter itself on the floor.

Ed took one look around the area and smiled. "Well, this is nice" he said happily. "Yeah, I agree" Meg said in harmony. They both wandered around the isolated area. It was rather large but seemed exceptionally quiet and calming. There was also a small pool of water in the corner with some running water, possibly from a nearby stream. The sound of water flowing just added to the relaxing atmosphere.

As they were enjoying the cavern, they started hearing footsteps coming there way. "Ed, what's that sound?" Meg asked nervously. "It sounds like someone's coming" he stated. Meg quickly ran over to him for comfort. "Who do you think it is?" she asked. "Probably just some kids; no reason to get all jumpy" he replied.

Meg, nonetheless, grabbed his flesh arm and held it tightly. They now began to hear two voices. One was a young woman; unmistakably Winry to Ed, the other was a young man voice, sounding slightly familiar to both Ed and Meg.

The two walked into the cavern. Winry looked off to her side and gahsped. "Edward!?" she cried out, shocked. Ed smiled nervously. "Marcus!?" Meg questioned, surprised as well. "Marcus? You know him?" Ed asked curiously. "Of course I know him! He's my ex… Boyfriend" she replied, turning very nervous suddenly.

"Is that true?" Winry asked the bronze haired young man at her side. "Yes…" he muttered under a breath. "What happened to 'I won't be able to live without you'?" Meg asked her ex. Ed eyed her curiously.

"Are you kidding? My life has sucked ever since you left! I only started dating this… Mechanical freak to make you jealous!" Marcus declared. Winry gahsped sadly. "Hey don't you call her that!" Ed demanded angrily as he stood in front of Marcus. "Marcus… You can't mean that… Can you?" Winry asked sadly. "Of course I mean it! I never really liked you. I hate all automail mechanics'" He replied as he looked back at her and back to a particularly pissed off Edward.

"You sorry bastard!" he muttered angrily before he pulled back his automail hand and punched him right in the face. Marcus fell back on the floor, a hand on his now sore cheek. "Ed, you jerk!" Meg cried out angrily. "What? You still care for this piece of crap you call your ex?" Ed asked as he looked back to Meg. "Of coarse I do! It's not like I ever actually cared for you" she declared.

Ed's eyes widened sadly. "W-What?" he asked silently. "I. Never. Cared. For. You. Got it? I only dated you 'cause you looked good and I wanted make Marcus jealous too" she replied as she crossed her arms. "But…" he whispered quietly. "I never liked you like that, Ed. I don't date people who're missing limbs" she stated snarkily.

Ed's shoulders fell back in a saddened defeat. She hit a sore spot.

Winry was restraining from crying. "How could you do that to him!?" she demanded. "Easy, I already did it" Meg replied snarkily once again. Marcus slowly began to stand up and regain himself. "Why you little - You'll pay for that!" he said angrily. Ed didn't even notice, he was still shocked. Marcus quickly ran up to him and punched him back. Ed leaned on the cave wall for support and put his hand to his cheek.

"Edward!" Winry cried out. Ed slowly regained his balance and stood upright. He kept his head tilted so his bangs shadowed over his eyes. When he looked up, his eyes had an evil aura on them. He quickly ran forward and he and Marcus engaged in a fight.

Ed threw a punch, Marcus dodged it. He threw two punches, which Marcus also dodged, spun on his heel and pulled his leg up for a side kick. Marcus grabbed Ed's ankle inches before it hit his face. "Not bad" Ed said mischievously. "But that's the wrong leg!" he stated and Marcus's eyes widened. Ed pulled back his automail leg easily then kicked Marcus right in the stomach.

Marcus took a few steps back, with a hand on his stomach while he tried to catch his breath. Ed went to attack again but stopped when he heard Meg call his name. He turned around and saw that Meg had an innocent look on her face. "Ed, look out!" Winry cried as she pointed towards Marcus.

Ed turned back to his opponent and saw that he was drawing a transmutation circle. Ed ran over and tried to stop him but Marcus had finished and quickly activated it. Ed stopped as the blue lights came upon the circle and underneath him; a huge rock hand formed and trapped him. His head and shoulders were the only things that were free.

"Ed!" Winry cried out as she ran over to the side of the transmuted structure. "You let him go right now!" she demanded Marcus. The young man glared at her and then slapped her hard and she fell to the floor. "You fucking bastard!" Ed cursed angrily as he struggled to get free. "Stop struggling, Edward, you'll be free in a few seconds" Marcus said mischievously. Ed stopped struggling and looked down at Marcus curiously. Suddenly, the huge transmuted hand came crumbling down, Ed fell along with it. But, instead of feeling the caves hard floor, he felt a fist right in his stomach. All his breath got knocked out of him. He stepped back from his opponent; fell to his knees then to the ground completely.

He could hear footsteps coming towards him as he lay trying to catch his breath. Marcus grabbed Ed by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up in front of him. Ed glared at the man in front of him, his breath still hitching. Marcus grinned and pulled back his free fist. He punched the blonde a few times in the jaw, which caused him to bleed at the side of his lip, punched him in the gut once more and punched him so he fell back and hit his back against the cave wall.

Ed fell to his knees again and then on the ground that he was facing the wall. He lost. "Edward…" Winry whispered sadly.

"Yes! Go Marcus!" Meg cheered happily. "C'mon, Meg, let's leave these two pathetic waste's alone!" Marcus said gladly. "I'd love to!" Meg replied and quickly ran over to her, apparently on longer ex. Marcus and Meg left the cavern and proceeded on leaving completely. When they reached the entrance, Marcus transmuted a wall across it, leaving no escape for the two remaining insiders.

Meanwhile, Winry carefully watched Ed from the floor where she lay. She forced herself to stand up and quietly stepped over to him. She cautiously knelt down next to him. He was still breathing heavily, apparently trying to catch his breath. "Ed, please be OK" she pleaded quietly. Although she didn't know it, Ed heard her plead. He slowly forced himself to knees and leaned on his palms.

He was breathing through his mouth; Winry could clearly see some blood drops hanging by his lips. He coughed up a little and spit out some blood. "Agh… Damn it" he cursed through breaths. His arms were shaky and he was having a tough time remaining on his palms. "Edward" Winry said, tears threatening to shed. She hated seeing him in the hospital; she much less enjoyed it when he was beat up.

Ed forced himself back so he could sit up and lean against the cave wall. He put a hand to the side of his stomach, a spot that felt sore due to the fight. Winry's tears finally shed and she couldn't take it anymore. She quickly put her hands on his chest and cried in the crook of his neck. Ed was surprised at her action and then became stern and blushed slightly. "Are you crying because I refuse to?" he asked because, as he recalled, she had told him she'd cry the tears that he refused shed. "No, you idiot! I'm crying because I feel sorry for you" she replied sadly. He shrugged quietly.

"I never told her anything, you know?" Ed said quietly "What?" Winry asked as she looked up at him. He shrugged, feeling slightly annoyed that he had to explain himself. "I never told Meg about my life; she knew about the basics, the fact that I was in the military, that I lost two limbs and about the human transmutation, but I never let her in about the life I had before, and after, all that happened" he explained.

"Why not?" Winry asked. "For two reasons; one, because I don't trust just anyone with my life, and, two, because if I wanted to move on, I needed to forget everything about my childhood and everything we shared when we were younger" he replied. Winry simply buried herself in the crook of his neck once again. They stayed like that for a while in the silence, just listening to the small pool of water in the corner.

"Ed?" Winry said finally. He shrugged quietly to indicate he was listening. "What will you do when we get out of here?" she asked. Ed took a deep breath. "I'm leaving, I told you. You remember, don't you?" he retorted. Winry held him tightly and then pulled away. "C'mon, let's just get outta here" she said quietly as she stood up. "Um, OK" Ed agreed.

He tried to stand up but his legs were still shaky. Winry looked back at him, turned on her heel and offered him a hand. Ed looked at her hand and gently took it with his flesh hand. She pulled him up on his feet and walked towards the opening, without giving him a second glance. Ed silently followed her.

After walking several minutes in silence, they reached the exit, only to see what Marcus had apparently done. "I can't believe he did this!" Winry protested. "He used you to make his ex jealous; why does this shock you?" Ed asked. Luckily on the walk over here, he had regained most of his strength and was no longer in too much pain. "Hmph! Nonetheless, get out us out of here" Winry told him.

"And, how do you expect me to do that?" Ed asked. "Can't you do Alchemy too?" Winry asked. Ed gave her an annoyed look and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Winry then remembered that he could not do Alchemy for one year due to the deal he had made with The Gate. "Oh, never mind" she said quietly. "Anyway, there's got to be another way outta here; we just have to find it!" Ed declared.

"How? This cave is huge!" Winry protested. "You give up too easily" Ed told her. "C'mon, there has to be a way out" he said and began walking to a nearby opening. Winry huffed out a breath and followed him.

In the new area was a ledge. Ed studied the lower level for a moment and proceeded climbing it. "What are you doing?" Winry asked. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm climbing, maybe there's a way out on the higher levels of this place" he stated matter-of-factly. Winry watched him expertly place each leg on a new rock to reach the top. That is, until…

Ed placed his left foot on a loose rock. The rock came down and he slipped, holding on with only one arm and the rest of him hanging loosely. He could hear Winry chuckling quietly below. "Yeah, keep laughing at the only guy who can probably get you outta here and see where that leads" he said scornfully.

"Oh, Ed…Ha-ha, I'm sorry, it's just, ha, you were doing so well" she choked out through laughs. Ed huffed out an irritated breath. He pulled up his free hand to another rock and continued trying to scale up. He finally reached the top ledge and let out a breath. "Alright, c'mon Winry" He said as he looked down at the blonde mechanic below. Winry looked up and caught sight of Ed's golden eyes.

His beautiful, intoxicating, golden eyes that I had fallen in love with. She shook her head. Damn it! I'm falling for him all over again! I. Do. Not. Love. Edward Elric! She mentally scolded herself for ever thinking she could love him again. "Hey, Win, You OK?" Ed asked. She looked up at him and nodded. "I'm fine, sorry" she said quietly.

"Well then, quit fooling around and get up here" he told her. Winry nodded once and proceeded climbing up the ledge herself. Unlike her partner, Winry actually tested each step before placing her full weight down on it. Just a little while before she reached the top, Ed offered his flesh hand to her.

She looked at his hand and then up at Ed. He was smiling slightly. She smiled back and gratefully took his hand. He pulled her up on the ledge. "Thanks" she said quietly. "Don't mention it" he said, looking away and blushing.

He really is cute at times Winry thought happily, until she realized what she had just thought. She shook her head and looked away. What are you thinking!? Get over him and get on with your life! Winry thought angrily. Ed looked over at her and could tell she was thinking. "Winry?" he asked curiously. No response. "Winry, wake up!" he said as he snapped his flesh fingers in front of her face.

The girl shook her head and looked over at Ed. "Are you sure you're feeling OK?" He asked, slight concern in his voice. "Sorry, just a little off, I guess" she replied. Ed gave her a final look of concern before he stood up and began walking again. Winry stood up, as well, and began following him.

They walked in silence. After a while, it seemed Winry was not paying attention and accidentally tripped and fell forward. On Ed, that is. She had fallen on him and they both fell to the floor.

"Ouch" Ed protested quietly. "What the heck happened to you?" he asked. "I tripped, sorry" she said. Ed shrugged angrily and then turned around so he was sitting down, while Winry's hands were still on either side of his hips. She stared into his eyes, somewhat shocked at his action. "Winry, what the hell is wrong with you!?" He demanded. "What are you talking about?" Winry retorted. "What am I – You've never been this clumsy, sheesh Winry!" he complained further. Winry looked at him uneasily, looking for the answer in her mind.

"I'm waiting!" Ed said crossly. "Hmph! Just forget about it, OK?" she snapped heatedly. He huffed out a breath. "Fine! But one more clumsy move and you tell me what the hell is wrong" he told her. "Fine!" Winry agreed. "Now, get the hell off, damn it!" Ed demanded. Winry looked down to see she was, indeed, still on top of the blonde. She quickly got off and faced the other direction, blushing furiously.

Ed looked up at her from the ground and suddenly regretted telling her to get off. Whose side are you on? Your own or against yourself? He asked himself angrily. He inhaled a deep breath and stood up. He brushed some dirt off his clothes, gave Winry a quick glance and continued walking with Winry behind him.

They had continued walking for a good half hour before they reached a dead end. "You've. Got. To. Be. Kidding." Winry said annoyed. "Now, hold on, look up there" Ed said as he pointed up to an opening in the ceiling. "That could be our way out" he stated. "But, Ed, it's kinda… High, don't you think?" Winry asked.

"Hey, are you calling me too short to be able to reach it?" Ed asked irately. "No, you moron!" she replied, annoyed. "I'm just saying; how are we going to reach it?" she asked. "Oh, well, we just climb, again" Ed replied. Winry looked up at the opening. It was getting late, so, they had no choice but to climb. "Alright" Winry agreed nervously.

"Well, let's go" Ed said and began scaling up the wall. Winry proceeded climbing after him. Ed learned his lesson this time. He tested each step before climbing it so he wouldn't fall and would warn Winry if he found a possible loose rock.

When he finally reached the opening, he carefully slipped one arm through and then the other and pulled himself up. He then leaned in again and offered Winry his flesh hand. She placed her hand in his and he carefully pulled her up. Once her whole body was out through the hole, they both looked up at the sky. They were tired of being in the dark, seeing the bright, full moon felt comforting.

"At least we're finally out" Ed said gladly. "Yeah, at least" Winry said in agreement. The opening had led them to the very top of the cave which allowed them to overlook all of Resembol. The sight truly was a wonder. Ed looked once and let out a saddened breath. "Ed?" Winry asked worriedly. He shrugged, indicating he was listening. "Something wrong?" she asked.

"If I told you, I won't be able to leave" he replied. Winry looked at him, concerned even further. "Just tell me" she said as she placed her hand on his shoulder. Ed let out another breath. "I'd rather not" he said quietly. Winry slid her hand off his shoulder and started playing with a few random strands of her hair. "Can we just go?" Ed asked quietly. "Let's stay up here a little longer, I'm kinda tired" Winry replied. "Alright" Ed said. They sat there for a few moments; Winry was regaining some lost strength whereas Ed seemed deep in thought.

Winry's eyes wandered off over to Ed. She studied the way his brown vest squeezed him tight enough to extenuate his lean body. She looked up at his hair, which he now kept in a neat high ponytail. She then managed to catch a glimpse of his golden eyes. The same golden eyes that burned like fire with a passion, determination, and strength.

She let out a defeated breath. I do love him she admitted, though, she'd probably never tell him that. No! I've got to tell him! I don't want him to leave me again! Winry told herself. "Ed?" she said quietly. "Yeah?" He replied. "I… I have something to tell you" she told him. "What is it?" Ed asked. "I… I don't want you to leave!" she confessed as unshed tears finally ran free.

"What!?" Ed asked, making sure he heard her correctly. "Please, Ed, I… I don't want to lose you again!" She pleaded as she pulled him into a tight hug. She cried into his neck whereas he was still trying to comprehend what was going on. "Please, Ed, don't go" she beseeched.

"Winry, but, what about" – "I lied! Don't you get it, Ed!? I lied!" Winry cut him off and confessed. "Then… What are you saying?" Ed asked quietly. Winry held him tighter before she replied. "I'm saying… I want you to stay because… Because I love you" she whispered. Ed's eyes widened significantly. "Winry, do you mean that?" he asked silently. She nodded once. Ed relaxed into her hug and gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I love you too, Winry" Ed confessed happily but quietly. Winry pulled away from him and glared. "How come you didn't tell me?" she demanded. "I did tell you" Ed replied. "No, you told me you had feelings for me! You never mentioned love" she corrected. "But it's what I meant when I said feelings" Ed explained.

"Well, next time, be a little more cl-" the girl stopped completely when she felt Ed's lips pressed against her own. She closed her eyes and practically melted into his kiss. She slowly slipped her hands around his neck while Ed enveloped his hands around her waist.

Ed finally broke the kiss and stared into Winry's eyes while trying to catch his breath. He rubbed his forehead against hers and smiled. "Does this mean I can stay?" he asked amusingly. In response, Winry stared into his eyes a bit longer before she pulled him into another hug. "Of course you can!" she replied happily. Ed closed his eyes contently. "You're an idiot sometimes, you know?" Winry asked humorously. "That's why I need you" Ed whispered as he opened his eyes slightly. "I need you to keep me in check" he said humorously.

"You're never leaving again, right?" Winry asked pleadingly. "Of course not, I promise" Ed reassured.

And there they stayed a while longer, holding each other and feeling each other's warmth before finally deciding to return home.

And all this happened, just because sinners deserve a second chance.


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