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Destined: The Charmed Sons

Episode 1.3, Disrespect Your Elders


"Take this," Joaquin Albenedo said with his Creole accent thick on his tongue. He was speaking to the dark haired young woman that moved behind him into the alley. He was a ruggedly handsome young man, though he might have been better looking if not for the small scar that twisted his mouth into a permanent scowl. A run-in with a warlock three years ago had left him with that as a reminder, right after the warlock had killed his sister. Joaquin passed her the small vial containing blue liquid. He kept one for himself. The alley that he and the young woman were in was in a recently renovated section of the French Quarter.

The woman took the vial and clutched it in her hand. Constance Rola and Joaquin were witches of the Willow Star coven. The two of them were working together tonight to track down a demon that had been terrorizing the area. They thought he was responsible for the disappearances of several tourists and this was where the scrying crystal had hit. "Joaquin, I'm not sure about this... we should have waited for Madelyne's approval..."

"That would take too long, chere," Joaquin said, peering around the corner, he ran his fingers through his short dark hair. Madelyne LeBeau was the High Priestess of their coven and ever since Joaquin's sister had been killed, being permitted to do any of the 'field work' of fighting against evil had been like pulling teeth. Joaquin saw a movement at the rear of the alley and held up a finger behind him to Constance. At the back of the alley was the demon they were looking for. It was just slightly humanoid with a brownish hue to its skin and small goat-like horns that protruded through a dark head of hair. "On my signal."

Constance bit her bottom lip. She knew this was a bad idea, no one even knew they were doing this. But Joaquin, was so persuasive and she was madly in love with the fool. Smiling she watched his raised hand drop for the signal and they hurried into the alley.

Both witches threw their vials at the demon, but it shimmered out of the way and Constance's vial shattered against the alley wall. Joaquin closed his eyes and a red haze formed as he astral projected himself in time to catch the vial he had thrown from the air. His physical body remained standing in place, head dipped forward against his chest. Constance spun around, looking for the demon.

It shimmered back in and turned, surprised to see two of the male witch. The vial was flung at the demon again from Joaquin's astral form and this time it hit. Resulting in a plume of flaming smoke on the demon's back. The demon snarled and grabbed the astral figure only for it to fizzle out in red haze as Joaquin lifted his head again.

"That didn't work quite as I planned," he said.

"Really?" Constance asked sarcastically.

"That vanquishing potion should have worked," he said, "Looks like we're going to have to fight him the old fashioned way."

Both of them fell into a defensive stance, as the demon snarled. It had extinguished the flames and now its eyes blazed in anger. The air practically crackled with the tension of the fight that was about to take place. The demon actually formed a fireball in its hand, and it was ready to throw it.

And then, in that tension filled air, the musical notes of some instrument carried through the air. They were soft lilting notes, quietly soothing and serene. They were barely heard but growing stronger, beckoning, summoning...

The two witches eyes glazed over and as one they turned away from the demon, following the musical sound in the air. The demon tilted its head to the side, puzzled and extinguished the fireball. Curious and confused it followed after the two entranced witches with narrowed eyes. The witches left the alley, continuing to follow the sound and the demon in turn followed them.

On an empty side street a man in a dusty leather jacket stood. The light glinted off of the source of the music as his fingers moved over the holes. A simple-looking, yet gilded flute that he played with an expert calling. He looked like one of the most normal and average men in his late twenties to early thirties that one might find on the streets. There was nothing remotely remarkable about him, save for that haunting tune that he was playing. The entranced witches both came to a stop in front of him and the strange piper played one long sharp note that didn't seem to fit the song he had been playing.

The musician lowered his instrument from his lips and pointed the end of it towards the witches. As it was directed at the witches a strange blue-green light was emitted from the end of the flute, enveloping the two witches. Clothed in the blue-green glow Joaquin and Constance both shrank before the confused demon's eyes. He remained standing, watching the odd scene, baffled as both of the witches transformed into children. The musician beckoned the children towards him and the fell into place just behind him, both still with glazed over eyes.

"Hey, those witches were mine..." the demon growled.

"Oh, no," the piper said, his lips turning up into a smile, "These witches are mine." He lifted one hand, still holding his flute in the other and formed a fireball. The fireball flew towards the demon and with a satisfying scream, the offending creature burst into a fiery vanquish. The musician looked towards the children, "Would you like to go somewhere and I'll play you more music?"

The nods of the children were rewarded by another series of notes from the flute. A ripple appeared in the air, forming into the opening of a cave. The piper marched over the thresh hold and into the darkness. The two child witches followed him, the cave closing behind them and the entrance rippled back out of sight. The street was empty once more until a female whitelighter orbed in, looking frantic.

She looked around, realizing she was too late and then looked up, orbing back out.

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