Defensive by: Toxas

"HEY! I didn't like, like him. I only held his hand because…I wanted his…crayons!" Lilly said as she put her hands up in defense. Miley looked at her in a look that told her she wasn't buying it. "He had the sixty four-pack! With the sharpener." Lilly added as if it were so important.

Miley and Lilly were at the beach watching from very afar at Oliver and Becca's date. Lilly had spread her jacket down so she could lie on it while Miley took off the chicken suit in a frustrated manner. Once settled the two heaved a heavy sigh.

"We did a good thing for Oliver today." Lilly said doing a really good job in hiding her possible feelings for Oliver. Miley nodded.

"Yeah we did." There was a pause. "Lilly, I have a question." Miley said closing her eyes.


"Why were you so defensive earlier?" Miley asked sitting up and chucking the chicken suit far away from her. Lilly sat up as well and readjusted her hat.

"What do you mean? When?"

"When I told you that you liked Oliver in pre-school. I even if you didn't…" Lilly was about to say something "which I'm not saying you are you get really defensive. Like right there. When you were about to say something." Lilly closed her mouth and then opened it again.

"Well I mean…I didn't like him."

"You could have just said that, instead of making some bogus lie like, 'he had the sixty four pack crayon set.'"

"With the sharpener!"

"With the sharpener." Miley added dully. "I'm just saying, for someone who claims not to like Oliver, you get really defensive." Lilly pursed her lips.

"Stop saying defensive, it's starting to sound awkward."

"Defensive. You. Are. Defensive." Miley said. Lilly shoved her shoulder. "I'm only teasing you, Lilly. I know you would never go out with Oliver." Lilly looked down Oliver's direction and nodded while forcing a laugh.

"Yeah. Never." Lilly said hesitantly.