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Chapter One

My name is Joey Wheeler and this is my story of how I refused to become like my father.

I can't remember ever seeing my father without a bottle of beer in his hand. He never was a mean drunk, just drunk most of the time. I guess it started when my parents broke up and my mom left taking my little sister with her. I remember running after the taxi cab crying for them to come back.

I tried to be a good son so that my father would maybe stop drinking and maybe start loving me, but it never happened. My father did have a job and that lasted till I was around twelve and then he just quite trying and I had to go and get a part-time job after school and on week-ends just to help make some money to have enough for us to eat.

My friends never knew how bad it was on me because I would joke around and hide my tears with fake smiles. One day while I was walking home from my job I was attacked and they broke my arm and fractured my left leg and I laid there on the side of the road for hours knowing that my father was to drunk to even care. Then like someone sent an angel to my rescue someone picked me up carefully and I woke up in a hospital.

When I opened my eyes I knew that it wasn't my room. The Nurse came in and smiled at me and said "good you're awake" and lifted the covers and I knew then that I didn't have any shorts on and I turned bright red. The Nurse who's name was Lois she smiled and told me "honey, I've got grandkids older then you and I've been doing this for years and you don't have anything that I haven't seen before." She checked the catheter and then she gave me an injection and told me "this will help with the pain." Then she left.

I soon fell asleep and I woke up to the feeling of someone touching my face and when I opened my eyes there stood Kaiba and I thought that I was dreaming and I closed my eye again and went back to sleep.

Seto stood there looking down on the one person who meant more then anything except for Mokie. He had fallen for Joey when they were in grade school. Yes, even then Seto knew that he was gay. Thank God, that Gozoboro never found out or he'd probably would of killed him. Seto leaned over and kissed the side of Joey's face and whispered "I'll be back later." Then he walked out the door and went home.

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