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Chapter Eleven

As Seto and Joey were exchanging rings, Hank collapsed and Jimmy picked him up like a baby and he and Carl ran out to the waiting Ambulance and they raced to the Hospital. It wasn't until after the Reception did Seto get the call and he and Joey went to the Hospital.

When they got there Carl was sitting outside the room waiting for them. "Your father wants to see you." He said to Joey. As they entered the room Jimmy was sitting beside the bed and he had tears running down his face. He got up and let Joey sit down next to his father.

"Daddy" Joey whispered.

Hank opened his eyes and he tried to smile but couldn't quite do it. He wasn't able to talk but in a whisper and he said "I love you and please forgive me."

Joey was crying so hard that his body was shaking and Seto went over and knelt down beside him and held him in his arms. Carl and Jimmy were standing by the door and they were crying for the man that they became friends with and it hurt to be losing a friend.

Hank closed his eyes and as they sat there, he drew his last breath and passed away. Joey yelled "no daddy don't leave me."

Seto held onto him with all his might to stop him from falling off the chair and hitting the floor. Both Carl and Jimmy held onto each other as they said good bye to Hank.

At the funeral, Joey was sitting beside Seto and Jimmy and Carl got up to say a few words. "We haven't know Hank Wheeler very long, but what we found out that he was a decent man when he was sober and he did become sober for his son. Jimmy and I became his lifeline to the world and together the three of us helped each other. We will miss him but we are better for knowing him."

Joey went to the front and stood there and then he said "my father won't win the Father of the Year Award, but he was still my dad. I knew deep down inside he loved me even if he hardly ever said it. We became father and son again as he started getting clean and that meant more to me then anything in the world. As tears ran down his face Joey said good-bye daddy, I will always love you."

Seto went up and helped Joey back to sit down and then Ryou came up front and with the voice of an angel he sang one of Hank's favorite gospel songs, Amazing Grace. As his voice filled the room everyone started singing the song with him and soon the room boomed with the words of the song. It was so beautiful and when he was done, Ryou went over to Joey and he gave him a hug and Joey thanked him.

Everyone followed the Hearse to the Cemetery and there Hank Wheeler was laid to rest. As everyone went to pay their respects they laid a single Carnation upon the casket and soon it was covered with his favorite flower. When Seto and Joey went they both laid two Carnations and as Joey laid his he whispered "see you later daddy." And they left.

It was a very sad day, but Joey had memories of his father and that was enough to last for a life time. He and Seto went on to adopt three little boys. Their names were William Joseph Kaiba, Thomas Eugene Kaiba and Henry Lewis Kaiba. Hank's middle name was Lewis and that's why they gave Henry his middle name.


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