Title: Secretly in love with you

Summary: This is my first fanfic that is not based on the anime. Meaning no ninjas, no weapons, clans (well maybe), and no fighting. This is a story about two friends who are very close. They are like Will & Grace besides the fact that Sasuke isn't gay. (I love that show Will & Grace smiles) So anyways they both are twenty years old and they live under the same roof, known each other since they were nine years old. The two love each but they are both in denial about it. She gets jealous when he brings home different women while he gives other men the death glare if they look at her in the wrong way. But one day Hinata who hasn't had a date since her boyfriend Zaku finally meets someone name Naruto and he immediately falls head over heels for her and asked her out; not knowing that she had a male as a roommate or that her roommate just so happens to be his best friend Sasuke. The two started dating and Sasuke didn't like it one bit…even though he has a girlfriend of his own he still gets jealous. What will happen between Sasuke and Hinata? Hinata and Naruto? Well read and find out….

Oh the characters will be kind of OOC…and the pairings in order how they will appear in the story:


Sasuke x OC (OC name is Akane)

Sasuke x OC OC name is Nao)

Sasuke x Ino

Hinata x Naruto

Lee x Sakura

Chouji x OC

Shikamaru x Hinata (one sided)

Shikamaru x OC

Main Characters of this story:












And the main pairing of the story is SasuHina. Don't worry this is a SasuHina fanfic but it'll take awhile before they are actually a pairing but there will be a lot and of SasuHina moments in each chapter even when Sasuke is with Ino.

So please read on but I have a feelings that you might have skipped all of this and went straight to the story LOL anyhow please enjoy the story.


Chapter One

The two best friends were walking on the city street of Konoha. Sasuke looked over at his best friend as he smiled. "Hey are you chewing on?" He asked as he looked at her.

"Gum, do you want some?" She asked him offering him a piece as he took it.

"Sure" He puts the gum in his mouth and starts chewing. "I think gum is one of the weirdest human inventions" Hinata looks at him.

"How so?"

"Well for one it's not a liquid, it's not a solid, it's not food. What is it? It isn't really anything, you know. I mean, it's like a stationary bike for your jaw" Hinata laughed as she listened to her best friend.

"Sasuke-kun you sometimes talk about the oddest things" She giggled.

"Well it's the truth" He smiled as he looked at her. She smiled as she looked at him. She and Sasuke have been friends ever since they were nine years old. They're both from famous clans in Konoha. He's from the Uchiha clan, while she's from the Hyuuga clan. They both live together both wanting to get away from their families for awhile. They both care about each other deeply. She often gives him quick pecks on the lips for various of reasons, while he'll hug her every once in a while, she confines in him as does he…they're best friends that are always there for each other. Think of them like the Will & Grace except Sasuke isn't gay.

"Well listen I have to get going now I have to go to work now" He nodded as he looked at her.

"Alright see you when you get home" She nodded as she rushed off to work. Sasuke smiled to himself as he soon walked into the local diner where he saw his other best friend Uzumaki Naruto.

He and Naruto have been friends since college since they were roommates dreading the years that they were but Naruto was still a good friend. He hasn't introduced Naruto to Hinata quite yet since he hasn't gotten around to doing it.

"Hey blockhead" Naruto looked up to see the smirking Uchiha. "Hey Sasuke. What's up?" Naruto grinned as he watched Sasuke sit down.

"Nothing much…I was just walking with Hinata but she went off to work" Naruto pouted.

"Aw man I really want to meet this Hinata of yours?" Naruto pouted. Every time he came over to Sasuke's and Hinata's apartment Hinata was never home. He pouted at the thought.

"So how are things with your girlfriend? What's her name again…?" Naruto asked as he looked at Sasuke.

"Akane…and things are going fine" Sasuke stated. Naruto nodded as he then looked over at the cashier.

"You think she is happy?" Sasuke looked at Naruto in a confused way.


Naruto indicates with his head. "The cashier" He asked as he looked at Sasuke.

"Rue Takamori?"

Naruto looks at Sasuke in a surprised way. "You know her name?" Naruto gapes as he looks back at the older woman.

"Sure…" Sasuke stated as he looked at the blonde.

"I don't think I've ever spoken to her.

"Maybe that's why she's happy" Sasuke stated earning a glare from the blonde.

"So what are you doing? You are looking for a job right?" Sasuke asked. Naruto looked away from Sasuke.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "Come on Naruto you dobe you can't just lazy around and do nothing and beg me for money all of the time" Naruto sighed.

"Yeah-yeah I know but…I don't know where to start looking. Ever since I got fired from that company it's been hard to find a job" Naruto stated. Sasuke looked away from Naruto sighing.

"I can't believe I'm going to say this…" Naruto looked at Sasuke. "Listen I know this place where I can get you into" Naruto eyes widened.

"R-Really?" Naruto said in a surprised way.

"Yeah…I can get you a job working in the Hokage's office" Naruto nearly jumped out of his seat as he looked at Sasuke.

"You really can do that? You would do that for me?!" Naruto looked at his best friend.

"Yeah…unfortunately" Sasuke sighed.

Naruto grinned. "Thank you so much Sasuke you are the best" Naruto grinned. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Whatever…" Sasuke the stood up as Naruto watched him.

"Hey where are you going you just got here"

"I have somewhere to be" Naruto put on a sly grin.

"Somewhere like…Akane" Naruto snickered as Sasuke blushed.

"Later dobe…" He quickly walked out of the diner.


Hinata was rushed back and fourth to her office to the Hokage's office. Hinata had a job working as a secretary for the Hokage. She was very lucky she had gotten the job since her cousin had helped her get it.

"Hinata!" The Hokage called her name. Hinata jumped as she looked at the Hokage in a nervous way.

"H-Hai Hokage-sama" She smiled at the woman. Tsunade looked at Hinata and then sighed.

"Hinata you have been working very hard lately. You are a very good worker I admire that about you" Hinata blushed from the complement as she smiled.

"Arigatou Hokage-sama" Tsunade smiled.

"I want you to take the day off" Hinata snapped her head up as she looked at her.

"R-Really?! But I couldn't I mean you might need me here" Tsunade sighed as he looked at the Hyuuga woman.

"Hinata I am telling you take a day off" Hinata nodded her head as she looked at the woman.

"Hokage-sama can be scary" "Hai Hokage-sama I will take the day off" She smiled as she bowed and quickly left the office.

When Hinata walked out the building she spotted Sasuke with a woman she never saw before. "Who is that woman? Could it be Akane? His girlfriend?" Hinata walked closer towards the couple until she was in front of them.

Akane looked at Hinata as she held on to Sasuke as if saying 'he is mine so whoever you are back off'. Hinata just looked away as she looked at Sasuke.

"Hinata what you are doing? I mean aren't you're suppose to be at work"

"Ah I have the day off today" She stated with a smile. Akane pouted since no one was paying her any attention. Sasuke looked at Ino and noticed her expression as he smiled.

"Hinata this is my girlfriend Akane, the one I have been telling you about" Hinata looked at the blonde. She was tall, well taller than she is; she had long blonde hair and brown eyes. Hinata just took one look at her and she was already envious of the beautiful woman.

"Oh so this is Hinata…your roommate" Akane stated as she looked at Hinata while smiling but Hinata could tell right away that the smile was a fake one and of course Sasuke didn't notice it.

"Hai it is…my best friend at that" He smiled as he looked at Hinata. Hinata blushed as she looked down at the ground. Akane frowned as she then looked at Sasuke and grabbed his face pulling it close to her face.

"Sasuke-kun I'll see you later" He planted a kiss on his lips. Hinata stared at her with wide eyes before looking away. When Akane pulled away the first person Sasuke looked at was Hinata before he looked away from both girls.

"It was nice meeting you Hinara" Akane said her name wrong on purpose which Hinata noticed.

"Nice meeting you to…Akemi" Hinata also said her name wrong. Both girls frowned as they looked at each other. Sasuke noticed the tension between them as he cleared his throat.

"Well…um…"Both women looked at Sasuke.

"See ya Sasuke-kun" Akane then walked off. Sasuke watched her walk off until her could no longer see her. He looked back at Hinata. "Well do you like her?"

"Eh…she's okay" Sasuke looked at her.

"What?! Why not?"

"Hey-hey-hey I never said I disliked the women I just said she's okay" Hinata smiled as she looked at her best friend. She then looks ahead of them to see Shikamaru and Chouji coming they're way.

"Oi yeah look there is Shikamaru-kun and Chouji-kun" Sasuke sighs.

"Great you're weird friends" Hinata frowned.

"They are not weird" Hinata frowned as she defended her other best friends.

"Shikamaru-kun, Chouji-kun" She called out to them. They were already coming towards Hinata and Sasuke and stopped when they finally made they're way towards the two.

"Hey Hinata…and Sasuke" Shikamaru mumbled. He didn't like the guy because Sasuke always acted like he was better than everyone else and had this cool personality that all the girls loved which he didn't get.

Sasuke just grunted as he looked at the guy. "So Hinata what are you up to? You don't have to work today?"

"Well I did but the Hokage gave me a day off" She smiled as she looked at Chouji. He nodded as he looked at her.

"Okay alright…well Chouji and I are going to the diner you want to come"

"I just cam from there" Sasuke stated earning a frown from Shikamaru.

"I was talking to Hinata" He pointed out. Sasuke rolled his eyes as Hinata giggled knowing fully well that Shikamaru and Sasuke didn't quite get along.

"Well I would but I just want to go home and relax maybe tomorrow" Shikamaru and Chouji nodded.

"Sure tomorrow…see ya" They both walked off.

"Your friends annoy me…especially that Lee and his new girlfriend Sakura" Sasuke stated as he frowned at the thought of the two.

"Oh they are great and you know it" She smiled. "So are you going back home?" Sasuke asked as he looked at her.

"Yeah…" She stated.

"Alright I'm coming too then" He stated as they both went back to their apartment.


As soon as Hinata and Sasuke enter their apartment in comes Kiba their neighbor from across the hall.

"Hey" Sasuke slightly nodded while Hinata smiled.

"Hi Kiba-kun"

"So what are you two doing today huh?" Kiba asked as he flopped down on the couch. Sasuke glared at the guy.

"Every time you come in here you act as if you live here. You turn on our TV, go use our bathroom, go in our refrigerator like it's your food" Sasuke frowned.

Kiba looked up at Sasuke and grinned. "Well this is my second home you know" He grinned. "You're lucky I didn't bring Akamaru on over"

"Don't ever bring that mutt over here" Sasuke stated. Kiba frowned but said nothing about Sasuke calling Akamaru his dog a mutt.

"So what's been up lately?" Kiba asked as he turned to look at Hinata.

"N-Nothing much really…you Kiba-kun"

"Ah same ole same ole" He stated with a grin.

There was then a buzzing sound coming from the intercom. Sasuke walked toward it and pressed the button. "Yeah? Who is it?"

"It's me…" Sasuke sighed before pressing the buzzer. "Come on up"

Kiba and Hinata looked at Sasuke. "Who was that?" They both asked as the looked at Sasuke.

"It's you're cousin Neji" Sasuke stated. Hinata smiled when she had heard that it was her cousin. She and Neji were real close cousins almost like brother and sister. At first Sasuke and Neji didn't get along but they are close friends now.

Neji finally comes in the door but comes in a melancholy state as he walks over and sits next to Hinata. Sasuke, Hinata and Kiba all look at him.

"What's the matter?" Sasuke asked as he looked at the male Hyuuga.

Neji starts shaking his head. "My mother…she caught me" He stated.

They looked give Neji a confused expression. "'Caught' you? Doing what?" Sasuke asked him in a confused way.

Neji looks away from everyone. "You know…" They all look at Neji with blank stares. "I was alone…" Neji finished hoping that they all will get it.

Hinata eyes widened as she looked at her cousin. "You mean…?!"

Neji nods his head. "Uh-huh"

Kiba starts laughing as he looks at Neji. "She caught you?" Hinata slightly giggle's as she and Kiba started laughing.

Sasuke smirked as he looked at Neji. "Where?"

Neji looked off not really wanting to talk about it but started talking anyways. "I stopped by the house to drop the car off and I went inside for a few minutes…nobody was there…they're supposed to be working" Sasuke and Hinata looked at each other while smiling enjoying the story as they looked back at Neji.

"My mother had this Glamour magazine; I started leafing through it…" Sasuke tried to resist from laughing as he looked at Neji.

"Glamour?" Sasuke asked holding back a laugh. Hinata and Kiba of course laugh slightly.

"…So one thing lead to another…"

Sasuke looked at Neji. "So what did she do?"

"Well first she screams 'Neji, what are you doing?! My god' it looked like she was going to faint, she started clutching the wall trying to hang onto it"

Kiba reflecting on the story so far. "Man…."

"I didn't know whether to try and keep her from falling or zip up" Neji stated as he looked at Sasuke and Kiba.

"What did you do?" Sasuke asked being quite curious.

"I zipped up!" Neji stated almost yelling. Hinata stared at Neji with wide eyes.

"So aunt Hana fell?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah…" He notices that what he just said makes him out to be like a bad kid so he gets defensive. "Well I couldn't run over there the way I was!" He pointed out.

"I wouldn't think so" Sasuke mumbled while smirking.

"So she fell and then she started screaming 'My back! My back!' So I picked her up and took her to the hospital"

Kiba started to chuckle. "How is she?"

Neji looked at Kiba in somewhat angered. "She's in traction"

Kiba still laughs. "Okay I'm sorry"

"It's not funny, Kiba" Neji frowned as he looked at the brown hair man.

Kiba tries to die down his laughter. "I know. I'm sorry. I'm serious" He stated as he stops laughing.

"Her back went out. She has to be there for a couple of days. All she said on the way over in the car was 'Why, Neji, why?!'…I said 'Because it's there!'" Sasuke starts laughing.

"Glamour?" Sasuke says as he looked at Neji who seemed quite embarrassed while Hinata laughed.

"Well I'll tell you this though…I am never doing that again"

"What you mean in aunt Hana's house or all together?"

Neji looked at Hinata in a definite way. "All together" Both Sasuke and Kiba snorts.

"Ohhhh yeah right" Sasuke says in a skeptical way.

"Like you are going to stop?" Kiba stated as both Sasuke and him looked at Neji while smirking. "C'mon…" Both Kiba and Sasuke said.

Neji looked at Sasuke. "You don't think I can?"

"No chance"

Neji looked at Sasuke in a daring way. "You think you could?"

"Well I know I could hold out longer than you" Hinata and Kiba smiled as they looked at the two.

"Care to make this interesting?" Neji smirked at the Uchiha.

"Sure, how much?"

"A hundred dollars" Sasuke looked at Neji and nods.

"Okay you're on"

Kiba butts in as he looks at both Neji and Sasuke. "Wait a second, wait a second count me in on this" He smirks. Sasuke looked at Kiba.


Kiba nods his head. "Yeah"

"You'll be out before the night is over with" Sasuke smirked. Hinata smiled as she looked at the three males.

"I want in on this too" They all looked at her in shock.

"H-Hinata-sama" Neji looked at his little cousin. While Kiba said nothing but stare while Sasuke looked at Hinata in shock.

"Ohhhh no. No-no-no…" Sasuke and Neji stated.

"Why not?" Hinata pouted.

"It's apples and oranges Hinata" Sasuke stated.

"What? Why?" Hinata asked once more as she looked at Sasuke and Neji who was still saying no.

"Because you're a woman!" Sasuke pointed out mumbling the words 'innocent woman' under his breath.

"So what Sasuke-kun?" Hinata asked.

"It's easier for a woman not to do it than a man" Sasuke pointed out.

"Oh…" Hinata says in a sarcastic tone.

"We have to do it. It's part of out life lifestyle….it's like uh…shaving" He pointed out trying to get Hinata to understand.

"Oh that is such bologna. I shave my legs"

"Not everyday" Kiba said trying to make a point.

"Alright you, look you want in Hinata-sama?" Neji asked as he looked at his cousin.


"You have to give us odds. At least two to one…you have to put up two hundred dollars"

"No a thousand" Kiba stated earning a hit in the head from Sasuke.

"No I'll-I'll put up one-fifty" She smiled as she looked the guys.

"Alright you in for one fifty" Neji stated. Sasuke nodded. "Okay, one-fifty"

"Alright, now how are we going to monitor this thing?" Kiba asked as he looked at everyone.

"Well obviously we all know each other very well" Hinata laughs slightly. "I'm sure that we'll all feel comfortable within the confines of the honor systems" Sasuke pointed out as he looked at Hinata, Neji and Kiba.

"Alright" Kiba holds out his pinky as did Hinata, Sasuke and the Neji as they all hook their pinkies onto his. "This is our promise alright no backing out now" Sasuke stated. They all nodded as they all let go of each other pinkies.


Days later Neji was currently in Sasuke's apartment on the phone with his mother. "No mother, I'm not going to see a psychiatrist. N- I don't care if you do pay for it! No! Discussion over. Yeah, alright, I'll see you later. Yes, of course I'm going to come by. Alright" Neji hangs up the phone by slamming it on the coffee table while frowning.

Neji then looks at Sasuke. "My mother wants me to see a psychiatrist now. Why?! Because she caught me?" Neji scoffs as she starts shaking his head. "You know if everyone who did that had to go see a psychiatrist…" Neji starts to chuckle as he then snorts.

Sasuke looks at him wait for him to finish his sentence. "…Yeah?"

Neji looks away. "Whatever…" Neji says in defensively. The intercom buzzed as Sasuke gets up to answer it. "How is she?" He asked to Neji.

Neji shrugs it off. "She'll be fine. I have to go to the hospital to see her tonight"

Sasuke nods as he answers the intercom. "Yeah?"

"It's me Sasuke-kun I forgot my keys" Sasuke sighs as he unlocks the door.

"Come on up" He stated as he opens the door slightly for Hinata when she comes up.

"Hey what are you doing tonight?" Neji asked as he looked at Sasuke.

"Dating Akane…" He stated.

"Oh…that so called virgin girl" Neji smirked as Sasuke sighed.


"Any, uh…progress there? What's the latest?" Neji asked as he looked at Sasuke. "You know I really don't think is a virgin. I mean come on just look at her and she sure doesn't look like one" Neji stated as he scoffs. Neji had meet Akane once and didn't like her. Her attitude towards everyone; she acted as if she was better than everyone.

"Well things are coming a long slowly…" Sasuke stated with a smile. Neji just nodded.

Kiba enters Sasuke as he looks at Sasuke and Neji and then walks towards the window. "Hey, look at this come here. There's a naked woman across the street" Sasuke and Neji quickly join Kiba by the window looking out the window.

"Where?" Sasuke asked looking around.

"Second floor from the top" Kiba pointed in the direction. "See the window on the left?" Neji and Sasuke slightly blushed at the sight.

"Wow!" Neji whispered as he looked at the woman.

Sasuke also seemed amazed as he looked. "Who walks around the house like that?!" Sasuke suddenly said.

Kiba, Neji and Sasuke's eyes were all glued to the woman. "Yeah…yeah…" Kiba slowly stands up and walks out of Sasuke's apartment as he shuts the door behind him leaving Neji and Sasuke to stare at the view of the woman.

"Hey, let me ask you a question. In these nudist colonies do they eat naked in the dining room?" Sasuke asked as he still stared at the woman.

"I would image it's all naked" Neji replied.

"What about the chamber maids? Are they naked too?" Sasuke asked. Neji was still focused on the nudist.

"They're naked, the gardeners naked…the bellhops" Sasuke makes a shock noise. "One big nude-o-rama" Neji stated as he finished.

"Hey" Hinata stated as she finally entered the apartment. Neji and Sasuke only turned to face her for a second before facing back towards the woman. "Hey" They both said.

Hinata smiles. "Well…where's my money? Who caved?" Hinata smiled.

Sasuke looks over his shoulder. "Not me"

Neji looks over his shoulder. "Not me"

Hinata looks at them both. "What are you looking at?"

"There's a naked woman across the street" Sasuke stated as he continued looking out the window. Hinata frowns slightly since Sasuke was staring at the woman but then she chuckles.

"This is going to be the easiest money I've ever made in my whole life" Hinata mumbles to herself. "So my friend TenTen is teaching aerobics class. I'm going to go tonight"

"Yeah…the-the waitress should've taken it back" Hinata gives Sasuke a confused look before realizing the Neji and Sasuke aren't paying her any attention.

"So then I got this call this morning. You know I was…uh chosen to go on the space shuttle. I'm going to Mars" Hinata smiled when she noticed that they still weren't paying her any attention.

"Uh-huh" Sasuke said still staring at the woman.

"Have a good time Hinata-sama" Neji stated also still staring at the woman.

Kiba then comes in takes a few steps towards the kitchen and slams a wad of bills onto the counter.

"I'm out" Kiba declared. Kiba now had everyone's attention in the room. Sasuke's mouth is opened in shock. A moment of silence passes as everyone looks at Kiba.

"What!?!" Hinata looks at Kiba in shock.

"Yeah…I'm out…I'm out of the contest" Kiba stated as he looked at them all.

"You're out?!" Neji looked at Kiba.

"Yeah, yeah…" Kiba looks at all their reactions. "What?"

"Well…that was fast!" Hinata stated"

"Well it was that woman across the street" Kiba then looks at Sasuke. "You know, you better be careful, buddy. She's going to get you next" Kiba then walks out of the door shutting it behind him.

Neji, Sasuke and Hinata all look at each other.

"And then there were three…" Hinata smirked as she looked at the two guys who were also smirking.


Okay that was the first chapter of this story. Yes in this story most of all the characters will be OOC. This is the first story that I made that has nothing to do with ninjas or fighting…it's just a normal regular life. This is a SasuHina story but for now Sasuke is dating an OC but it won't last long. And in case you are wondering what the contest is about…well…you know it starts with an 'm' ends with a 'bating' I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say here LOL.

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