Emerald and Onyx

This story has Male/Male action. That means hot and frisky guy-luvin. If that isn't your thing, then by all means press the pretty "Back" button. The story is in the Mature section for a reason.

Not your usual Harry/Sev story. Harry is not the only Potter progeny. However on that fateful Halloween night Harry's twin brother Evan is thought to be the prophesized one and Harry is sent to the Dursleys. Fourteen years later a certain potions master and professor is on summer hols. in Muggle London. Read on……..

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Severus Snape had no idea what he was getting into when he walked into the Muggle club "Poisoned Kiss"( the hottest club in London). True he had been outside of the club scene for at least a decade with him being a teacher at a school it was becoming for a man of his stature. But now he was able to let loose on his summer holidays since that horrible Potter brat was no longer his responsibilities to train.

Severus had been helping to train Evan Potter ever since Evan was nine years old. No one exactly what happened that night the Dark Lord was supposed to have been defeated. Although, when the other Potters died and it seemed so did the other imp( Harry), Evan appeared to be the soul survivor of the Dark Lord's attack. He had been deemed the Boy-Who-Lived. No one knew that Harry survived as well because he was sent to his mother's sister to be taken care of. Unfortunately no one knew any more about Harry after they learned that his "family" had abandoned him. No one really cared because they needed to train Evan in case the Dark Lord rose again.

It was this year that Albus Dumbledore decided to take over Evan's training. Which was good because every time Severus saw the boy he saw the face of Lily Potter his one true friend in Evan and it hurt Severus to no end. So here he was, about to go in and get pissed and go home with someone if he was lucky. Poisoned Kiss was the best-known gay bar in town and Severus intended to have some fun tonight. So in he went.

The first things that Severus noticed were the crazy beat of the music, awesome lightshow, and the smell of sweat mixed with obvious lust. As he made his way to the bar Severus looked out at the dance floor which was on two levels. He saw that there was a huge group in the middle of the lower level. He decided that he would check that out after he had something to drink. So after weaving his way to the second level where the bar was Severus ordered his whiskey and then peered over the rail to check out the action on the lower level. He could now fully see the reason why there was a crowd of dancers. And oh what a reason it was.

The man was gorgeous, his body seemed to move with the grace of a fallen angel as he danced from one member to another. Dressed in a black tank top and very tight ripped jeans with steel-toed boots. His black hair was long and tied back into a ponytail. His face was done up in Goth makeup and he had his lip pierced in the middle. But what shocked Severus the most were his eyes. Those eyes that shone out even in the shadows on the dance floor. Beautiful emerald that seemed to take in everything as he danced from one partner to another. This man was amazing he was both dominant and submissive, looking for his next find while momentarily giving into the whims of his current dance partner.

Severus stood there enthralled. If he didn't know better he would assume that this man was an incubus. The way he seemed to move with ease as he pushed off one dancer and on to the next. Severus quickly finished his whiskey and made his way downstairs. Severus himself was dressed in a fine black silk shirt and leather trousers. His hair was down but grease-free since he was out of the fumes from his potions. We'll get to his story later.

Severus wove his way into the middle of the dance floor and watched as the emerald-eyed beauty danced his way over to another dancer. He really couldn't miss out on this. He made his way around behind the beauty and snaked his hands around the man's waist. The dancer gasped but continues to dance with Severus. The dancer stopped dancing with the others and only danced with Severus. They continued to dance but it soon morphed into grinding and kissing. Severus pushed both of them into the shadows as the emerald-eyed gasped with want. Severus looked deep into the man's eyes and saw the lust shining bright.

Severus groaned as his clothed-covered erection was ground into the other man's. Severus really couldn't wait any longer. He pulled the man close to him and shifted them back to Severus' loft. The dancer pulled off of Severus before saying, "Whoa, what a way to travel! A little dizzying but other than that cool. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve too. " That was all Severus got before he found himself completely naked, his erection standing to attention. "So you're a wizard too?" "Well I don't know about being a wizard, but I can do magic and such. It's really comes in help when dealing with London night life." Severus nodded his head in understanding. Both of them in fact(authoress smirks cheekily).

"Want some help with that?" said the dancer. As soon as Severus said yes, he found the dancer naked and in his bed waiting for Severus. After a night full of passion Severus pulled out of this bedroom god and fell beside him panting. As sleep was taking them both Severus spoke. "I'm Severus by the way." "I'm Emerald." The dancer tiredly replied. And with that they fell into sweet oblivion.

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