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"Was that appropriate Mister Potter?" Emerald jumped out of his skin. Someone knew who he was, but where was he? "I am in your head boy. Do not fret, I will not reveal anything to the old man. I am only here to figure out which house you would do best in. Now let's see. You are very loyal and a friendly person but not Hufflepuff. No! You are very bright but not to the point where that's all you think about. You are very brave but not foolish enough to rush into something blind. So perhaps Gryffindor. But then again there's Slytherin. You are extremely cunning, sneaky, and resourceful. Still you have a kind soul. Only a select few of Slytherin have kind souls. The rest live behind aristocratic masks. You have an incredible source of power in you, it just has to be tapped into. Yes, the house where you will live will be……."


With that being said Emerald took off the hat and handed it back to Dumbledore. "Well now Emerald, you'll need to go to Diagon Alley to get your school supplies and also we should have you stay on for the summer to get you up to speed. Severus you don't mind staying on for the summer right?"Dumbledore turned to face Severus at the end of the question demanding Severus to say yes.

"No Headmaster that would not be any trouble." Severus replied.

"I can help too Emerald." piped in Evan.

"That would be greatly appreciated Evan, young Emerald here will have to learn seven years worth of information in less than three months. He will need all the help he can get." said Dumbledore.

Emerald thought carefully for a minute. "Headmaster, is there any way I can contact my family. I haven't spoken to them for a while and I know they must be frantic with worry." Truth be told it needed to be done. If he was going to be changing schools, then he needed to get in touch with his family. Not to mention, he needed to get money to pay for all of this.

"Hey Sev, can I go shopping too? I need to get some things too." asked Evan. He really did need to get his school supplies, plus he wanted to get something for Ginny.

"It's alright with me, you'll have to wait until we are done talking to Emerald's parents though." Replied Severus.

"Sure I don't mind, hey can we go shopping in Muggle London?" asked Evan.

Severus looked at Evan amused. " Again yes. Headmaster can we get a list of supplies that the boys will need for the year. Why wait for their birthdays?" Severus felt that if Dumbledore was how close the birthdays were he might put two and two together.

Dumbledore thought about it for a moment. "I think you are right Severus, why wait." Dumbledore produced two sheets of parchment for the boys only Emerald's list was longer. "Well boys might as well get going." With that being said, the three left office and made their way to the apparition point. Instead of side-along apparition though Severus shifted them to his flat.

As soon as they arrived at Severus's flat, Emerald took out his cell phone and turned it on. He called the house phone, but there was no answer. Then he called Julia on her cell to see where they were. "Hey Jules it's me, where are you guys?" Emerald was silent for a second or two. "Oh um ok ask Mum if she wants to meet us at home?" Emerald was silent again then he nodded and said, "Ok great, see you in three hours bye." He hung up and put his cell in his pocket. "They are going to go see a show and then come home. If you want we can start shopping."

The three of them went into the city and in the stores. Severus bought a nice bag of Muggle candy for Dumbledore and Evan got a couple of gag gifts for the Weasley twins. He also got Ginny a beautiful cashmere jumper. Emerald kept gravitating to stores like "Hot Topic". Oddly enough he only bought nail polish. The others saw this and gave him questioning looks.

Before long the three hours went by and they made their way to the Gordon's residence. They only had to wait for a few minutes before, "Harry!"

Evan and Severus had to remember that "Emerald" was just an alias. Emerald was tackled by the two teen girls. "Harry where were you?" asked Jessica

"Did you miss us?" asked Julia

"What did you do?" asked both girls at the same time.

Emerald laughed at this. The Gordon's got settled in and listened to what had happened since Emerald left them the day before. "My only problem is how do I pay for all of this? Emerald finished.

Evan put his two cents in at this. "I'll pay for it Emerald. Besides Mum and Dad would have wanted that. We have so much in the Potter Vaults that it would take us three lifetimes each to empty them."

Jeremy had a peculiar look on his face. "So why are you calling Harry "Emerald" still?"

Severus gave him his answer. "We can't afford the Headmaster finding out that Harry is Emerald. He'll try to manipulate Harry. We try to say Emerald as much as possible so we don't slip up. The problem we have now is that Harry needs tutoring all summer long. He has to six years to catch up on to be up to par with the other students. He'll need to stay at the castle."

Jennifer looked at bit perplexed. "What do you need us to do Severus?"

Severus looked at Jennifer. "I need you to pull Harry out of school. We should get back to the school before we raise suspicions."

Jeremy nodded his head. "That's easy enough. I guess we should go pack Harry's things then." The family went into the sixteen year old's room to pack. The two strange men stayed in the living room instead of invading on a family moment. Forty minutes later, said family finished packing.

"Don't worry, I'll be able to write." said Emerald as he hugged his family goodbye.

Evan pitched in saying, "Yeah and you'll be able to visit as well on our birthday. I'll make sure of it." The twins walked out of the flat but Severus stayed behind.

Severus turned to Jennifer. "I know this is difficult and it has happened so fast but don't fear for him. I'll look after him."

Jennifer nodded to reassure herself. "I know Severus. You're right, it's all happened so fast, I guess I'm still in shock." She sighed. "I only know that I'm going to miss my boy very much." Before Severus did anything else he took out his wand and shrunk Emerald's things and put them in his pocket. Then he gave Jennifer a tight hug and shook Jeremy's hand before leaving. Waiting outside were both boys.

"Well boys how about we go get your school supplies now?" Severus asked. The twins agreed and held hands with Severus before he shifted them to the pub called "The Leaky Cauldron". Tom the owner said hello to Evan as was the custom since he is the Boy-Who-Lived. No one got close enough to shake hands with Evan because of Severus. Even in Muggle clothing he was intimidating.

After getting all of his supplies Severus dropped the boys off at Madam Malkin's for Emerald's school robes. Inside the store the twins came face to face with Madam Malkin's herself. The poor witch practically fell over her own feet to help thee "Evan Potter" and his tag-along. She brought them to the back of the store to get the measurements. Just as they were finishing up, the door bell rang as someone entered the store.

"Potter! Out of the castle I see." Evan immediately recognized the voice and looked up.

"Hello Malfoy, time for you to stimulate the wizard economy single-handedly again?" Malfoy merely smirked.

"Who's this Potter?" Malfoy inclined his head to Emerald. "Another of your adoring fans?"

Evan sighed and then indicating to each of them, "Draco Malfoy, Emerald Gordon. Em, meet Draco Malfoy. His dad practically owns the Ministry of Magic. He's a Slytherin and therefore cannot be trusted. Which is why he's a good friend of mine."

Draco graced the boys with a sneer. "More like aquaintences. We have similar interests that keep up paired up constantly."

"Yeah like Sev, he's this git's godfather.

Draco glared at Evan before turn his gaze onto Emerald. He took a long look at Emerald. "So how do you know each other? I've never seen you at Hogwarts." Draco asked in that superior tone of his. Emerald cleared his throat.

"I'm a Muggle-born and I'm just starting this year. Sev found me and got me enrolled. Evan was kind enough to accompany me while I got my supplies, to answer your question……Draco? Can I call you Draco?"

Draco thought about it for a moment. "I normally do not associate with Muggle-borns but I can make an exception for you Emerald."

Evan sighed and was instantly relieved. Em now had an ally on the enemy front and also someone who might be willing to help Em out with the Severus project. Evan looked at his watch. "Sorry to cut the banter short, but we're gonna be late. See ya at school, Malfoy!"

"Sure thing Potter! Nice meeting you Emerald."

"Likewise Draco!" With that the twins left the store to see Severus waiting for them.

They had just one thing left for Emerald. His wand. Severus led the way to Olivander's when Evan stopped short.

"Sev, wait! I need to get something real quick. I'll meet up with you at Olivander's." With that he took off down the lane. Severus and Emerald continued up the road of Diagon Alley to Olivander's and walked in. It took a couple of seconds for the owner of the store to come out from a stack of boxes.

"Excuse me sir, I'm here for a wand." Emerald stated to the slightly creepy looking guy.

"A little late than never eh Mister Potter?" Shock was evident on Emerald's face. Severus however hid his shock. "Ah don't fret Mister Potter I will keep your secret. Well now, let's find you your wand then." So, with that Emerald tried out many different wands. All reacted poorly though. Some exploded vases and upturned boxes. Then the old man picked up one last box. "Holly eleven inches with a phoenix feather for a core." Emerald picked this one up and he just knew that this was his wand. (Loosely adapted "Curious very curious."

"Sorry but what's curious?"

"Oh nothing really just the fact that your wand carries the same core as the wand that gave you your scar. Which leads me to believe that you will do great things. After all the Dark Lord did great things. Terrible things of course mind you but still they were great!"

Just then Evan came into the shop and paid for the wand for Emerald. Seeing as the boys had everything they needed Severus brought them back to Hogwarts.

Evan decided that he was going to show Emerald the school over the next few days so he wouldn't get lost. The first thing he showed Emerald was how to get to the Gryffindor Tower and back.

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