Notes: Because I quit band today and have never been happier in all my time during high school (so I felt the need to write…and finally had the inspiration to do so). Because I watched WHR all the way through this weekend (finally…after two years of it collecting dust next to Trigun, Naruto and Prince of Tennis). And because most of the people who have me on their alerts list probably forgot who I even am (see! I'm not dead! Yay for not being dead!).

And for those of you keeping score at home these drabbles are dedicated to Alyssa and Rebecca, because they make 1st period AP English rock. And to Chelsea, for being the best ever. (and also yes, my A/N is nearly as long (if not by now longer) than the actual drabbles…sorry 'bout that). Enjoy!

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I studied her from across the top of my car, watching her lips form some sheepish thought or question. She smiled at me tentatively and waited for a response, which I provided in the same stoic manner as always. She looked disappointed, but accepted my answer. I didn't like the sorrowful expression she wore: it didn't fit right on her youthful, innocent features. She was meant to be happy—hopeful.

A car. A car and ten years. That's all that separates us…

Too much separated us.


The only time I had ever seen Amon smile—or rather, look pleasant—was in the briefing room when a case was unfolding neatly, or an effective, clean plan was being formulated.

It has been a year—nearly two—since the collapse of the Factory, and we have both changed.

"Amon, I love you." He smiles—really smiles—pulls me into his arms and doesn't say anything. He knows he doesn't need to.