Yay! My first Fruits Basket fanfiction. I've only watch the anime and had always supported Yuki and Tohru although people says that Kyo and Tohru couple up in the end of the manga. However, this is my story and this is going to be a Yuki/Tohru pairing because I just love these two together!

Arigatou, My Princess chapter 1

Break the Curse??

Yuki POV

'Ringggggggg!!!!!' I slowly raised my hand and jabbed at the snooze button. I was never a morning person but I had improved throughout the year thanks to her. I knew she would be waking me up soon, so I decided to lie on the bed a little longer.

"Yuki-kun." I froze with my eyes opened wide. She was looking down at me with a gentle smile. She's in my room! She called my name! Although I've asked her to use my name instead of Sohma since everyone in the house is a Sohma, I'm still not quite used to it. My face turned light pink but fortunately, she did not seem to notice.

"Come on, Yuki-kun. You should be early today. You have a meeting today, don't you?" I sat up and nodded. I slowly descended my bed and walked drowsily to the washroom.

"Come down when you finish dressing. Breakfast is ready." She gave me a sweet smile and went down.

Things had changed tremendously ever since she came. It was a day after tomorrow, five years ago. The day she first came to the Shigure's house, the day she entered into the Souma's life, the day she entered my life. Ever since then, things began to change for the better. Everyone who had met her changed in all kinds of ways towards the better, even that baka neko and my over-confident brother.

"Ohayou, Shigure. Where's Honda-san?" I asked my so-called cousin and guardian.

"I think she's in the kitchen. Are you going to eat your breakfast? It's a waste to leave what our little flower made with all her heart to go cold," Shigure asked me eyeing at my portion of the breakfast, drooling.

"Don't you even dare to touch it," I glared at him and he backed off, reading the newspaper while I went to the kitchen.

"Honda-san? Ah… There you are. I'm not going to be back early so you need not cook dinner for me. Thank you very much," I told her and gave her a smile I saved only for her.

"Why? Ah! I shouldn't have asked. It's ok. You don't need to answer me," she stammered.

"Tonight our university is having a meeting for our annual ball. Well, as the president of the student conference, I am needed. There's a lot of preparation to do." I answered hoping that she would believe me. It was a lie but not a total lie. There's truth in it. She just smiled at me with a doubtless expression.

Tohru POV

I looked at Yuki-kun with awed. He became the student's conference president again. I did not know that he was the president in the university. I only knew that he was once the president in high school. Yuki-kun deserves this position. He's such an all-rounder and so popular. I smiled at him as he looked at me dolefully.

"Sure. No problem. Are you sure you don't want me to cook?" I asked again.

"It's ok. I'll eat before I come back." Yuki answered me.

"Alright then. Good luck and come back safely." I replied him before watching him going out of the kitchen. I resumed my work in the kitchen before getting ready for work. After finishing high school, I started working in a bakery and twice a week, I return to my old part time job to help out. Sometimes, I helped in Ayame-san's boutique especially during spring time when orders of dresses came in dozens. In return, he always gave me a dress, every time a different design, which I always refuse but he always manage to pursue me to take it. I don't even know when is the right time to wear it since I'm at home most of the time. I've only wore three out of the five dresses and I am wondering what to do with the other two.

'Oh… We're out of sugar… And milk too… I'll go shopping later," I mumbled to myself. I continued stirring the stew, thinking about the ball Yuki-kun mentioned. I wonder how a ball would be; I've never been to one before. The grandest occasion that I've been to was only the Souma's New Year celebration. Akito-san had allowed me to join the zodiac party. He had slowly improving in his health and was friendlier ever since what happened three years ago. I'm sure he would be like everyone else in another year's time.

"Shigure-san? What would you like to have for lunch? I'm going out for shopping. Would you like me to get you some thing?" I asked my kind land owner and my sort of guardian.

"Lunch? Can I have those delicious onigiri with takoyaki? And could you run to the stationery shop for papers? I'm running low on papers. Thank you, Tohru-kun. You are so kind," was the reply with a flashy smile and starry eyes. I just smiled in reply.

And so, I went shopping. I bought a little more ingredients as I was thinking of visiting Akito-san later. It's been awhile since I last see him. I wonder how is he doing as I walked home in a moderate pace.

"I'm home," I said as I slid opened the paper door. I heard Shigure-san talking to someone, most probably on the phone with a serious tone. I left his papers on the dining table and entered the kitchen without interrupting his phone talk. Then I began to prepare the lunch Shigure-san requested. Onigiri with takoyaki. I assumed that he is starting his novel. Ri-chan-san said before that Shigure only would start a novel if he had takoyaki that day.

"Tohru-kun, have a minute?" Shigure's head popped in through the kitchen door.

"Give me five minute. I'll be ready with lunch soon," was my reply. I quickly finished up preparing the dish and brought it out. I sat near Shigure-san since there are only two of us having lunch today. Kyo-kun was at the dojo practicing with Hatsuharu-san. Yuki-kun will not be back early as he had said.

"What is it that you want to say to me, Shigure-san?" I finally asked after concentrating on my food for a while. There was an awkward silence for a moment. At last, Shigure-san looked up from his food.

"Ha-san called just now. He said that Akito-san wanted to meet you today after lunch." Shigure-san managed to blurt out somehow in a not-Shigure-san tone.

"That's good. I thought of visiting him today too. I've even made a little snack for him," I perked up. I wondered why Shigure-san voiced it out so tensely.

"Oh well. If that is what you want. Que sera sera." I just smiled at him, assuring him nothing would happen between Akito-san and me. After lunch, I cleaned the dishes and dressed up in one of my simple dress. Shigure-san was already at the door with Hatori-san in the sleek black car. Shigure-san opened the door and invited me in.

"Hello, Honda-san," was my greeting from Hatori-san. It was rather tense but nevertheless, it contains some voice of care and concern.

"Hello. It has been awhile since we met. How are you?" I replied him with my usual cheeriness.

"Yes, it has been a while. I'm fine, thanks for the concern. I can see that you are doing well too." A faint smile grew on Hatori-san's face.

"Well, Ha-san couldn't be sick, can't he? He has to take care of the whole Souma family. By the way, Ha-san, I've started writing a new book. You should see it. It's about this few guys…" and the whole way to the Souma's residence, Shigure-san bore Ha-san with his new story's plot. I only listened in silence, enjoying the lush green scenery on the way.

After what seems a long way for Hatori-san with Shigure-san nonsense, we finally arrived at the Sohma's main house. I opened the door and prepare to get down the car when I felt someone caught my wrist and pulled me back in the car. Shigure-san, who sat in the front of the door I've opened quickly close it back. I looked at Hatori-san who now had let go of my hand.

"Be careful. When he asked me to call you, he sounded somehow excited," Hatori-san told me in a serious tone. Shigure-san had a word clearly plastered on his face, worried.

"I'll be fine. We had become fast friend, hadn't we? It'll be alright," I tried to assure them.

"You'll never know what Akito-san would do. Be careful," Shigure-san said with a relaxed face. I always wondered how Shigure-san could change his expressions within seconds. I was really grateful to have such concerning friends. I hopped down the car and waved to them while they drove off to Hatori-san's house. I took a deep breathe of the cool, refreshing air and slowly walked to Akito-san's house.

"Excuse me, Akito-san. Are you there?" I gently knocked on the paper door of Akito-san's room.

"Enter," a polite yet still a little menacing voice answered my call. I slid open the door and closed it behind me. Then, I slowly walked to the centre of the room and knelt down. A man in around twenty-five laid at the balcony with a bird perched on his outstretched hand. I waited patiently as Akito-san enjoyed the breeze blowing at his face. Finally, he stood up and pulled his robes together and tied the torso around his waist.

"Thank you for you patience and time to visit me," Akito-san said with a polite smile. His usual evil looked had slowly faded away but sometimes he still could be hideous. However, I could see that this smile was pure from the heart.

"Oh it's nothing. I thought of visiting you today too. I've even made you a little snack," I said, a little sound of nervousness heard in my voice while I took the snack out, chocolate biscuits and jellies made into zodiac animals including cat. Talking about cat, Akito-san had accepted Kyo-kun into the family although he hasn't been able to defeat Yuki-kun. Akito-san chose a biscuit without looking and nibbled it.

"How nice of you, Honda-san. Your cooking had improved," he complimented. My nervous feeling slowly faded away. I waited until Akito-san finished the last of the biscuits. I slowly raised my courage and voiced out.

"Why do you want to see me today so urgently, Akito-san?" My heart slowly warmed towards this man who had once hurt so many of the Sohma's and others.

"I know how to break the zodiac curse. You wanted to free them from the curse, right?" Akito-san stated calmly.

"Ahhh...Yes… How? " I stuttered.

Akito's POV

"Ahhh...Yes… How? " I heard her said, shivering. I beckoned her to near me and whispered it into her ear. I saw her eyes grew wide with shock and terror. If it was the old me, I would had enjoyed the look she had now but now I felt a slight pang of guiltiness.

"It's not that you have to break the curse now," I tried to soothe her. I then dismissed her saying that I had enough for the day and was tired. I thank her for the snack and she went out walking unstable, looking like she would collapse any moment.

Normal POV

Shigure and Hatori were at the door of the main house. Hatori was seen to be focusing his good eye on Akito's house while Shigure continued on with his novel's story. Not long after, they saw the girl brought looking pale and shocked fumbling her shoes and nearly stumbled face down on the dirt if it wasn't Shigure's quick action of grabbing the girl's wrist, preventing her from falling.

"What happened? Did Akito-san hurt you, Tohru-kun? Tohru-kun? Answer me," the dog asked, slightly shaking the already much shaken girl. She just shook her head wearily.

"She's not having a fever. She just looked badly shocked by something." The dragon said with his hand on her forehead, taking her temperature.

"We should get her home quickly. Get the car, Ha-san!" Shigure tried to hold the girl up without hugging her while Hatori quickly started his car and drove to them as near as possible. Then he jumped out of the car and aided his childhood friend. The girl staggered between them, shivering.


A silver haired man with deep violet eyes is seen to be entering a shop with a great big rose as its symbol and great big letters; AYAME. He took a very deep breathe and muttered an inaudible curse then caught the handle of the door. A sweet chime rang from the bell attached on the door as the door opened.

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