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Arigatou, My Princess chapter 10 (Wow, I've reached two digits!)


Normal POV

The man in white doctor suit was standing outside his clinic as the wind blew at his face. Stuck between his lips was an unlit cigarette. He was about to bring his lighter to the tip of the stick before changing his mind, dropping his hand and stowing away the hazardous item into his inner pocket. He sighed and looked at the clear blue sky. A pair of lovebirds flew past, twirling and dancing with each other in the air.

'Akito had said nothing in the past will happen again… What does that mean exactly?' The doctor pondered. The God always had been a mysterious person from the very start, hiding millions of secrets, talking in poems and riddles. However, this time, it clearly meant that he was allowed to love her again. Akito even allowed her to live in the inner Main House and made her his assistant once again. It was just like before, except this time, the black haired lady whom all the cursed ones must obey, had ensured him that what happened in the past will not repeat itself. But how true were her words? What are her motives?

"Hatori?" The man turned when he heard a concern voice called his name. His single functional right eye saw the one and only person in the world that made him understand what was love. His long bangs covered his blurry left eye, the scar that was left when she forgot. He put on a gentle smile.

"What is it, Kana?" He asked the lady wearing office clothes, hair pinned up with two clips. She smiled back at him, a smile brimming with love but her eyes showed slight shades of worries.

"I think I should ask you that question. You had been spacing out." Kana pointed out. Hatori's smile turned into a grim line. It's really not easy hiding things from someone you love. He wondered how could he tell her about his thoughts but on the other hand, he wondered how he could not tell her about what he was thinking, fearing that she would once again leave him. Or perhaps it is better for her to leave before she gets hurt once more? He was not bothered on how much he was injured or stabbed in the heart as long as she remained protected. He couldn't protect her last time and did not want to repeat the same mistake.

"Is it really ok for me to work once again as your assistant? Is it ok for me to…?" She broke off mid sentence. Biting her lips, she looked into the doctor's black eye and asked her unvoiced question with her own eyes.

'Is it ok for me to love you once again?'

Hatori did not reply. Hesitantly, he reached his hand over to her cheek and caressed it softly. Kana leaned into his warm hand, realizing how much she missed his touch. Even when she did not remember anything about him, even when she was married, there was an empty gap in her heart that even her husband could not fill. Countless time she had tried to search for the reason but she did not succeed. In the end, it affected the marriage partially. Part of her divorce came from this problem. But now, she remembered. She remembered it all.

"I'm a bad person…" She chuckled a little when she said that. The doctor's eyebrow lifted a little in confusion. She smiled and cupped his hand against her face. With her other hand, she traced the side of his cheek. Her fingers hovered a second above his left eye. Brushing aside the long dark bangs, she uncovered his half functioning eye. Both his eyes stared into hers. His eyes were filled with concern. He was worried about that statement she had said earlier. He did not understand what she had meant.

"Kana, what is the matter?" Hatori asked questioningly. Her smile was still plastered on her face.

"I left you when you needed me most. I went and married another man. But deep down, though my memories were erased, I never did forget about you. I tried to substitute your place with another man. And now, I had hurt him as well. But I did not regret it. I am a bad woman, right?" Her hand left his face, leaving a warm tingling sensation on his face as the bangs she brushed aside fell into place once again. His hand left her cheek as well but this time, he held her hand.

"May I ask why did you divorce?" As a doctor, he had slight knowledge about psychology. He knew that unhappy things keep inside in oneself for too long would not benefit the mental mind or the body. He had experienced these many times in the zodiac family but for those zodiac members, he could do nothing about it. For those who are just normal peoples, their memories can be erased as he had done countless times. However, if possible, he wished that he could cure them by talking to them instead of suppressing their memories.

"It was an arranged marriage at the beginning. We tried to get along at first and we did. I thought I had completely let go of you. You may have erased the time we had together but you did not erase my feelings for you before we went too deep. I knew that my feeling was one-sided so I gave up. I tried to be a good wife, love him and care for him. He did the same. But then, he knew that I was just acting, that I never really loved him from the beginning…" Kana paused to catch her breathe. She sat down at the edge of the wooden floor with her legs hanging out and looked into the blue sky.

"He then fell in love with another woman. He was the kind that could not lie so he told me about it. Only then I realized that he knows that I did not love him truly though he loved me. He wanted to give me back my freedom and told me to go back to the person I loved…" Her head dropped to her hands folded on her lap. Hatori sat next to her and handed her a white linen handkerchief neatly folded.

"Thank you. I'm really a mean person, right?" Kana said after she wiped the tears that swelled from her eyes. Gathering her into his arms, he embraced her gently. He patted her head softly to comfort her.

"I'm sorry I made you gone through so much hardship…" Buried in the white coat, she shook her head in denial.

"It was not your fault. It was because I was weak. You had gone through worse, Hatori…" She protested.

"But it's all in the past now…" He ended their talk with that particular sentence. He did not care if she or he got hurt once again. He just wanted her by his side once again. After all, that was what Akito had said. He tilted her chin to look at him. Her chocolate eyes were warm and kind.

"Yes…" Looking into his black orbs, she lost herself in its deep color. They were no longer empty or lonely as she had remembered. There were warmth and love in them. As she felt his face and breathe nearing hers, she closed her eyes and leaned forward. His lips were soft as she remembered, sweet and warm.


Unclasping a necklace made from multicolored beads, she stared at the 13 different colored beads. There were small, thin lines running through each of them. Crack lines. The bead with the most line, a silver one, was directly in middle. Looking hard at that particular orb, she bit her lips as a single tear fell from her eye. In the middle of the crystal, swirling in a spiral shape was a mist of pink. Sweet, loving pink that was turning deeper red every minute.

"Yuki-kun… I'm sorry…" She muttered, holding the round orb to her lips, kissing it gently.

"I'm sorry, everyone…" Clutching the string of crystals that were glowing dimly to her heart, she absorbed the warmth that was emitted by the beads into her thin body, her determination growing stronger than ever. She lifted her head to look at the setting sun. It was twilight. Soon, it will be the promised time. Soon, she'll end everything with her two hands just like how she had started it.


He knew something was going on. Akito had ordered all the zodiac members to gather around the Moon Lake. The place itself was already suspicious. The Moon Lake was a restricted area, even during special occasions like New Year. No one was allowed to approach it without permission because it was a sacred place. Rumors said that that place was formerly the home of the first God. That was why only the God was allowed to enter that place safely and only the God have the power to bring others near it. And now, the God had ordered for them to go there. But for what reason?

He continued to ponder on the questions as he strolled idly towards the Moon Lake. Akito had said to gather around the Moon Lake at 10 o'clock but there was no harm reaching early, right? His watch told him that there was still an hour and half until the given time. There was plenty of time to take a slow walk around. He followed the extremely distinct pathway that was said to lead one to the place he was heading to. He was sure that previously, when he had came across this place, it was much more hidden. Now, it was like someone had opened a path for them to enter. Why were all these weird things happening?


He was immediately pulled out of his pondering when that familiar bell sound reached his ears. He had heard that sound before but he could not locate the memory in his mind. His brow pulled together into a frown as he hurried towards the sound before he lost it once again. Each step increased in length. He was careful not to push himself too hard in case his sickness came in the way again. He was determined to find it. Perhaps that was the answer to his many questions. Someone had certainly been tampering with his memories.

"…" The silver haired man froze on the spot when he reached a clearing. He had reached the lake. Beside it was a magnificent dragon shrine that he could not find words to describe. But it was not the beauty of the ancient building that caught his attention. It was a lady in pure white priest attire with long flowing brown hair. Two loosely braided strands of hair on each side of her pale face were held together by red strings with silver bells at the end. That was what he heard.

"It's been a while, Yuki-kun…" She whispered as she stepped forward towards him in dainty steps. Every movement she made produced a calm tinkling sound. Only then he noticed that both her wrist were clasped in bracelet encircled with tiny silver bells. Weirdly, he knew that the sweet sound produced by these bells should cause him pain but he felt none. He was calm, totally at ease. However, he could not move at all from that particular spot as if he was glued to the ground. All he could do was to stare at the girl while she moved gracefully to him. He found himself wishing that he could close the little distance left between them but his feet would not obey.

"Yuki-kun…" She muttered when she stopped in front of him. As he looked into her chocolate brown eyes, it felt like something inside him finally broke. An invisible barrier of some sort that was in his mind. All the questions he wanted to ask before were answered. Her porcelain like fingers reached up to his cheek and caressed it, wiping off something wet that he had not notice before. Tears.



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