I lie on my bed, eyes staring blankly up towards the ceiling. Eyes. The windows of the soul, as one wise man put it.

How true. I turn on my side. I try to think; the eyes of the five boys I met, the five boys who lead lives so dangerous, so risky...what do they show? What do they remind me of?

Duo Maxwell first. His eyes remind me of stars, purple stars. Twinkling with some new mischief or challenge, shining with hope and mirth. They dim, sometimes, their light blocked by tears, but they...you...always recover. They always remind me that no matter how dark life seems to be, there are always people like him to brighten it up.

Quatre Raberba Winner, the rich Arabian boy. What do his eyes remind me of? The dawn, I think. That's the closest thing I can compare them to. Gentle and sweet. Peaceful...so peaceful. It's not that his blue-green eyes are innocent-he's seen and done too much for innocence-but they're just not...dirty.

The circus boy...Trowa, Quatre's best friend. Trowa Barton. One of his eyes is always hidden beneath the curtain of piercingly styled hair, but the one I can see reveals just as much. Green, dark green...forest green. Yes, that's it; his eyes are like forests: quiet and silent like the hushed atmosphere of the forest, with the candid wisdom of wildlife.

Wufei Chang- what do I know about him? He's always blustering, ranting on and on about justice and stuff... Blustering. Blustering. That's it! Rain. Rainclouds, stormclouds. Precipitation. Downpouring, drizzling-rain-shower eyes. Whatever. Full of lightning and thunder, but they heal as well as harm. They support life as well as destroy it.

Last one left; Heero Yuy. I kept him for last on purpose. His eyes, quite frankly, unnerve me. When I first saw him, they terrified me. They reminded me of ice. Dark blue pieces of ice. Cold and hard and clear. Oh, so clear. They knew death and pain and a hundred tortures. But clear, because obscuring, softening tears had been shed, long ago. You'd cried so much you hadn't any tears left to cry. So much hurt you must have wept over...

Icy eyes over an icy soul.

But they were more like night, as I learned to read you better.

The night, dark and hiding secrets. Hiding pain that begged to be healed with a gentle touch, but they were too hidden, too shielded by your own walls. A wounded heart that kept out friendship and love, joy as well as anguish.

The night that was black, but the moon turned it into silver-lit magic. And you've found your moon, haven't you, night-eyes? And you'd better realize it soon, and tell her. But then again, I think she already knows...


Author's Notes: No, the fanfic is not written from the point of view of Relena. More along the lines of Hilde, Noin, or Sally... I'll let you decide who. But you can guess who Heero's moon is, right?

Man, this is OLD. My first posted fanfic anywhere... (sniff)