Note from Author: There will definitely be a sequel to this story and watch out for some new stories I have in mind. Enjoy.

As Hermione reached her new home, she yawned from drowsiness. This was her new life with Draco. She knew tomorrow they were going to be married. Hermione moved quickly to their master bedroom and snuggled under the covers.

Draco followed her and saw that she was incredibly tired, so he let her sleep in peace. He knew when she was ready to look around their home she would. Draco moved over to her and kissed her lightly on the forehead as she slept.

In the morning, the intoxicating smell of eggs and bacon woke her up. Hermione sat up in bed and looked around her room. It was done up in light shades of blue, gold and green. She knew that the green and gold had been inspired by their houses from Hogwarts and he knew she loved blue so it had also been added to their room.

Hermione moved out of the master bedroom and went into the bathroom. It was large and was decorated like the bedroom. Hermione quickly picked up her toothbrush and brushed her teeth. When she finished, she began to walk through the house before going down for breakfast.

There were five bedrooms altogether in the house and the walls were covered with pictures of Hermione when she was young, when she had first met Harry and Ron and even some pictures of Draco and herself that she didn't know existed. There were also pictures of Draco as well and she smiled at his baby pictures. Soon Hermione reached the kitchen and walked in. There Draco was making (with magic) pancakes. Hermione snuck up behind him and put her arms around him. He turned and smiled into her face.

"Good morning darling." Draco said while kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Good morning. Draco, I've been looking around. Where did you get all these pictures from? I don't even remember taking some of them." Hermione said with wonder. Draco chuckled at her question.

"Well after you said you'd marry me, I got our friends to take pictures of us secretly and all your younger pictures I got from your parents and your friends." Hermione smiled.

"Oh that was so sweet of you. Anyway, you know that today we are not allowed to see each other until the wedding. Its bad luck... so you are going over to Harry's to get dressed and I'm going to change here ." Hermione led Draco, with her hand in his, to the table and sat down with him.

"Aww, I'm going to miss you but I know you're going to look beautiful." He kissed her again and they began to eat their breakfast.

Later that day everyone was busy at the wedding. Hermione was in the woman's quarters with Lavender, Ginny and Meghan as they helped her put on her veil. She looked beautiful in a bust hugging, off-white, strapless wedding dress. The dress only hugged her chest and then flowed loosely and away from her body. Her hair was done up in a simple loose bun and wisps of hair dropped around her face. Her skinned glowed and she applied make-up that made her look natural, fresh and beautiful.

Her bridesmaid dresses were light blue form fitting dresses, that flowed away from the legs at the knee. Ginny was Hermione's maid of honor and Meghan and Lavender were her bridesmaids. Hermione had been waiting for this for a long time. And she was anxious to see Draco and begin her life with him. She smiled at the girls as she picked up the bouquet and waited for her father.

At the same time, Draco was in the men's quarters fixing his tie. Harry, Ron and Blaise Zabini were trying to calm Draco down. He was sweating and was worried about Hermione not showing up. He kept screwing up his tie as he struggled with his emotions. Blaise was getting frustrated, so as Draco's best man he did his tie for him and gave him a little shake.

"Draco cool it. Hermione loves you, and she's pregnant with your kid so don't worry." Blaise said. Draco nodded as the wedding coordinator called them to take their places because the wedding was about to start.

Draco moved to his position in front of the wizard who would marry them with Blaise behind him, as the wedding processional started. Harry and Meghan came in together first and moved to their places in the front. Followed by Ron and Lavender and finally Ginny alone.

At last, Hermione walked out with her father on her arm. Draco smiled at how beautiful Hermione was in her wedding gown. When she reached the front, her father kissed her on the cheek and Hermione took Draco's hand . This was it, the beginning of their lives together.


Hermione was sitting on the balcony of her house, reading a book. Over the past three months Hermione had grown so large she could hardly walk around her house. She loved her new home and her friends visited often, so she was never alone. As Hermione read a book called Parenting Magical Children: The Dos and Don'ts, she felt a sharp pain shoot through her stomach. Hermione clutched her stomach at this sudden discomfort. She disregarded it and began to read again when another pain shot through her, then suddenly a gush of water rushed out between her legs and wet her skirt, the chair and the floor. Hermione's eyes widened in surprise.

"Draco!!! Come in here please its important." Hermione yelled through the open balcony door. Draco walked in with his wand in his hand and a puzzled look on his face.

"What is it Mrs. Malfoy?" Draco asked. Hermione smiled at this new nickname, but another pain shot through her wiping the smile off her face. Draco noticed and moved toward her. He looked at her and lifted her to her feet. He saw the water on the floor and realization dawned on him.

"Oh my gosh. Now?" Draco asked with concern as he led her into the house to get dressed. She nodded. Draco grabbed his cell phone and began to call all their friends to tell them Hermione was in labor.

Hermione grabbed her over night bag she'd packed the day before in preparation of her labor. She moved to the car and climbed into the front seat as Draco drove them to St. Mungo's. Hermione's contractions were getting stronger and closer together quite quickly. By the time they got to St. Mungo's, Hermione was gripping the seat of the car tightly and trying to hold back moans of pain.

Draco helped Hermione into the hospital and she was quickly moved to her own room. As Draco sat beside Hermione while she panted and breathed deeply in the bed, Harry Ron, Ginny, Meghan and Lavender walked into the room. Hermione gave them a slight smile.

"Hermione oh my gosh. Its happening. You're going to be a mom." Ginny squealed with delight. At that moment, Dr. Hothern walked in and cleared the group out. Hermione was dilating quickly and the pain rippling through her was becoming worse. Draco held Hermione's hand as Dr. Hothern prepped her to give birth.

"Alright Mrs. Malfoy, when the next contraction comes, push." Hermione nodded. As the next contraction came Hermione pushed with all her might. The pain was incredibly horrible and she began screaming in little pants as she pushed. Finally the baby was out but Hermione wasn't done yet. She still needed to push. The pain came again and this time she screamed as a second baby came out. Draco was so shocked. He looked at Hermione and noticed the small smile she gave him at having kept this from him.

Dr. Hothern moved over and handed one child to Draco and one to Hermione. He smiled at the new parents.

"Congratulations, you have a beautiful daughter and son. I'll leave you two alone." Dr. Hothern said and walked out. Draco looked into the face of his beautiful son. He was so surprised that she had been pregnant with twins and hadn't told him. But looking into his son's eyes he knew it was alright.

Draco moved to Hermione and gave her a kiss. He looked down at his daughter and smiled. He kissed his daughter and son on the forehead. Hermione looked up at him.

"So…you're holding Damian and I'm holding Valerie right?" Hermione asked. Draco moved over to Hermione and sat on the bed beside her.

"Hermione you are so sneaky, not telling me we are having twins. But I'm so happy I don't even care. All I know is that I love you and our kids so much." Draco kissed Hermione as their friends walked back in. They all were quiet as they looked down at the two little babies in the room.

"Guys we'd like you to meet Valerie and Damian." Harry and Ron both kissed Hermione on the cheek and gave Draco a pat on the back. The girls all took turns holding the babies and it made them all the more cute.

Later that night, Hermione slept and as Draco looked at the two sleeping babies, he noticed that they both had a bit of Hermione and himself in them. Damian had a little bunch of brown curls on his head and had the same nose as Hermione, but when Damian had looked up at Draco, he had seen his own silver eyes looking back at him.

Then Draco looked at Valerie. She had a small amount of silver blond hair on her head and she had hazel eyes like Hermione, but she had the prominent Malfoy nose. She was still beautiful and Draco knew that he would always do his best to protect his children and his wife.

He lightly kissed his children and looked over at the love of his life. She was his and would be forever and for always.