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Pairing: JD/Cox

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Minutes later, both men still lay together in bed. Dr. Cox still on top, JD's legs still spread apart letting Perry rest between them, but with his feet now flat on the mattress.

"God, that was good." JD sighed and Dr. Cox looked down at him, stealing a kiss from the kid's lips every now and then.

"Are you always like this?" JD asked between kisses, and Perry replied in the same way.

"You mean really amazing in bed? Yes."

JD chuckled into the kiss. "I mean, like this." He wrapped both arms around Perry's neck, clinging to him and kissing him softly, moaning into the kiss and parting it slowly. Making his question without having to say anything at all.

Perry wasn't really like that often, but sometimes, when he was in the mood, anything could happen. He remembered being tender with Jordan when they had first gotten together. Actually, he really was like that when it came to intimacy, but with Jordan things eventually got to a point where neither of them wanted it that way anymore, and so he stopped being like that at all. Something about being with JD just triggered that in him again. Maybe he really thought of the kid as being a girl, or maybe he was just too aware of JD's vulnerability. Whatever it was, he had enjoyed it as much.

JD stared at him for a moment, a goofy smile across his lips. Before he could say anything, Perry added something else.

"Just shut up and enjoy it." He pressed his lips to JD's, silencing him again.


Going back to work was the same and different altogether. Waking up next to Dr. Cox felt so normal to JD it was actually weird, but in a nice way. As soon as they had walked into the hospital, they had gone separate ways, but JD couldn't stop himself from daydreaming, albeit ridiculous and corny things. He went through rounds bouncing happily, even more so than usual. At a point he had ran into Turk, who for some reason didn't seem like his usual self. Bad day, I suppose. JD shrugged it off for now and continued his way through the hospital until he ran into Carla, who immediately gave him an excited and questioning look. Before saying anything at all, the two headed into the nearest supply closet and giggled like a couple of school girls as they got inside. They hadn't noticed that Turk was still nearby and watching all along, his brow furrowing as the two closed the door to the small room.

Turk knew something else had to be going on. He just couldn't believe that his wife and his best friend could be doing something behind his back. He shook his head, trying to find an explanation for the things he had seen and heard the past couple of days. There just had to be something else. Taking a look at his watch, Turk saw each minute pass, but JD and Carla were still inside the supply closet. Determined, he headed towards it and stood in front of the door, waiting for the two to come out.

Twenty minutes went by and Turk was ready to just kick the door down, but again, he knew there had to be a reason, and so he waited longer. He heard the door unlock and the voices from inside grew louder as they walked out of the small room, laughing shyly about something.

"Best sex ever," JD said with a chuckle while brushing his hair off his eyes. He was using no hair product again after having spent the night at Dr. Cox's, but it was worth it. Carla smiled at Turk casually, as if he just knew everything they were talking about. When it dawned on Carla that he in fact didn't know, she looked at him again, her face quickly going serious and perhaps a bit pale. JD had the same reaction and they stood there only for a second before Turk reacted.

"That's it! What the hell is going on here?!"

JD turned to Carla, hoping she would explain things to Turk as she had promised she would. Carla met JD's gaze and nodded, knowing it had to be said.

"Baby, there is something we need to talk about."

"Damn right we do!" Turk spat out, making every person nearby turn around and stare at the trio. Doctors, nurses, even a patient who sat up on his gurney to see what the fuzz was about.

"Not here." Carla whispered, feeling embarrassed.

"Oh so now you want to be discreet about it?!"

"Turk--" JD tried to intervene, but Turk didn't let him.

"You're sleeping with my wife!"

"What?" Carla exclaimed, more shocked than angry.

"Oh my god!" Elliot was able to squeak out as she stood by the nurse's station holding a patients' chart.

"Promiscuous five!" Todd appeared out of nowhere holding his hand up for JD and finally doing a mental five as JD didn't react to him.

"Turk!" Carla exclaimed, trying to get her husband's attention as he turned around speaking to all the onlookers.

"That's right, people, you heard it! My best friend is banging my wife in our own home," everyone gasped "and in the supply closet!"

"Turk!" This time both JD and Carla yelled.


"It's not me JD's having sex with, it's Dr. Cox!"

Suddenly there was silence, dead and total silence that was only disrupted by the loud sound of a cup of coffee that slipped Laverne's hand, breaking and splashing on the floor. The Janitor, standing behind the nurse, didn't even blink. The woman quickly left the nurse's station, ready to spread the notice around the hospital. Slowly, everyone around them got back to what they were doing.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Turk squeaked, tilting his head to the side, completely confused.


It was probably too soon to explain anything to Turk and Elliot. Especially to Turk. As JD and Carla sat with them in the cafeteria, Turk looked a bit too astounded still. All four of them had their lunch on the table, but only Carla and JD were eating. After another long pause, Carla put her fork down and glared at Turk.

"I can't believe you thought JD and I would do such a thing, Turk!"

"Baby, you never know."

"I resent that!" JD pouted, crossing his arms across his chest.

"All I know is--" Turk paused to finish his thought, but it was all still confusing at the moment. "I just didn't see that one coming."

"Me and Dr. Cox?" JD asked and Turk winced at the mental image.

"Oh what the hell, I say about time! Everyone saw it coming." Elliot shrugged, finally taking a bite of her food.

"I guess Turk didn't." JD said quietly.

"I'm sorry, alright? I made a huge mistake, I shouldn't have doubted you, man." Carla gave him a glance. "Or you, baby."

"The least you could do is be happy for your friend. He's found someone who treats him right and cares for him." Turk really couldn't believe Carla's words. Dr. Cox treating JD right? It had to be a joke.

"He's really sweet, actually." JD added.

"Dude! I so do not need those kind of details." He scuffed, obviously still incredulous.

"You don't know him," Carla frowned "you can't judge him. You see him here, but you've never hung out with him enough to know him. Men like Perry tend to be different when it comes to intimacy."

"Carla!" Turk whined not willing to listen to any more details.

At that moment, Elliot started muttering different things and Turked joined in, making his own objections. JD really couldn't make out any of it, but there was one thing he was sure of, neither of them believed there was a different side to Perry. He looked at Carla and she looked back at him, rolling her eyes and shrugging. Before JD could say anything, his pager started beeping, and after quick glance at the message on it, he got up from the table and walked away. Even as he did, he could still hear Elliot and Turk talking nonstop.

Ah, they'll deal.


As the message on his pager read, JD headed to the roof where he found Perry standing next to the edge, arms folded and taking in the Californian view. JD stood next to him, not saying anything for a moment and staring at the view himself until he felt a hand touch his own, strong fingers tangling in his. He smiled, turning around to meet the older man. Perry pulled him close, wrapping an arm around JD's waist, his other hand still playing with the young doctor's fingers.

"I heard."

JD frowned, confused for a moment, and then he knew. Laverne had been going around telling everyone that JD and Perry were together. For some reason, even if they had only been doing this for a couple of days, it felt so normal to JD that everyone knew he was with Perry. After all, he did follow the man around all the time since the first day he had gotten there. Having that routine made him forget for just one moment that his mentor would probably have a different reaction to the news spreading around their place of work.

"It was Turk," JD sighed "he panicked and Carla had to tell him. But then--"

"So now I'm a sweet guy?" Dr. Cox asked, not paying attention to JD's previous comment.

"Wait, didn't you-- What? How did you hear that?" JD was really confused now.

"Look, Jezebel, the fact that everyone knows about us at this point is irrelevant. Like nobody knew you had a crush on me since day one, and of course, I played hard to get and sooner or later this was going to happen. Which, I must say, I am surprised Barbie was the one who caused it by starting you on the idea of having a 'Plan B' regarding your romantic life, but nonetheless, it is out and so are we. You are the princess with the knight in shining armor by your side, just like you always dreamed you would be. I just don't think Cinderella went about town saying how great her Prince was in bed. Or how sweet he--"

"I think we're more like Shrek and Fiona really." JD added quietly.

"Case in point: Newbie, nobody is ever going to believe you, anyway."

"Well, yeah." JD wrapped both arms around Perry's neck, kissing him quickly, blue eyes meeting blue eyes. He now started to realize that there was something in Perry's eyes that wasn't there all the time. A glance, a tender glance maybe. Something Perry saved just for their moments together. The thought made JD's smile grow wider.

"Wondering what your friends will think, Fiona?" Perry raised an eyebrow and JD just laughed, his cheeks turning bright red as Dr. Cox placed a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose.

"You know what?" JD finally said, tilting his head to the side, his eyes studying Perry's face. "I really don't care. This is about us, JD and Perry." He smiled proudly at the last sentence.

"I can't believe how right I've been about you since day one," Perry laughed, pulling the young man closer "you're such a girl."

"Shut up." JD wrinkled his nose playfully and once again gave into a long, deep kiss.

The End