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1 Rough Beginnings

Hermione Granger hugged her mom, a small tear falling out of the corner of her eye. "Don't worry, Mum," she said, a weak smile crossing her face. "At least this will be the last time" Her mother and father both chuckled and hugged their daughter one last time. They let go, stood a moment in silence. Then, in a tiny moment, their daughter of 17 years slipped past the barrier of Platform 9 ¾ and out of sight.

A shiver ran up his spine. It was cold. And damp. The limo was empty with the exception of a bright-blonde-haired boy of 6'1" with an iPod and a scowl. He stretched his leg out on his seat and scrolled through the black gadget, saying a silent goodbye to it, as iPod and other such electronics were not allowed at his school. He felt the car slow and looked out the window. He sighed, wrapped the headphones around the mp3 player, and scooted towards the driver's seat.

"Hey Charlie, take care of 'er for me, alright?"

"I'll put her back in his master's room sir." Draco, the blonde haired boy, sighed.

"How long have we known each other Charlie?"

"I've been working with the Malfoys since before you were born, sir." Charlie's eyes smiled brightly as he looked back on the memories he had with the Malfoys. He was old, and had worked for them a long time. Truthfully, the family was horrid and Aurors were on his case non-stop, but the opportunity to see Draco grow up, truly grow up, was worth every minute with those nasty Death Eaters.

Draco nodded. He scooted out the back of the limo and walked behind to the trunk. Charlie opened it, and Draco got his trunks out quickly so Charlie wouldn't hurt himself trying to help. "The Last Time," Draco said quietly when he was ready to leave.

"It's been a pleasure, sir." Draco smiled at the old driver.

"It has, Charlie." Draco pulled the old man into a hug, not surprised as Charlie at his sudden exhibition of affection. "Thanks Charlie. Thank you for me, for listening to me and for…" Draco's mind trailed off to places his body rejected.

"You're welcome sir. And if I might say, you might have helped me more than I helped you."

"Honestly, I doubt it. I'll see you this Summer Charlie."

"I'll be here. King's Cross, June 21!" Draco waved one last time before entering the train station and making way to Platform 9 ¾.

Hermione pushed her trolley in silence. Near-invisible trails of tears lined the shapes of her cheeks. She pushed her bangs out of her face and stepped aboard the Hogwarts Express. Her best friends Ron and Harry hadn't gotten there yet, and she unconsciously decided to save a compartment for the three of them.

As she took her seat by the window, Hermione took out her hand mirror and held it close to her face. As she analyzed her features, she grimaced. She had never thought herself an ugly girl, but this was not her day. She pulled the cuff of her sweater up and wiped the smudged eyeliner from her cheeks. She sniffed and rummaged through her bag, looking for her makeup. She quickly redid anything need fixing, shoved everything back into her purse, and reexamined.

"Oh the miracle of makeup," she mumbled, combing her hair with her fingers.

"Won't hide the mole Granger," a cold slither of a voice said. Hermione felt a small flush of heat from the anger the voice automatically instilled in her.

"Good morning ferret," she replied smoothly. She smirked both at her quick wit and the tiny wince the she caught sweep across his face. She would forever remember fourth year when the same tall, pale, almost-white-haired boy was turned into a ferret the color of his hair, by a teacher who claimed to have been 'defending' her friend Harry Potter.

"Harry and Ron aren't here Malfoy," Hermione said, her tone dripping with hostility.

In a clear, almost pleasant tone, Malfoy replied back, "Oh, but one could always use a warm-up."

"Why are you here?" Her cold stare never wavered, and neither did his. He sat down across from her, shrugged, and leaned back against the seat.

"50 boredom, 55 pure amusement," he said. Hermione looked down, calculating instantly in her head.

"That's more than 100." Malfoy smirked. "You can't have more than 100" Malfoy's smirk grew.

"This is where the fifty-five percent comes in." Hermione cocked her head to one side. "It tortures you how that was incorrect, doesn't it?" Hermione shook her head, though her lie was obvious to him. He laughed and stood up. He watched Hermione sigh with relief, and sat back down. "Then again, there's only Pansy waiting for me. I could stay a little while longer."

"Can and will are two different things, Malfoy. I trust you demonstrate that right now by leaving." Malfoy raised his eyebrow, following that with a fake frown.

"Now that hurts babe," he said coolly, laying back on the seat. "What will hurt is every inch of you're body after if you ever, even in your horrible humour, call me babe again. And if you don't leave this second." Malfoy sat up again, his stare calm but dagger like. He didn't like to be threatened.

"What is it that you'll do Granger? Turn me into a tea cozy?" He laughed, then returned to his angry tone of voice. "No one threatens me Granger, especially stupid mudbloods like yourself." He turned to leave when he felt a blunt point on the back of his neck. Malfoy sighed and put him arm down from the door handle. "Put the wand down Granger, don't do something you'll regret."

"Oh believe me Malfoy, I won't regret it. And no one else will regret me doing this either." With that Malfoy whipped out his wand and pointed straight at Hermione's head. "Put the wand down Malfoy, don't do something you'll regret," Hermione said in a mocking voice.

"You've really gone too far with this one mudblood, you're going to seriously-" Malfoy ducked out of the way of a silent Expelliarmus! from Hermione.

"If I could think how to explain how stupid, spoiled, selfish, and WRONG you are, I would do it right about now." They stared at each other a good three seconds before both teens got up enough anger to release a spell. They both opened their mouths, but before they could say anything, the compartment door flew open, letting out a loud bang as it opened all the way. Purple smoke poured into the room until neither Malfoy nor Hermione could see anything.

"What's going on, is this your doing Granger?" Malfoy's voice came out of the void.

"No, of course not, where are you?!" There was a flicker of fear in her voice. Hermione began to panic when something grabbed her arm tightly. She turned around to see who it was, and she came face to face with Malfoy, who was now holding her close to him. They were both confused, scared, and very dizzy teens when the smoke began to clear. Hermione held her breath. Their eyes didn't flicker for however long they stood next to each other, Draco's forehead on Hermione's and her hands around his arms. They stared at each other, keeping eye contact, as though what has happening around them would go away if they didn't look. Malfoy's grip on her began to release as his eyes closed and he fell to the ground. Hermione knelt down to look him over when she felt the fatigue come over her very fast. The next moment she was unconscious right next to Malfoy.


Hermione stood alone in a dark room. She looked around, surprisingly calm, looking for a sign of life other than herself. In the distance, a large white screen. She walked over to it, silent and slow, as though she was not aloud to make a sound. She brought her face an inch away from the screen and stared in silence for a long, full minute. Suddenly, the sound of an old fashioned camera flash sounded loud enough to make her ears ring, yet she did not move. A picture on the screen followed the sound. Hermione stepped back in attempts to focus in on the picture and see what it depicted.

The image was blurry, unclear. She studied it until another flash sound rang out, this time accompanied with a flash of light and another picture. Still unclear. Hermione's senses were beginning to wake up now-- she jumped as she heard "I love you." in a mixture of voices. "I love you too" immediately followed. Another flash, another picture. Hermione thought, for a split second, that she recognized the picture as Harry. Another flash, another picture. Ron? No, couldn't be. Another flash, another picture. Draco? Maybe… Another flash, another picture. Something similar to Draco again. And again. And again. The pictures became faster and the flashed became brighter-- the noises louder too. I gut feeling told her, "Find him, find him. You can save him from this horrible fate." Over and over again that phrase shook her mind until finally she collapsed on that floor and woke up.


Harry Potter had just dozed off when he heard Hermione scream. He immediately jumped to his feet and ran to her bedside. He grabbed her arms and pushed them to her sides, she was having a fit.

"Hermione! Hermione, wake up!" he yelled to her. Her eyes burst open and she sat up quickly.

"Where is Draco?" she demanded, her eyes wildly searching the room. Harry didn't answer, too shocked to hear what she was saying. "Harry! Where is Draco?!" her voice took a frightened tone to it, and Harry saw her eyes were desperate.

"H-he went to walk around the train. I told him he shouldn't go but-" but Hermione was already out the door.

"Draco! Draco! Draco where are you?!" Hermione pounded on the compartment doors. Her head was spinning, her mind racing. Images of Draco dead flashed in front of her eyes. She heard Draco calling her name, screaming in pain. Her head throbbed with pain, every image in front of her eyes was a punch to the stomach or a kick to the head. She doubled over in pain. She felt like she was on the path to death when she collided with a tall, hard object and fell to the floor.

The images stopped. The screams were silenced. The coldness and lonely feelings were gone. As the throbbing in her head slowly faded, she looked up. Holding his head, sitting on the floor in front of her was Draco Malfoy.


Draco and Hermione stared at each other a good long minute before anyone said or did anything. Hermione felt oddly attached to those eyes. Like she was reading a life story in a single swirling gray orb. Once his breathing had slowed and he felt in control of himself again, Draco looked away and got up. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked straight at her with the same unemotional cold stare he always had. "Did you call me, Granger?"

Hermione thought long and hard about the question. She had hadn't she? But why? "Yes I did…" she took hold of one of the compartments and tried to get up. Her hand slipped and she fell back down on the ground. Draco's reflex told him to hold his hand out, and she took the help, embarrassed. When she stood up, neither of them let go right away. His hands felt odd, something was different than before. They were unusually warm, and an electric jolt ran through her veins at the touch.

Finally, Hermione removed her hand from his and scratched her head behind her ear. "Er, you should come back to where we were. We should… find out what happened to us.…" She kept her eyes down and walked quickly in the other direction. What is wrong with me? she thought. What was that? All these years haven't I said I wanted Dra-… Malfoy, to die? Why should now be any different?

She stopped at a large wooden door marked Professor's Lounge and turned around. She was sure she hadn't turned around any corners. This must be the right door. Hermione lifted her arm and knocked on the door three times. The door opened quickly, Madame Pomfrey answered. "It's about time!" she said in an exasperated tone. "You shouldn't have left in the first place, just being attacked and all. What do they teach nowadays, any common sense left in children… ?" her voice trailed off and she walked back into the room. Hermione hesitated at the doorway, unsure of what to do.

"Well come along you two!" Hermione turned behind her to face Draco, yet again, but spun quickly back to face Madame Pomfrey. She felt her cheeks turn red as Draco nudged her from behind to get her moving. Hermione stepped slowly, taking in the room as she followed the nurse.

It was a full car of the train, a spell must have been cast to make it wider. It was a fairly large room with dark wood walls, two beds stuck out from the left side. Hermione saw this and her eyes shot toward the doorway. There was Harry, still sitting in his chair, now getting up to greet Hermione. "Why haven't I seen this room before?" Hermione mumbled to herself, a little too loudly.

"You didn't expect the professors to just stay at Hogwarts all summer, did you? We have families to you know," Madame Pomfrey said. Hermione blushed and felt oddly guilty.

"It wasn't that, it was just that… well in third year Professor Lupin was in a compartment with some of the students. Why wasn't he here?" Madame Pomfrey smiled.

"Oh, that's all is it? Professor Lupin needed rest and thought the Lounge was a tad too noisy for sleep. I suggested he go to a student compartment until the students boarded, and I suppose he was in too deep a sleep to notice when the students came." She put her hand on Hermione's back and pulled her further into the room. "Not to worry dear, we can't take off points yet. We don't bite."

Hermione let Madame Pomfrey guide her to the very back of the car to where three professors sat talking very fast, as though in a different language. She caught her name in the slur of words and cleared her throat. The three professors stood and finally addressed the three people in front of them. "Thank you Madame Pomfrey, we will call you if we need any of your further services," Dumbledore nodded to Madame Pomfrey, and she left to the other side of the car. "Minerva, Severus, we will continue this chat at a later time. But for now, I need to talk to Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Granger alone." Professors Snape and McGonagall shuffled off and out the Lounge door.

Dumbledore went to the right side of the back wall and pressed his long bony hand on a crack in the wood. Hermione's eyes widened as the crack stretched straight down. Light ran to the right, then up, then left, and back down the original crack to form a doorway. Dumbledore looked back at the two gaping students and chuckled. "Come along, we'll come to no conclusions standing here. Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, if you'd care to join us?" The silver-haired professor took of his half-moon glasses and stepped through the light and was gone. Hermione looked back at Draco, Harry, and the newly arrived Ron and smiled as well as she could in the situation. She stepped up to the light, took a deep breath and walked into it.