"Wow Soubi! It's amazing!!" Ritsuka exclaimed, admiring the small painting in Soubi's hands.

" It's for you."

" Really? Wow… wow!! Thank you Soubi!"

" Thank… you…" Ritsuka barely whispered. He felt a tug at his ear. "Ow!" Ritsuka jerked awake. The little boy behind him tugged his ear again. Ritsuka slid further down into his seat, away from the toddler's hand. Once safe, he gently rubbed his neko ear.

It's like nobody here has ever seen a boy with ears before… Ritsuka glanced around the airplane. All the passengers were looking at him funny, even the flight attendants. Not a single on of them had ears. …Then again, maybe they haven't.


"Welcome to California!" said a woman with a microphone. Her voice echoed in the plane's speakers. "We will be landing in three minutes. Don't forget you luggage!"


Soubi had fallen asleep on the couch. The TV was still on, and his miso soup sat on the table; cold, unfinished, and forgotten. He was dreaming of walking on the beach. Though he was alone in the beginning of his dream, Ritsuka had joined him somehow. It was a knock on the door that eventually woke Soubi from his happy dream.

Rat tat tat! Rat tat tat!

The sleepy man slowly walked over to the door.

Rat tat tat!

Soubi opened the door, forgetting to check who was knocking. Standing in the doorway was a catboy. "Ritsuka?"

Ritsuka's hand shot up, grabbing Soubi's collar and jerking him down. Once at eye level, he kissed the older man. After a second, Soubi loosely wrapped his arms around the catboy.

Soubi broke the kiss, whispering, "I was going back in a day or two…"

Ritsuka leaned into Soubi's warm embrace. "I'm impatient…" Both were silent for a moment. "Let's go home…"

Soubi smiled. "If you don't mind," he began, "there's something I'd like to do first…."