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CHAPTER ONE – Homeward Bound:

'This is so dumb Rory, let's get going.' She cried out, wrapping her arms around her thin frame trying to block out the sudden chill. Her thin crop-cut t-shirt no protection from the bitterly cold wind, 'Please Rory, it's too cold.'

'Just a few more minutes Tracey please.' Rory turned and gave her a wink, 'hey we'll be the first to get a confirmed picture.'

'I just want to go home Rory, geeze I'm sorry I told you that it's Spring Equinox and about the cemetery.' Tracey turned around and stared at the decrepit graveyard miserably. 'Rory did you hear that?'

'Ah come on Trace knock it off okay.' Rory said with a pleading tone, 'it's probably Christian and Deni being silly.'

Yeah I guess.' Tracey said her voice trembling, 'I'm cold and feel ... there's something here Rory, something doesn't feel right ... I'm going back to the car.'

'Okay here,' Rory tossed her the keys and gave her a small smile, 'just gonna get a couple of pics for my blog then we'll round up the other two and then we're outta here.' He promised flashing his warmest smile.

Tracey sniffed and watched Rory disappear over the fence, before turning and running back to the safety and warmth of the car. Nineteen year old Rory, her first official boyfriend had a way about him that often caught Tracey off-guard. Tall and willowy with shaggy soft brown hair and the biggest blue eyes she had ever seen, Tracey fell for him the day he walked into the same mythology lecture she was attending. Smiling softly she remembered the first date they had, he took her to a psychic's fair, it was only him and his brother after their parents and sister were killed in a horrific fire. Tracey and Rory instantly clicked, Tracey's parents died in a car accident and her grandmother brought her up. With her black hair and dark grey eyes, Tracey looked like a gypsy, raised as a pagan by her grandmother; Tracey had respect for the natural world as well as the supernatural world. That was why she wished that Rory would listen to her and come away from the cemetery. Something felt so wrong there, Christian and Deni tagged along for the thrill factor but decided to go off on their own taking advantage of the alone time. More Rory's friends than hers, Tracey put up with them and tried to find common ground but they both made her skin crawl and sent her inner-alarms off.

Chewing her lip she scanned the area with her gaze looking for Rory, she wanted to get out of there, the chill still coursing through her despite the heater being on full.

A scream ripped through the air, terrified Tracey started to lock the car doors when she saw Christian and Deni sprinting towards the car, both splattered with blood, 'for fuck's sake Tracey open up.' Christian screamed as they banged on the doors. Another scream filled the air and Rory came hurtling towards them, landing with a sickening crunch on the soft earth just in front of the car.

'Help him,' Tracey yelled at Christian as she jumped out of the car, remembering to take the keys with her, 'oh gods Rory?' she breathed.

'Trace?' he whispered blinking owlishly up at her, 'ah ... arm's ... broken.'

'Christian!' Tracey yelled again, 'help me get Rory into the car.'

After finally settling Rory into the front passenger seat, the others in the back and Tracey driving they sped away from the graveyard. A pair of flaming yellow eyes watched them as they drove away. A rumbling laugh sounding like thunder filled the cold night air.


'Home, we're home again Dean.' Sam said with a weary sigh as he drove into the Kansas city. 'Hey dude you gonna wake up anytime soon?'

'Huh? What? I'm awake.' Dean sat up and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he pulled his sunglasses off and stared around blearily. 'Doesn't change, doesn't ever change.' He muttered under his breath.

'So why do you think that Dad wanted us to come here?' Sam asked as he pulled into the motel easily. The neon sign flashing in the evening light.

'Dunno but I do know that I'm hungry, thirsty and tired.'

'Dude how can you be tired?' Sam asked incredulously, 'you slept for the last four hours of our drive.'

'Hey I need my beauty sleep.' Dean yawned, 'I'll go book us in.'

The brothers stood just inside the door and stared around their motel room in shock, 'how come this is so freaking cheap?' Dean muttered.

'Dunno but we're not gonna say anything are we?' Sam asked looking down at Dean with a wide-eyed stare.

'Yeah right and I'm the tooth fairy!' Dean laughed, 'dude this is freaking awesome!'

Their twin room looked more like a suite than just a room, with two queen sized beds, covered in soft cushions and pillows, with thick fluffed feather-filled doonas covered in deep purple. Across the room was a fully-stocked kitchenette and breakfast bar, with two high-backed stools, a dining setting under the big bay window.

Dropping their bags the boys stepped in and checked out everything closely, 'dude check this bathroom out!' Dean called out to Sam, poking his head out of the room he grinned cheekily at his younger brother, 'dude there's a shower big enough to party in and a Jacuzzi in here, and it's so freaking clean.'

'Dude there's a proper coffee maker,' Sam said after inspecting the kitchen 'what's going on?'

'Knew that there's something wrong, where's the TV?'

'Oh it's in there,' Sam pointed to a teak cabinet facing the beds, 'just hit that button on the console next to the beds.'

Dean dove onto his bed and hit the button; he watched as the television rose up out of the top of the cabinet, 'flat screen dude, this is...'

'Dean, this isn't right, how can we get a room like this for less than we paid for that last flea hole?'

Before Dean could answer the room phone rang, he stared up at Sam before picking up the phone and answered the call.

Hanging up he met Sam's curious stare, 'that was the manager; he hopes that we are settled in and everything is fine. And he ... he would like to congratulate us on winning their promotional contest.'

'Dude we didn't enter any...'

'He said that he would like to thank us Dean and Sam Winchester on winning their promotional contest.'

'He knew our names?'

'Yep, knew it was too freaking good to be true.' Dean snarled.

'Wait Dean he really thinks we won this contest?'


'We have to get going Dean, someone's behind this.' Sam said grabbing his still packed duffel bag.

'Wait, Sammy think about it.' Dean said staying where he was, 'we don't know who set this up right.'

'Yeah but Dean ...'

'It might be the only way to find out and get the upper hand for a change.' Dean said a sly smile spreading across his face.

'I dunno Dean.'

'Hey Dad was the one who recommended we stay here and wait for him to contact us.'

'Yeah but Dad wouldn't be involved in this.'

'Nope but we might be able to track down the ones who are and who obviously want the three of us here.'

'You think Dad's gonna show?'

'Not sure, hey Sammy ... Sammy what is it?' Dean jumped up just as Sam's knees buckled and he fell heavily on them, his face in his hands, low guttural moans came from deep within him.

'Dean?' he whispered as he pitched forward into Dean's open arms, 'ah hurts Dean.'

'Sammy? Hey stay with me dude.'

'Kids, four ... kids ... no older ... they ... they are ... the demon.' Sam tried to ground out the information as the pain exploded in his mind. Trembling limbs and sweaty faced he collapsed unconsciously listing to his right.

'Okay Sam no time for sleeping wake up now dude.' Dean prompted Sam, tapping him gently on the cheek, 'Sammy come on don't do this to me.'

'Dean?' Sam's voice startled him, the long tortuous seconds of silence broken with one word.

'Hey that's it, come on let me see those peepers of yours.' Dean encouraged Sam a little more, 'yep that's it.'

'Dean?' Sam blinked and squinted up at Dean, 'what's wrong?'

'You had a vision?'

'I – I did?' Sam scrubbed at his forehead and tried to remember what happened. 'I remember driving into Lawrence, I remember getting this room and ... and ... nothing.' He blinked and looked up at his brother, 'it's like someone has swept it from my mind. I mean I feel like I had a vision, the headache is there, but nothing.'

'All you said was that there were four kids in trouble, hang on you weren't sure if they were kids.'

'Maybe teenagers?'

'Could be.'

'This is ridiculous Dean, why can't I remember?'

'Not sure dude, maybe it was a false vision or something?'

'Maybe ... man I'm tired.'

'Why don't you go and have your shower, I'll get us some coffee going.'

'You – you're not leaving?'

'Nope I'll be right here.'

'Thanks Dean.' Sam gave him a tremulous smile before he lurched towards the bathroom, blinking furiously he tried to clear his mind.

Dean watched Sam struggle to reach the bathroom before sitting down on the end of his bed and sighed heavily, running his fingers through his dark blonde hair, a weird feeling started to fester deep in his stomach. Something was so wrong about the whole gig.

First the mysterious job here in Lawrence, then the so-called competition that neither had entered but both brothers won, free accommodation in a motel that was nicer than anything that they had stayed in for quiet a while. In fact Dean couldn't remember exactly when they were able to stay in such a nice place, and never for free before.

'Dean!' Sam's scream shattered Dean's morbid reverie and bounding up without another thought and bursting into the bathroom.

'Sammy?' He called out the steam too thick and heavy to be normal, 'Sammy where are you?'

'Dean?' Sam's terrified whisper came from the furtherest corner of the bathroom, feeling more than seeing his way Dean slowly made his way over to Sam. He found him hunched over in the corner next to the basin, damp from steam he wore only a thin towel slung around his narrow hips. He hugged his arms tight around his chest and shivered uncontrollably.

'Sammy what is it?'

'Dean?' Sam whispered, 'make it go away please.'

'Make what go away Sammy? You're not making any sense dude.'

'Make the mist go away.' Came Sam's reply lifting his face slightly he met Dean's concerned gaze with his own fear-filled one. 'please make it leave me.'

'Sammy what's going on?' Dean asked cupping Sam's face in his hands he made his younger brother to look directly at him, but after their gazes met Sam's eyes rolled in his eyes and he stared at the mist in horror. 'Talk to me Sammy.'

'It wants me,' Sam whispered suddenly he shot his hands out and gripped Dean's arms tightly, 'it wants me and I don't want to go.'

'Dude you're not going anywhere.'

'No choice ... too strong ... so tired ... save the kids Dean.' Sam muttered so softly that Dean had to lean forward to hear him.

'Stay with me Sammy,' Dean said a little sharper than he had intended, 'come on Sam you're starting to freak me out here.'

'Please leave me alone,' he groaned twisting his long fingers in his hair and starting to rock himself Sam tried to push himself further into the corner, 'so tired, so very tired.'

'Sammy we're gonna get outta here, just need you to stand up.'

'No, no too late ... it won't let us leave Dean.' Sam slurred slightly, reminding Dean of what he was like when he had found Sam drunk, and was accused of being short and bossy.

'Yep it will Sammy, I'll make sure it will let us leave.'

'Why me Dean?' Sam asked his large luminous green eyes fixed on Dean's face, filled with tears as he waited for an answer, 'why me?'

'What's going on Sammy?' Dean asked his frown deepening, he could feel Sam's frantic pulse under his fingertips. 'You have to calm down Sam.'

'They're here, they're all coming back.'

'Who Sam?'

'The mist it's all of them, they want us here, they want me.'

'You're not making any sense Dude.' Dean muttered as he managed to get Sam to a semi-erect stance.

'The mist is them, all of them, the ones we hunted.' Sam straightened and looked down at Dean, resting his large hands on his brother's shoulders, 'They're back, and they are pissed.'