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'Psychic what are you doing here?' Judas hissed detecting Missouri's presence in the tunnels.

Missouri ignored him and placed her hands on each side of Dean's face, forcing him to look up at her. She felt the invisible tormentors buzzing around them, attacking Dean from all sides, not physically but directly to his mind, the assault left him senseless and unable to think. Closing her eyes Missouri forced herself to relax and direct her energies to Dean helping him fight the onslaught.

Judas hissed as he felt the calming effects of Missouri's power descend on his children, flying into a rage the man launched himself towards the tunnel determined to stop the woman before she could ruin everything. Howling he felt the goodness and calmness flooding from her, his foot touching the ring of water surrounding the two interlopers and screeched in pain. 'No! No! No!' he flew at her but the protection she threw at him sent him flying down the tunnel away from the chamber.

'Dean boy I need you now.' Missouri said finally breaking contact with Dean.

'Missouri?' Dean blinked and stared at her with a bewildered look on his face, 'what?'

'You have to go and get Sam and the other children;' Missouri said 'I am going to take care of that Judas.'

'Sam?' Dean blinked as his mind cleared and he remembered everything, 'oh God Sam!' scrambling up he gave Missouri a last glance and then lurched towards the chamber as the tunnels started to shake, 'ah fuck it's starting!'

Holding onto the chairs as he moved Dean finally made it to Sam's, just then rocks started to breakaway from the cave roof and walls. Working as fast as can with his broken arm Dean managed to get Sam's ropes undone and the gag removed, hating to move away from him Dean moved to Tracey and helped her get lose, 'untie the others.' He yelled above the roar of power pulsating through the tunnels, 'hurry.'

Staggering back to Sam, Dean crouched down and looked at the hollowness of Sam's eyes and the twitching of his nerves, 'dude I need you to get up.' He yelled a large cracking sound made him jump and look up just as a large piece of rock started to crumble above them, swearing Dean managed to pull Sam up and onto the ground, covering his brother with his own body he tried to protect both of them.

Once the dust had settled Dean raised his head and coughed out a mouthful of the dirt and tiny shards of stone. Gingerly he tested his limbs, aside from a burning pain in his back everything else just plain hurt.

'Sammy time to wake up.' He said looking down at his brother's still form and closed eyes beneath him.

'Off me dude.' Sam spluttered pushing weakly against Dean's chest. With a smirk Dean managed to slide off and kneel next to Sam. glancing around he checked the rest of the chamber, two of the young people Judas had held prisoner were still trapped in their chairs, their lifeless eyes staring ahead of them. 'ah damn it.' Dean muttered when he saw them, lives wasted because of something evil wanted it.

'Dean?' Sam moaned 'what's wrong?'

'Nothing, come on dude we have to get going before the rest of the place comes down on our heads.' Dean helped Sam up and then only just caught him as he started to collapse, 'not yet Sammy gotta get you out of here first.'

'Dean don't feel so good.' Sam swallowed hard and leant against his big brother until the dizziness passed.

'One foot in front of the other.' Dean coached him as they slowly made it through the debris towards the tunnel Dean had left Missouri in. 'Missouri?' he yelled loudly as another shudder went through the caves.

'Get your ass into gear boy and don't you cuss at me.' came the reply from the darkness.

'Goddamn psychics.' Dean mumbled as he steadied Sam again, 'you okay there bro?'

'Think so.' Sam answered after a moment. They managed to stagger through the last of the rocks and supporting each other burst into the opening below the hole they fell into originally.

'So okay awkward.' Dean muttered looking up at the hole and then at the people crowded into the only safe alcove there was. 'Man there has to be another entry how did Judas move around down here?'

'Well we can't get through the ... ah ... through the chamber ... argh again.' Sam said wincing with the sudden sharp pain coursing through his head.

'Sammy, what is it?' Dean asked turning to stare up at Sam's face as he screwed it up in pain, 'ah damn it Sammy not now.'

'Dean, argh ... my head.' Sam's face paled even more as he collapsed against Dean sending both of them falling to the floor.

The sky was black and stormy, lightening the only source of light in the area. The graves all opened and the dead walked free. An unholy scream came from the church and then black-winged creatures filled the night sky.

The survivors stood around in disbelief as ash rained down and the air filled with the stench of sulphur. Sam could see the faces so clearly, he reached out to touch one only to have them disappear into a pile of dust.

'Devil Spawn!' the crowd turned on him, 'he's the one.'

'Kill him.' Rough hands grappled with him and overpowered him easily, dragging him beaten and bleeding to the stairs leading towards hell.

'Sam!' he could hear Dean screaming his name, the heat of the inferno burnt and licked at his back and legs. Dean pushed his way through the mob reaching Sam just as someone plunged a knife into Sam's heart and pushed him down the stairs, all he could hear was Dean screaming his name.

Sam went limp leaning against Dean, tearfully he stared down at Sam's face and then turned to look at Missouri, 'what the hell just happened?'

'I – I don't know but we have to get out of here now.' Missouri stammered she only got a glimpse of the hell Sam had seen and it shocked her through to her inner being.

'Sam? Sam please dude open those eyes for me.' Dean pleaded ignoring the others standing around staring at them.

'Get the hell away from us.' He screamed as they all moved closer, 'get going, get out of here.'

'Dean boy look at me.' Missouri tried but Dean was too lost in his grief.

'Go Missouri follow the air, that soft draught follow it, it should take you outside.'

'What about you and Sam?'

'As soon as I can get him to wake up, we'll follow.' Dean said dismissing her with a wave, 'I want you to go now.'

'Dean please you're in no shape yourself to help Sam.' Tracey offered to help but Dean pushed her away as well. 'Get out of here now!' he bellowed glaring at the two women.

Sighing heavily Missouri regarded the eldest Winchester son for a second longer and then ushered the others into the darkness following the air draughts. Dean looked back down at Sam and ran his hand over Sam's face. 'Come on dude come back to me we have to get outta here and I can't do it on my own.' Dean said wanting to add won't do it on my own but left that part hanging unsaid but still there.

'D-Dean?' Sam blinked and tried to pull himself back from wherever he was, 'Dean help.'

'I'm right here dude I'm right here.' Dean whispered almost hysterical with relief 'but bro if we don't get going we're gonna stay here for good.'

'Dean ... I – I saw Armageddon.' Sam stammered, 'then the mob turned on me and, and called me devil's spawn.' Sam lifted his tear-filled eyes and stared into Dean's own wet ones, 'someone stabbed me with a knife and threw me into the hell pit just as you got there. I – I died before I could reach you.'

'Sam, Sam look at me, I'm here and I'm staying right next to you. We're joined at the hip you and I.'

'Where, where's Judas?'

'Fuck I forgot to ask, Missouri was taking care of him.'

'The others? Tracey?'

'All safe.' Dean said, silently sending up a prayer for the souls of the two that didn't make it. 'Now as much as I love this chick flick moment this place is gonna come down on top of us if we don't get our arses going.'

'Kay, just need a second.' Sam mumbled nursing his damaged arm Sam climbed to his knees and then took in his brother's appearance. 'Dean you look terrible dude.'

'Yeah well you aint no oil painting either.' He grinned as they managed to stand and to put one-step in front of the other supporting each other as they slowly followed the same track as the others.

Coughing roughly Sam sagged against the wall and tried to take his weight from Dean's shoulders. He could feel the tightening of his chest as he heaved for each breath and it was taking a toll on both of them. 'Go Dean, I'll be fine, go and make sure that the others are okay.'

'No, aint gonna happen Sammy so just drop it.' Dean said even avoiding the kicked puppy look Sam had down pat, keeping his gaze fixed ahead; he waited for his brother to regain his breath and then they kept stumbling into the darkness.

The mists hovered in the background, lower to the ground than normal it obviously was losing its power without Judas but it was still viable. When the two humans left the mists searched for their source, finding his body trapped under a rock broken but still alive. Slowly it descended over the boulder disintegrating it before the mists started to morph into shape, and draped itself over the fallen body of Judas.


Missouri watched the cave entrance fretfully; even as hurt as the boys were they should have made it out by now. 'I'm going to find them.' She stated when she felt a hand on her arm, 'let me go girl.'

'No Missouri Dean will get them out, I can feel them.' Tracey said with a small smile her head felt clearer than it has in a long time.

'Where are those other children?' Missouri asked glancing around them for the first time.

'They all ran, can't blame them as soon as we got outside and into the sunshine they seemed to regain their ... oh I dunno what but they had enough in them to get out of here.'

'I can understand that, you look much better honey-chil.'

'So do you.' Tracey said smiling, 'they're coming.' The two women turned back to the cave entrance just as two very dusty and bloodied figures staggered out into the fresh air.

'Missouri?' Dean gasped as he and Sam both collapsed as they stopped their forward momentum. Unconscious Sam's head lolled sideways, his breathing slow but sure blood and dust seeped together from the puncture wound in his arm and the bruises on his face stood out under the dust.

'Help us.' Dean croaked as he finally gave in to the pain and passed out next to his brother, face down in the dirt his fingers crawled over to make contact with Sam as the darkness swamped him completely.

'Oh my ... Missouri look at Dean's back.' Tracey exclaimed pointing to the shard of rock protruding from Dean's lower back.

'Damn it all Dean boy.' Missouri cussed on her breath, 'Tracey child, I'm in no condition to drive and these two well these two boys need to rest even if they were conscious ... take my car and get an ambulance for them and maybe one for me too?'

'What about their car?' Tracey asked staring over at the impala as it glinted in the sun.

'One thing at a time girly now go we need to get them to a hospital as soon as possible.'


'Excuse me Ma'am I was wondering if I could get some information about the two young men who came in with you.' A young nurse smiled down at the psychic, 'they had no id on them.'

'Dean is the older one, and Sam is his brother he's the really tall one.' Missouri said with a small smile, 'they're, they're my foster sons Dean and Sam Mosley.'

'Very good Mrs Mosley.'

'Missouri please, girl you need to get out of here once in a while, there's that nice boy living right next door who...'

'Missouri,' Tracey chided her mentor softly, smiling at the perplexed nurse, 'any word on Sam and Dean?'

'No, no one's telling me anything, they just keep asking.' Missouri sighed angrily.

'Mrs Mosley? You're the foster mother of Dean and Sam?' A doctor headed over to the two women with an expectant look on his face.

'Yes, yes how are my boys?'

'Dean's still in surgery.' The doctor started reading from the first folder he carried, 'to repair the damage to his lower back, thankfully the rock did not get lodged in his spine. His arm will also be reset during surgery and a shunt will be placed to release the fluid build up in his shoulder joint, if needed they will have to place a steel pin in the bones. His other injuries, bruised ribs and two cracked ones will settle with time, his concussion was only mild and the rest of his cuts and abrasions after cleaning were not that bad. Now Samuel.'

'Oh God.' Missouri wailed still fixed on the fact that Dean was in surgery.

'Mrs Mosley?'

'Missouri.' She replied absently. 'What about Sam?'

'He is in recovery after surgery to repair the ... the damage to his wrist, the tendons were severed completely and what we call a greenstick fracture of his radius bone.' The doctor took a deep breath and waited for the news to sink in.

'What is a greenstick fracture?' Tracey asked finally.

'Where the bone cracks on one side only, not all of the way through as in Sam's case it was the impact of the blade hitting the bone without breaking it.'

'What aren't you telling us?'

'Whatever drugs Sam was injected with, it virtually brought him back from the dead but it had catastrophic results on his system, his major organs started to shut down, he was lucky that you got him here when you did he would have died within hours if you hadn't.'

'Is he?'

'He should make a complete recovery barring complications as with Dean he did sustain several non-threatening injuries including bruised ribs, cuts and bruises. His left ankle had to be strapped; it was severely sprained but no fractures.'

'When, when can we see them?'

'Well Sam will be back in their room shortly, Dean should be just about out of surgery and will be there in a couple of hours.'

'Thanks Doctor, for everything.'

'We can only hope that the police catch the madman who did this; we have a few of his victims other than your foster sons here. Two others have the same drugs as Sam in their systems.'

'Oh dear, those poor children.' Missouri sighed feeling their pain literally.


Missouri sat between the two brothers, trying to mediate their latest argument drawn strictly from their boredom.

'Dean you stop your cussing and Sam you pout and I swear that I will find my spoon and bring it in with me.'

'Missouri.' Both whined at the sametime.

'Bitch.' Dean shot at Sam, as he tried to itch his casted arm once again.

'Jerk.' Sam replied picking at his own cast.

'Yeah well at least I have the hottest nurses looking after me.' Dean grinned cocking his eyebrow at his brother daring him to argue.

'Yeah well at least my nurses have IQs higher than their shoe size.' Sam sniped back.

'Bite me.'

'Won't dunno what I'll catch.'

'Boys!' Missouri exclaimed as she saw Tracey arrive with a young man in tow, 'Tracey am I so glad to see you.'

'These two giving you a headache?' Tracey smiled warmly at the three people occupying the room.

'More than just a headache honey chil, Rory how nice to see you.' She greeted Tracey's boyfriend.

'Hey Missouri.' Rory grinned and then went straight to Dean's side, 'hey dude thought you might like some reading matter.' He said winking conspiratorially.

'Yeah right as if it even has words.' Sam scoffed looking at the novel Tracey gave him, 'thanks Trace.'

'Ha if only you knew.' Dean shot back holding the vintage car magazine up for Sam to see.



Rory and Tracey both looked at the brothers and then at Missouri, 'don't ask.' She sighed levering herself up.

'Ah Missouri I'm sorry you don't have to leave.' Sam said immediately contrite, 'we're sorry aren't we Dean.'

'Yeah whatever dude.' Dean mumbled.

'Oh I'll be back don't worry.' Missouri threatened them happily, 'Tracey and Rory are taking me out to celebrate.'

'Celebrate what?'

'We're engaged.' Tracey said blushing prettily.

'After what happened, I am never gonna take Tracey for granted again.'

'That's great guys.' Sam said smiling happily at the young couple.

'Yeah it is. Honestly great.' Dean enthused, 'you're a lucky man.'

'Yeah and doesn't he know it.' Tracey giggled, 'bye guys I'll come by when to say goodbye when you get booted out of here.'

Sam watched them leave and then turned to stare out the window, Dean glanced over at his brother and started to read the depressive shadow hanging over his brother, painfully he pulled himself up and out, gingerly making his way over to Sam's bed, gratefully he dropped himself into the chair and stared at Sam. 'So what's going on in Sammy's head today?'

'Thought you had reading to do.'

'Nope, been there got a headache so thought I would try and ... ah hell Sam I'm going stir crazy here.'

'You and me both, I am happy for them dude really.' Sam said though his face belied his true feelings. 'I just wanna get away from all the happiness and wallow in my misery with you for a while.'

'Gee thanks dude. But I understand Sammy, weird but true, how bout we bust outta here?'

'Ah Dean little problem, let's see where to start, oh yeah, you have had surgery on your back, got a pin in your arm and just had your shunt removed, I can't walk on my ankle properly, I had a huge whole cut into my arm and organ shutdown but hey let's just stroll outta here.'

'Leave it to me oh ye of little faith.' Dean winked standing up he waited until he could balance and then much to Sam's dismay disappeared outside, grumbling under his breath Sam pulled himself up and sat on the edge of the bed dangling his feet he felt the sudden and harsh pain flair in his ankle.

'Your wheels.' Dean grinned flourishing his hand over a wheelchair.


'Come on dude jump in.' Dean grinned mischievously.

'We haven't got any clothes except these.' Sam waved a hand over their hospital garb.

'Problem solved dude, the impala is downstairs packed with all of our stuff courtesy of Rory, now you ready to bust this joint or want Nurse Ratchet to give you another bed bath?'

Sam visibly shivered at the thought of his last bed bath with an elderly nurse who should have been retired not washing twenty-three year old men. 'Okay.' He hopped to the wheelchair and bristled even more when Dean tucked a blanket around his knees. 'Ah genius what are you going to push me with?' Sam asked glancing over at his shoulder he watched Dean fiddling at the back.

'All taken care of dude.' Dean patted his shoulder reassuringly and then took off smiling sweetly at the staff as they headed towards the balcony for some fresh air. Then when no one was around they ducked down to lifts and waited impatiently for the carpark level. 'Dude there she is ... oh baby is it good to see you.'

'Ah Dean help here.' Sam called as Dean hurried as fast as he could over to the impala and ran his hand over the shining black surface.

'Huh? Oh sorry Sammy.' He grinned and went back to wheel Sam to the car, 'ya think we need to bust the wheelchair as well?'

'No, no I'll be fine, we just need somewhere to hole up and get better.' Sam sighed at the maniacal grin on Dean's face, 'dude what drugs are you on? Maybe I should drive?'

'Don't you blaspheme ... I'm fine and I'm driving!'

'Dude chill.'

'Shut it shotgun.' Dean grinned as the impala roared to life under his hands and they pulled out of the hospital carpark. 'So where to Sammy?'

'Anywhere but Lawrence Kansas.' Sam sighed, rubbing at his eyes wearily.

'Sammy? Sam you okay?' Dean asked watching Sam wince and rest his head back against the seat. 'I can turn around and go back to the hospital.'

'No, no Dean please I'll be fine just a headache that's all.' Sam sighed opening his eyes he watched Dean drive for a few minutes. The look of unadulterated happiness on his face as he handled his 'baby' with precision through the town and out onto the open road. 'Feels good.'

'What does dude?'

'Back in the car, ya know there was a point there...'

'Yeah I know me too dude.'

'Dean my vision ... do you think?'


'Do you think that it means that we were ... we didn't stop it in time?'

'Dunno Sammy but I know one thing.'

'What's that?' Sam asked smothering a yawn, Dean amazed him with his power to delve into spare energy reserves when he drove while all Sam wants to do is sleep.

'That the freaking devil dude doesn't know what he is in for if he comes up against us, the Winchesters.'

'Yeah we kick ass.' Sam chuckled, as sleep claimed him.

Dean glanced over at Sam with a small smile when he saw his younger brother's face smooth out in the peace of sleep. 'Damn it Sammy when are they gonna leave you alone?' he muttered softly as he turned on some music and floored the accelerator eager himself to leave Kansas behind them as well.