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The mirror was silver, and inlaid with jewels. Mitzi smiled as she picked it up. "I knew if

pestered Daddy long enough, he'd let me get this mirror." She flopped down on her bed looked in the mirror. "The jewels on it are pretty." She touched the inlaid gems, and was suddenly sucked into a portal!

Mitzi rubbed her head as she stood up. The hill where the portal had dumped her overlooked a city. "I guess I'll see if someone there has any answers about what just happened." And with that she headed towards the city.

Mitzi walked through the city in a state of shock. Flying cars, floating signs. But she was about to be more shocked. Mitzi looked up and was shocked to see Bloom in her fairy outfit-using her wings to fly. Bloom was shooting blasts of power at a white-haired woman who was flying without wings. All of Bloom's friends were there too. Flapping their wings to fly, and fighting two other girls who were flying without wings. Apparently the three girls who were flying without wings had been defeated, for they were flying away from the…fairies? So Bloom was a fairy? This was incredible.

Just then Bloom looked down and saw Mitzi. A look of horror spread across Bloom's face as she recognized Mitzi. Abruptly Mitzi turned and walked away.

Unknown to Mitzi or Bloom, a red-haired fairy named Mirta had seen the whole incident.


Mitzi walked into the Hex Café, bought a latte, and sat down at a table. "I don't believe it" she muttered. "Bloom has magical powers." She spat the words out. Powers, friends and a hot outfit to boot. "Hey." A voice made Mitzi look up. It was the white-haired girl Bloom had fought earlier. "You're sitting at our table" she told Mitzi. Behind her were her two friends. "Make me leave." Mitzi told her. "Fine." The white-haired girl shot a blast of power at Mitzi. Mitzi held up her hand and accidentally shot one back. It hit the girl, knocking her to the floor. "Not bad for an amateur" the brown-haired girl smirked as the white-haired one picked herself up of the floor. "You're the girls I saw fighting Bloom and her friends earlier. Who are you?" Mitzi asked. "I'm Icy." The white-haired girl introduced herself. "This is Darcy and Stormy. What's your name and how do you know Bloom?" Icy demanded. "I'm Mitzi and I've known bloom since she was on Earth. I can't believe she has magical powers." Mitzi said bitterly. Icy smiled. "Would you like to even the score?"

To Be Continued...

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