-1Five Things the Doctor Wants

By Panny

He wants to say that he wouldn't change aything but thats just not true. He can't help thinking of all the times he lost track of her. Times when she was lost or hurt because he didn't do enough or, even worse, because of what he'd done. When she trusted him and he couldn't live up to her faith.

He wants to say that he can't get on without her but he does. He still goes on, day after day, hopping from one place in time to another. Each adventure leads into the next and he's always moving.

He wants to say he wouldn't have missed it for the world but given the chance, he's not so sure. Some things are worth the heartbreak that follows, but not if your life is nearly eternal.

He wants to say he can never replace her but the truth is he has several times. Never the same, and never quite as close, but there are others just the same. They came before her and they came after her, it's just the way it is.

He wants to say he loved her, but he lost the chance a long time ago.