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Kagome's Lonely Journey

Chapter 1

Kagome looked over the dry battle field tears streaming down her dirt covered cheeks.

Naraku had finally been defeated but a terrible cost there only a few feet from where she kneeled lay her slain friends.

Inuyasha's lifeless body laid sprawled over the cold dirt covered ground he had given his life in the horrible battle for the woman who laid but inches away from him.

Kikyo lay by his side shortly following him into the afterlife after his ultimate sacrifice.

Sango lay by her dear brother the siblings had finally died together Sango unable to kill Kohaku when he attacked her had been slain. Naraku had no further use for Kohaku after that ending his life shortly after.

Miroku had been slain by Naraku's insects taking in a huge amount of the poison his body unable to handle the strain of toxins.

Shippo and Kilala had been killed by the horrible miasma of this land there small bodies curled up against one another.

Kagome was alone she felt broken her sprit shattered, she tightened her cut and bruised hands into a fist only to remember what lay in her grasp.

She extended her hand upward as she looked into her palm.

There the Shikon jewel lay whole once again Kagome looked down into the crystal pink aura that lay around it.

She knew at once what she must do she would bring everyone back.

Kagome clasped down on the jewel with a firm grip she shut her eyes as she began to pray.

Kagome's body lifted from the ground below as swirling pink and purple aura engulfed her body. "Shikon Jewel hear my wish!" Kagome's frail voice echoed over the dry land.

The jewel glowed brighter then ever before as Kagome prayed harder.

"Don't Do It!" Kagome flinched as she heard a strange voice yell to her still she did not open her eyes.

"W-Who are you?" Kagome asked.

The voice did not answer her question but spoke none the less "Do you want your friends to live again to be happy and love once more?" The voice asked in a calm voice.

"Of course!" Kagome replied tighten her grip on the jewel feeling the aura swirl even harder.

"Then do not wish them alive. Wish that there past had never accorded."

Kagome flinched "I don't understand"

"Give Inuyasha back to Kikyo, Give Sango back her brother, Miroku and Shippo there fathers!"

"I still don't understand how can I do that?" Kagome asked her voice rising in confusion.

"Wish that Naraku had died 50 years ago let Inuyasha and Kikyo love once more! Do so and Sango would have never lost her family. Miroku never received the wind tunnel. Shippo never lost his dear father" The voice replied sternly

Kagome flinched "I-I can't If I do then I would have never met any of them!"

"You don't belong in this world! You were never to love Inuyasha never to befriend Sango Miroku and Shippo. If you wish your friends back they will never be happy. Are you so selfish to deny them all peace?"

She frantically shook her head "No b-but I love them!" Kagome cried out.

"Then let them go let them have peace in there own past" Kagome felt more and more tears roll down her cheeks face how could she let them go?

Then against her will images began to flood her mind Sango playing laughing with Kohaku, her father and friends watching and laughing at there child like antics.

Miroku smiling and laughing with his dear father as they watched woman dance and drink rice wine.

Shippo asleep in the warm loving arms of his father as he slowly rocked him.

Inuyasha with Kikyo kissing holding one another close he looked so peaceful.

"Inuyasha" Kagome cried.

"Give them peace!" Kagome cried even harder "I love you all so much...please be happy" Kagome could not stand it any longer as she tightened her grip on the jewel. "I will always love you… Inuyasha"

The swirling pink aura began to fade Kagome's head spinning her mind and body so numb. She felt the Shikon jewel slip from her grasp as it and everything else faded away into blackness.

Warm summer rays shined over the area the bright streams of light coming to rest over the face of the sleeping priestess.

Kagome's eyes slowly drifted open as her eyes blurry at first but soon cleared to reveal very known surroundings before her.

She was home in her room lying on her bed "I-I'm home?"

Kagome quickly sat up to see she was wearing her pink night cloths her mother had bought her for her birthday.

"Was that all a dream?" Kagome quickly got to her feet she had to know was it real?

She quickly opened her door as she bolted down the stairs. She came into the kitchen to see her mother making breakfast and her grandpa reading the news paper.

She diverted her attention to someone coming closer to her "Good morning sis" Kagome looked down to see Souta eating a slice of toast.

"S-Souta?" Kagome asked.

Kagome quickly bent down to her knees getting down to eye level with her younger brother.

"Souta what day is it?" Souta looked at his sister in confusion "You don't know? Kagome it's your birthday!"

Kagome flinched "M-My birthday?"

"Yes don't you remember you have been bragging about it all week" Kagome looked at her brother in horror.

"Souta? Inuyasha do you remember Inuyasha?" Kagome asked looking deep into her brother eyes fearing the answer.

"Inuyasha? Who is that?" Kagome's nightmare was real.

"No" Kagome shook her head she did not give Souta a second glance.

She jumped to her feet running for the door as fast as she could she grabbed the handle slinging it opened.

As she ran straight for the bone eater's well shrine.

Kagome heard her mother and grandpa calling after her, but she did not stop for a moment.

She had to know was it real she ran across the stone ground hearing her bare feet pound against the rock.

She made it to the door of the shrine in one swift motion pulling the doors apart the dark room before her flooding with light as she did so.

She froze not daring to move a muscle as she stared at the horror before her. "T-The well?" Her voice was barley above a whisper she looked down in absolute horror at the well seeing that it was covered by seals and a wooded top.

"I-it was real… all of it?" Kagome whispered as she felt her heart break all over again.

"Inuyasha he doesn't even know I exist…" Kagome could feel fresh tears forming in her eyes.

"Kagome are you alright?" Kagome flinched at the sound of her mother's voice.

"Kagome you should have not ran outside with out any shoes you could catch a cold. Come on let's go back to the house I made your favorite." Kagome's mother walked behind her as she placed a hand on her daughters shoulder.

Kagome looked up at her mother trying so hard to put on a normal face but she did not have the strength to speak.

Kagome felt her mother put her arm around her shoulder as she lead her up the shrine stairs.

Closing the shrine doors behind her sealing the room back into the darkness.

"Kagome Eri is on the phone!" Mrs. Higurashi called up to her daughter's room.

Kagome slowly came into view coming down the stairs to the phone dressed in her school uniform as always.

Kagome made her way to her mother's side as she took the phone from her. "Hello, hi Eri …uh actually I-I have plans…yea I'm sorry maybe some other time…okay bye" Kagome hung up the phone.

Kagome walked over to the door as she began slipping on her shoes.

Mrs. Higurashi let out a heavy sigh "Kagome I am beginning to worry you haven't been out with your friends in months. What has been troubling you so much lately? You haven't been the same since your birthday."

Kagome froze in place, she wanted to deny her mothers accusation but she knew it would be a lie.

She knew she had not been herself how could she be after everything she had went through. It was true the last few months she had been nothing more than a zombie. Going to school was her only activity and even there she tried to avoid any situation where she had to seem happy.

Her friends had begun calling her less and less she didn't blame them seeing as every time they did she would lie and say she was busy.

Slowly Kagome turned to face her mother a forced smile on her face "I know I will call Eri back later and see if she wants to catch a movie" She lied.

Mrs. Higurashi only gave another sigh "Alright well have a good day dear"

Kagome turned back to the door grabbing her backpack slinging it over her shoulder then she pulled the screen open then with a few steps she was gone.
Kagome walked from her house to the Higurashi shrine steps looking over the large city of Tokyo.

She took a deep breath preparing herself for another long day she knew she would have to make up another lie once she returned home to tell her mother. Something like Eri came down with the flu or she had a last minute emergency.

"Kagome! Kagome! Come quick!"

Kagome snapped out of her thoughts she turned to see who had called out for her only to see her brother running towards her "Souta? What is it?"

Souta took a few deep breaths coming to a stop beside her "Th-The Shrine some one trashed the well!" Souta said in between breaths

"What!" Kagome asked her voice high with surprise.

"Souta go get Grandpa and Mom" Kagome ordered letting her backpack slip from her shoulder to the ground.

Quickly she ran past her brother in the direction of the well.

Once she reached the heavy wooden doors she slid the apart letting the light of day flood the room once more.

She slowly went down the creaking stairs till the well was only a few feet in front of her.

It was just like Souta had said the lid to the well lay on the ground splintered into pieces the seals once covering the top shredded over the ground.

Something had shattered the cover of the well and made quick work of anything else in its way.

Kagome gulped a very eerie feeling crawling up her neck.

Slowly she steep forward until she was at the rim of the well, she carefully bent over staring down into the darkness only seeing the stone walls not the bottom.

"What did this?" Kagome thought.

Then in the shadows of the shrine a figure moved forward coming closer and closer to the unsuspecting girl before it.

Kagome felt the chill in the air get worse as she heard the light tap of footsteps growing closer to her.

She spun around a scream welling up in her throat, but she was to late before she could face the figure behind her it reached out pushing against her sedning her falling into the darkness of the well.

Kagome let out and ear piercing scream as the light faded around her turning to black.

Then in a flash of light the darkness retreated giving way to bright swirls of color bright flashes of purple and blue swirled around her. Her frail body falling deeper and deeper into the ocean of colors letting them consume her.

Suddenly Kagome felt herself softly land on solid ground once more. The firm ground pressed into her back as the sky above her faded from dark wood to crystal blue sky and soft white clouds.

Kagome lay motionless her body lay on the warm ground her hair fanned out around her.

Slowly falling out of trance the well had caused she sat up. "Mom! Grandpa! Can you hear me?" Kagome called up.

No reply, Kagome quickly got to her feet as she grabbed hold of the vines that lined the wall.

As she placed her foot on the solid stone lifting her weight as she began to climb the wells steep walls.

When Kagome reached the top she grabbed hold of the wells outer side as she pulled herself half way out of the well.

She quickly pushed herself harder over the edge only to lose her balance and fall out.

"Oww!" Kagome exclaimed trying to find her balance, slowly sat back up placing her back against the outer wall of the well.

Only then did she notice her soundings Kagome's eyes widen at the sight "I-Its cant be…" Kagome thought out loud.

Slowly she got to her feet looking in the direction of Keade's village "I'm back?" She muttered out "Then that means...Inuyasha" Kagome took a few steps forward.

"I-I could see him again" She froze what would she do if she saw him?

For the first time in what felt like a life time a she felt an emotion steer within her, hope.

It had been so long since she could even bring herself to think of Inuyasha without bursting into tears, and now this was her chance to see him actually see him in front of her.

Kagome could feel goosbumps running up her arms at the idea of Inuyasha within arms reach of her.

She did not fight the urge any longer as she ran into the forest surrounding her, she had to do this she had to see him.

Running through the underbrush Kagome felt as if though she had never left the feudal era. Every bush, rock, and tree were so familiar.

Racing by the thickness of the forest everything began to merge until finally a clearing came into view, a place Kagome knew all to well.

There before her the massive trunk of the sacred tree toward over head.

Kagome felt the hop that had filled her drain away and then replaced with sadness.

The massive tree was bare no sign of any kind of seal every being placed over it.

"So my wish worked…" Kagome's voice was shaky "Inuyasha"

Kagome was on the brink of tears when the tapping of footsteps echoed slightly through the trees.

Kagome quickly jumped into the underbrush out of sight to the person approaching hiding firmly behind one of the surrounding trees.

Kagome felt her heart jump in her chest as the person before her came into view.


There before her Inuyasha stood unchanged his silver hair still long and wild around him. The robe of the fire rat cloaked over him but his neck was bare no sign of the beads that had once plagued him so.

The silver haired half demon was unaware of Kagome's presence as he walked up to the sacred tree looking over its large trunk.

"Wh-What do I do?" Kagome asked mentally, she could not simply charge up to him and declare her love, but then again there was no proof he did not remember her.

Then just the thought of leaving with out saying a word to him seemed like to much to bare she had to speak to him.

Slowly she came out from behind the shelter of the tree.


Kagome froze at the sound of someone else calling Inuyasha's name carefully she quickly hid back behind the tree.

Slowly Inuyasha turned around to see his beloved coming towards him.

Kagome froze "Kikyo?"

The beautiful priestess emerged from the greenery of the forest walking towards the half demon before her.

"Inuyasha why are you out here by yourself?" She asked sweetly coming to a halt before him.

Inuyasha gave a slight smiled before replying "Don't worry I just felt like taking a walk" Kikyo returned the smile "Very well shall we head back?"

"Sure" Inuyasha replied he began to walk past Kikyo only to have her grab his hand playfully.

Inuyasha turned to face her as he smiled down at her before the now embracing couple began sharing a passionate kiss.

Kagome felt her heart shatter in two "No"

Her knees began to sway quickly she reached for the bark of the tree to steady herself.

Every emotion she had felt over the last few months came back to her with a vengeance it was like someone had reached into her and scooped out her soul and shattered it right before her eyes.

She couldn't move she didn't even think she had it in her to breathe.

But she knew she could not stay there, she could not bare to see Inuyasha and Kikyo in each others arms.

Using what strength she could slowly she began retreating back into the forest letting the shadows of the trees shroud her in darkness.

Kagome walked for what seemed like forever before she made her way through the forest as they bone eaters well came into sight.

Fresh tears glimmer in the light of the sun she had never felt a pain like this.
Inuyasha was really gone her voice could never reach him again she could never hold him in her arms and speak of love.

He belonged to Kikyo again like he had always wanted, that thought all but crushed her.

Kagome made her way to the well trying to so hard not to fall apart, it was no use.

She felt her legs give way as she crumbled to her knees her arms wrapping around her like a shield trying to block out the thoughts that plagued her.

Unknowingly she began to rock herself as she sobbed streams of tears falling down her cheeks.

"Inuyasha" She cried.

"Well Well what do we have here?"

Kagome felt her body freeze as a very familiar pulse surged through her, danger.

Kagome quickly got to her feet her miko powers shoving her emotions aside for now.

Slowly she turned to where she had heard the voice speak her miko powers surged at the sight.

There before her were a small ground of men, they wore torn armor there bodies were terribly dirty, and they were armed with rusty jagged swords and dull arrows.

"W-Who are you?" Kagome asked trying to keep her powers in check.

"Hey boss look at her cloths they sure are strange" One man standing in the back of the ground called to another in front.

"Ha yeah but I like that little kimono she is wearing" The man in the front replied with a wicked smile looking at Kagome's legs.

Kagome quickly took a few steps back.

"Now now don't think about running away. Its useless so come along peacefully."

Kagome flinched as she watched some of the men grab rope from the inside of there armor.

Kagome saw the well was only a few feet away she could make it or so she hoped.

Kagome felt a bead of sweat fall from her brow's then suddenly she ran with all her might towards the well.

The strange men quickly ran after her Kagome saw them come closer but the well was with in her reach, she could make it.

Then one of the bandits drew there bow an arrow in its line he took aim at Kagome's path then released the arrow.

It struck the ground mere inches in front of her feet, Kagome was to late to avoid it.

She went tumbling forward over the arrow causing her to hit the ground hard as she slid across the grass.

Kagome desperately tried to stand back up only to feel a strong arm wrap around her arm.

She was pulled to her feet by a pair of very ruff hands.

"No! Let me go!" Kagome scream as another man grabbed her hands.

On instinct she sunk her teeth into his hands trying to make him release her.

"Ahh Wench! Release me!" She heard him yell.

He quickly delivered a hard punch across her face Kagome gasped from the impact causing her to released him.

She dug her nails into every thing she could get her hands on thrashing against the group of men around her violently.

"Someone help me!" Kagome cried out

"That's enough wench!" Kagome felt hard rope wrap tightly around her.

Then something hard smacked into the back of her head, instantly her vision began to blur and her body become numb as everything began fading into black "I-Inuyasha…"

Then it was dark.

The moon hung high in the mid night sky shinning its ghostly blue rays across the thick forest surrounding the eastern caves of the wolf demon tribes.

"Don't let here get away!" A wolf demon shouted shattering the silence of the night.

Through the thickness of the forest heavy footsteps rang out.
There rushing past the trees was a young village girl she ran as fast as her legs go muster.

Kouga and his men right on her tail.

"Please some one help me!" The girl cried as the end of the forest drew closer.

To her despair it revealed a tall jagged cliff peak mere feet in front of here.

This girl was a slave bought for no other then Kouga himself she had been plucked from her family in another land.

Then traded to the east now one night while Kouga slept she tried to make her escape but to no prevail the wolfs awoke one another.

As they quickly woke Kouga the girl made a run for it and now this is where she began.

She neared one of the cliffs as she came to a sudden hault as she looked below her.

Nothing but raging river and jagged rocks at the bottom.

The girl quickly turned around at the sound of people she saw no other then the wolf demon men staring at her wickedly.

Among these men Kouga stepped to the front "Well Well all out of places to run?" Kouga smirked a wicked grin.

The girl stepped back only to feel her heel go over the edge.

"Now why don't you just come back or else you want to kill yourself." Kouga extended a hand out to the woman.

"No" The girl exclaimed she turned from Kouga looking over the cliff.

Slowly she turned her head to look over her shoulder giving Kouga a death glare.

"I will be free from you and your bed in the nether world" With that said she placed her foot over the edge falling forward into dark water below.

Kouga watched in no attempt to save the wretched girl.

The girl fell about seventy feet before he heard a large splash as the river washed her body away.

"K-Kouga what do we do now?" One wolf demon asked slowly edging his way towards Kouga.

"Get me another slave" Kouga barked as he turned his back to his men and headed back to his den.

The sun glowed brightly over the eastern sky its bright rays coming to rest on the sleeping form below.

Kagome's eyes tighten with the strain of waking before slowly releasing her eyes drifting open as they did.

Slowly she sat up instantly feeling the sting of what had hit her earlier. Her hand trailed to the back of her head trying to soothe the new knot that had developed.

Once the throbbing subsided she placed her hands to her side feeling a very unfamiliar ground beneath her.

"Wood?" Kagome thought out loud looking down to where her hands met the ground.

The ground she sat upon was indeed wood as were the four walls surrounding her.

Kagome looked to the wall in front of her the wall was wooden but with strategically placed square holes, allowing her view of the outside.

Kagome squinted her eyes trying to focus on what was to be seen as she slowly got to her feet.

There on the outside was a large gated area. It appeared the room Kagome was in was also connected to a large number of other chambers even though they were kept separate.

There in the center of all the other chambers seemed to be a large courtyard. Equipped with a large wooden stage an a podium in the center of it.

But that is not what kept her attention there before the stage were a mass of demons. All huddled together there eyes fixed on the other chambers as well as hers.

Kagome took a step back.

"Where am I?" Kagome thought out loud.

Slowly her mind trailed back to the events that had occurred before she awoke.

They came rushing back, the images of Inuyasha and Kikyo together in the forest then the encounter with the gang of thieves.

Before she had time to slip back into her deep depression of what she had seen prier to being kidnapped, low voices snapped her out of her thoughts.

She turned to the opposite side of the room where she had heard the sounds.

There before her was a small group of villagers huddled together in the far corner all quivering with fear.

"We are all going to die" One whispered

"Look at how many demons there are!" Another cried out

"What is going on?" Kagome thought a bit of fear rising in her as well.

"Someone restrain that wench!" A booming voice echoed from the outside.

Kagome swiftly turned to face who she had just heard.

There visible through the gates were five men in a group trying to restrain something.

Kagome watched with interest wondering what was so strong to hold off five grown men.

Then as if by a gust of hurricane wind the three of the men went flying backwards into the dirt covered ground.

With there fall the figure was reviled of what the men where trying so hard to restrain.

Kagome felt her eyes widen in shock.

"I-Its cant be…" She whispered

The figure before her was no man, it was indeed a woman. A woman Kagome knew all to well.

"Sango!" Kagome cried out.

The demon slayer before her finally became subdued by the men around her. Slamming her hard into the ground pining her wrist before tying them tightly with rope.

Once she was bond one of the men slung her over his shoulder heading towards the cage Kagome was in.

Kagome took a step back as the men opened the cage door wasting no time or edict as they hurled Sango into the wooden room.

Swiftly she hit the ground with a large thud at Kagome's feet.

The men quickly slammed the cage shut as Sango got back to her feet heading towards the door.

"Cowards!" Sango called no fear in her voice.

One man turned as he delivered a hard punch to Sango's face through the bars sending her back to the ground.

Kagome quickly went to the side of her friend as she watched the men walk away from the door.

"Are you alright?" Kagome asked in worry her shock temporarily subsiding.

Sango quickly sat up at the sound of her voice.

"Oh I didn't know there were others in here" Sango replied.

Kagome temporarily regained her earlier surprise "So she does not remember me either…"

Kagome shook the thought from mind returning to the matter at had.

"Here let me help you with that" She smiled calmly walking behind Sango placing her hands over the rope that bond her.

Kagome pulled the rope several time before they came lose allowing Sango's hands to be free.

"Ah much better" Sango said as she rubbed her wrist with her now free hands.

Kagome watched Sango with a small smile on her face it was so good to see an old friend, even if she didn't remember her.

"Umm why are your staring?" Sango asked Kagome snapped out of her thoughts.

"Oh umm... well its just you remind me of an old friend I use to have." Kagome said just a hint of sadness in he voice.

"Oh well I'm Sango" Sango extended her hand out to Kagome.

Kagome shook her hand

"Kagome" She replied.

"Nice to meet you" Sango smiled as she slowly got to her feet eyeing her surroundings.

"So where are we?" Sango asked

Kagome was shaky while replying "I don't know I was taken from my uh village yesterday I think."

"Oh I see" Sango said flatly.

"So how did you get taken away?" Kagome asked.

"My younger brother went wondering outside our village I went to go search for him. But I was captured I was careless I did not expect salve traders to come that close to my village."

"Slave traders?" Kagome asked

"You mean you don't know?" Sango asked Kagome shook her head.

"They are men that are haired by demons to captured village people that wonder to far from there home. Then the villagers are put up for auction and sold to demons."

Kagome felt her heart skip a beat "So you mean we are going to be sold?"

"Unfortunately" Sango said flatly, Kagome was a bit surprised at how unscarred she sounded.

Kagome felt her stomach lurch "What's going to happen once we're sold?" She thought to herself

Before she had time to mummer her thoughts into words she heard the cage door creek open.

Kagome turned to see who was entering, she felt her heart sink at the sight.

"Well are you all ready slaves?"

There before her were several of the slave traders ropes and weapons in there hands, and even wickeder grins.

"Next we have two fresh little vixens plucked from a small village to the north."

Kagome felt her wrist jerk forward with the strain of the rope now firmly tied around her.

Her feet tumbled forward as she was pulled to the center of the large wooden stage that she had seen earlier.

Sango stepped forward after Kagome having no choice as she was sharing the same rope as her.

Once Kagome found her footing she glanced upward, she felt her heart skip a beat at the sight.

There before her was nothing short of an army of demons all staring with wicked grins just for her.

"Yes they are lovely aren't they gentlemen, both are in fine physical condition as you can clearly see. Also we have a wonderful treat for you all today"

The auctioneer pointed a finger at Kagome "Yes gentlemen a fresh virgin for the taking."

Suddenly a roar in the crowd began as each demon began shouting large sums of money.

Kagome's heart had never raced so hard in her life as one particular demon was shouting out the largest some of money his eyes never leaving her.

Everything was happening so fast Kagome was so shocked but just then she heard the most awful words spiraling her back to reality.

"Going once-Going twice…"

Kagome shut her eyes at the fear of the next word.

"Hey hold on!" Kagome's flinched her eyes open wondering if she had suddenly entered a dream.

Suddenly she saw two figures heading towards the stage.

Kagome gasped as the two figures climbed on stage and stood before her.

Suddenly she felt like she was about to faint one familiar face was hard enough to stand but this was shocking.

"Ginta…Hakkaku" Kagome thought

"Well my old friends Ginta and Hakkaku what bring you here?" The auctioneer asked

Ginta looked up at him "Kouga needs a new slave" He replied.

"Kouga!" Kagome almost blurted out in shock

"That's my way out of here" Kagome thought if she could find Kouga and convince him to release her then she would be home free.

After all Kouga was suppose to be in love with her even if he didn't remember her Kagome knew she could sway him into releasing her.

"So tell me how much you want for them" Hakkaku asked the auctioneer.

The auctioneer told them the amount of money.

"Wow kind of pricey don't you think?" Ginta looked at Kagome for a moment.

"Nah we will wait for the next pair. I'm not sure Kouga would like a girl this young" Ginta said flatly giving Hakkaku a 'we're leaving' glance.

"Hold on a minute!" Kagome called out Ginta and Hakkaku surprising stopped in there tracks.

"Kagome what are you doing?" Sango whispered Kagome ignored her

"Aren't you two Ginta and Hakkaku Kouga's right and left hand men? The brave strong worriers who serve under him?" Kagome asked in a flirtatious voice.

"How do you know us?" Hakkaku asked

"Are you kidding you guys are legend around my uh village." Kagome smiled

"Well this girl knows her stuff" Ginta said with a smile

"Oh yes you guys are feared all over the land and your leader Kouga I heard he was one of the strongest demons to ever live!" Kagome smiled trying to sound confident.

"Ha would you look at that she's heard of Kouga" Hakkaku smiled at Ginta as they both gave each other a small nod.

"Alright we will take her, Kouga will love a girl who can boost his ego."

Ginta smiled as he reached inside his armor and fetched a small bag filled with money.

"There you go" Ginta spoke as he tossed the bag to the auctioneer.

"Now we will be off" Hakkaku added one of the men holding Kagome's and Sango's rope handed Ginta the rope.

"Kagome what do you think you are doing?" Sango whispered.

"Don't worry I got a plan" Kagome replied. "Well come on" Ginta said as he took the rope from the men and lead both Kagome and Sango down stairs.

Kagome felt a wave of relief wash over her but still there was a faint bit of warning in the back of her mind.

Yes Ginta and Hakkaku seemed the same but what about Kouga. Would he really be the same overly passionate friend he use to be or would she finally meet his inner wolf time could only tell.

Finally I fixed up this chapter I have been wanting to for a long time but I will hopefully do the same for the rest of the story before I wrap this bad boy up.