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Prologue: This is the End

I don't care anymore. I don't care about him or these feelings that keep churning in my stomach every time I see that cold face. No more. He said wait. And I denied him my consent. I was tired of this old game.

You want to know why?

Because I waited. I waited for a long time. I can't face this anymore. I waited, cared and smiled for him and what did I get from it?

I got stood up.

I had enough. I had enough of waiting for the day when you would tell me if you hated or loved me; to tell me what you felt. But what I hoped was that day was, all I heard was that stupid nickname I wanted to burn. This is it Natsume Hyuuga…I'm never waiting for you ever again. This is the end of it…

Never again am I going to let a man near my heart. Never again am I going to let my heart open to anyone. Never again am I going to let you warm my heart, only to have you smash it with a hammer. Never again am I going to wait for you. Never…

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