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Love and Destiny: Prologue

By: Arenee2006

"Serena Clean your room NOW!"Ilene screamed in an irritated voice.

"Aw mom can't I do it later?" Serena yelled back to her hoping she would let her off easy.

"Serena If you do not get your 18 year old but up her to this trash can you call a room there will be no dessert!!!"

Serena finally agreed with her mother and decided to go."Okay mom I'm coming!!!"

"Wow she didn't have to yell!!!" Serena said as she looked at her messy room. BeepBeep "

Yes! Saved by the communicator!" Serena smiled as she grabbed her communicator off the bed.

"What's up Lita?"

"Serena there is a huge monster down here at the docks."

Serena was shocked by the news. "A monster? I thought all the attacks were over" Serena said with confusion in her eyes.

"I did too but looks like they fooled us, so get down here quickly it's a pretty big one." Lita said tiredly.

"Okay I'm on my way." Serena said as she closed her communicator

1 hour later...

"We can't fight this monster by ourselves!" A wounded Raye said as she was dodging an attack from the slimy red ogre like monster. "

Where is Serena?"

"I don't know where she is Raye I called her and she should've been here by now". Lita said with exasperation in her voice. While getting ready for another attack Lita turned and saw a tired looking Serena coming towards them.

"There she is everybody I see her!" Lita quickly jumped from the monsters reach.

"Quick Serena use your magic!"

Serena nodded and screamed her attack, as the other scouts were looking very upset. The monster finally turned into dust.

"I'm glad that stupid thing is dead! -Wait-why are you guys looking at me like that?" Serena asked all of the scouts curiously.

"Serena how could you be late!!" Raye yelled with fire in her eyes as the other scouts just stared.

"I was-"

Raye quickly cut Serena off. "No excuses what kind of a leader are you?"

Serena looked at Raye with hurt in her eyes but decided to keep trying to explain, "Can you let me talk-"

"Enough of this, Serena the sailor scouts and Tuxedo mask and I have decided that you should take a break from being a scout." Raye said with a little calmness to her voice. (AN: Sorry Raye fans this is just temporary!)

Serena couldn't remain calm anymore she had to tell them what happened.
"You can't do this I was fighting a monster that attacked me on my way here!!How could you expect me to be on time can't you see I am hurt! Someone has to believe me! You believe me don't you Amy? (Silence) Lita? (Silence) Mina? (Silence) I know you have to believe me Neptune and Uranus (silence yet again) Darien M-Muffin do you believe me?"

"Serena,.." Darien said softly "maybe you should just accept the fact-"

"I can't believe you all could betray me!! I thought you were my friends and Darien I thought you were my true love but I guess I was wrong"

Serena turned her back to them and tried not to cry "Well if that's the way you want it I'll leave"

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