Hey everyone welcome to another chapter

Hey everyone welcome to another chapter! Sorry it took so long to update but I am a nursing major and I also work two jobs. So I have been extra busy but I will try to update more. Please REVIEW!

As Serena walked in a daze she saw two dark haired girls run past her in a hurry. As if on cue Tara and Nicole looked back at her and grabbed her and they continued their run to class.

"I'm happy we all at least have one class together." Tara said as she was trying to catch her breath.

"I am to but does it have to be so early?" Nikki Yawned with every word she said.

"It's an elective Nik 'The Art of Dance' Come on it can't be that hard. Right Sere?" Tara looked at Serena with concern. "Sere? Hello? Anybody home?"

"What? Oh Sorry Tay I was kinda spaced out. What did you say?"

"It's not important girl we're here now even though we are extra late."

As the three women walked into the spacious classroom late, all eyes were on them (AN: Don't you hate when that happens?)

"What are they looking at? Do they want me to do a damn runway walk?" Nikki glared at all the students evilly.

"Aww is little Nikki grouchy cause she's sleepy? Do you need some milk?" Tara showed fake concern while laughing at her.

"Tara I swear I am gonna-"

Serena laughed quietly to herself, Tara and Nikki really reminded her of the way she used to argue with Rei.

"You two are so silly, let's take a seat in the back."

Just as the three of them took a seat, a petite dark woman with fair skin and dark curly hair walked into the room.

"Good morning everyone I am your professor Mrs. Alana Maxwell. It is nice to meet you all. I will first start off by telling you a little bit about me and the expectations of this class. You all should already know that this class is called 'The Art of Dance' so you will be studying the history of the different dance styles-"

Several groans and moans and were heard throughout the room.

Mrs. Maxwell cleared her throat. "However, you all will also be dancing, so from this day forward class will be held in the dance studio down the hall. So please come prepared in the appropriate dance attire…"

"Who in the hell wants to dance at eight in the morning?"

"Shh Nikki she might hear you!" Tara threw a paper ball at her to shut her up.

"So students why don't we go around the room and you all can tell me a little bit about yourselves, like where you are from and your major. Why don't we start with the chatterboxes in the back of the room?"

Tara and Nicole blushed with embarrassment.

"Okay um I'll start my name is Tara and I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia but my family moved to Los Angeles a few years ago because of business. My major is Fashion Design."

"I guess I will go next my name is Nicole I was born in Brazil but my family moved to Los Angeles when I was three. My major is Mass Communications with a focus in journalism."

"Nice to meet you Tara and Nicole, Who's next? How about the young lady beside Nicole?"

Serena gulped nervously she hated all these eyes on her she was beginning to feel sick.

"Umm I- My Name is Serena I'm from Tokyo, Japan-"

Serena couldn't finish, she felt the sudden urge to throw up. Without another word she ran out of the class to the nearest restroom.


Things were getting so hard for Darien that he couldn't concentrate. Serena had been gone only for a few weeks but it felt like years. He was so used to seeing his little bunny everyday that the time apart was slowly killing his heart. He tried his best to connect to her through their soul bond but it was as if she didn't even exist. He could tell that she cut him off purposely, but how could he blame her when he hurt her so badly? He got up and grabbed the pillow that she always slept on it still smelled just like her, a sweet vanilla scent. He always couldn't get enough of her body when she wore that fragrance. He missed her so much.

"Serena, My love, please come home to me."

Tara and Nikki grabbed all of their things and followed Serena to the bathroom to check on her. When they entered Serena was hunched over the sink washing her face.

"Hey Sere are you okay?"

Serena dabbed at her eyes with a paper towel.

"Yeah I'm okay I suppose; I have been feeling a little sick lately."

"You probably just need to lie down. Do you think you can make it through the rest of the day?"

"I will be fine I probably just need to eat something."

Nikki glanced at her watch.

"Well this class is over, I have a break for an hour so we could go to the cafeteria and see what concoctions they have for us today."

The only response that was heard was the sound of Serena's stomach growling.

"It sounds like a great idea for you Sere, I would love to join you ladies but I have a class like… right now. Later girlies!"

With a simple wave of the hand Tara left the bathroom.

"Okay Sere you ready to go?"

Before Nikki could blink Serena was in a stall throwing up again. She ran in to hold her hair back.

Serena and Nikki finally emerged from the bathroom twenty minutes later and were on their way to the cafeteria.

"If I didn't know any better I would say you were pregnant."

Serena looked at Nicole seriously for a second then just changed her expression into a genuine smile.

"Don't be silly Nikki, If I was pregnant I would know and besides I- Ooh look food!"

Serena dashed across the cafeteria to something that looked like it was attempting to be pizza. She greedily placed four slices on her plate and then moved on to something that might have been spaghetti. As she was turning around to head to the imitation salad bar she bumped into Jayson.

"Hey there beautiful." He gave her his signature cocky smile.

Serena blushed at the compliment and started to respond, but then she realized that she had half a slice of pizza stuffed in her mouth. She tried to swallow quickly but ended up choking. As she was coughing he gently patted her back and she finally swallowed. Nikki saw the whole thing and was laughing hysterically.

"Haha Woo! Thanks for the entertainment. Can I get a replay?"

Serena glared at Nikki, and she just responded with this weird smirk on her face and a wink.

"Jay I have to go to class, won't you be a dear and look after Serena so she doesn't swallow her tray?"

At this point Serena was shooting daggers at Nicole but she couldn't help but laugh.

"I think I can manage that." Jayson smiled at Serena.

"Okay you two have fun, and Serena remember to take one bite at a time. Adios!"

Nikki hurried away before Serena's glares actually ended up harming her.

"So beautiful are you ready to take a seat?"

Serena stopped and looked at her tray and realized that she had three plates of food, and blushed from embarrassment. Jayson saw this and smiled.

"Don't worry I love a woman that can eat, because I love to cook."

Serena heart swooned; she couldn't believe this handsome man just said he liked to cook. Where had he been all of her life?


Jayson cleared his throat and it snapped her back to reality, she didn't realize she was staring.

"Oh sorry Jay lets take seat in the corner."

Jayson and Serena headed towards a table for two away from the crowd of students. As Serena dug into her food, she noticed Jayson staring at her.

"What's wrong?"

Serena stared at Jayson wide eyed with crumbs on her mouth.

"Nothings wrong just trying to figure you out, you seem so mysterious like you are from outer space or something."

Serena wiped her mouth and looked away so he couldn't see her eyes. He had no idea how right he was.

"Haha I'm just joking, but if you were an alien you are the finest one I have ever seen."

Jayson eyes danced mischievously and Serena couldn't help but let her wall down and smile.

"So Ms. Beautiful, when are you going to let me take you out on a date?"

"A date like a real date?"

Jayson smiled at Serena.

"Yes a real date, if you want it to be. So how about after all of your classes I take you to dinner?"

Serena's face turned completely red. She did want a chance to go out and try to forget Darien but her heart still belonged to him, but she knew that it was time to be a new Serena.

"So how about it beautiful?"

Serena ignored the voices in the back of her mind and took the first step in becoming a new person.

"Yes Jayson I would love to go to dinner with you."

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