Shiny Guns

Fandom: Firefly // Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Jayne, Ronon
Prompt: #000 Weapons
Notes: Written for jedibuttercup over at livejournal.

"…And this one," Jayne told his new best buddy, Ronon, "is my very favourite." He lifted his most precious gun carefully for the man to see, a wide grin on his face. "Her name's Vera," he added in as Ronon took the weapon from him and began to inspect it.

Ronon nodded thoughtfully and after scanning Vera with his eyes, allowed a small smile. "Nice," he agreed. "I still prefer mine though." Taking his own gun from its holster, he aimed at a tree stump a sizable distance away from them.

He pulled the trigger and moments later there was a huge hole through the centre of the stump. A cloud of dust remained around it for several seconds before finally settling and allowing a clear view of the tree again – or rather, the lack thereof.

Jayne's eyes widened at the level of damage caused and he stared greedily at Ronon's gun.