Rocks And Runes

Prompt: #001. Fehu

Notes: Written for 24 runes.

Daniel ran the fingers of his left hand over a dusty slab of rock as Jack paced restlessly behind him, Teal'c stood on watch as stoic as ever and Sam sat by his side, typing away on her laptop about who knows what. They had been there for nearly two hours so far – he only knew that because of Jack's regular updates on the time and annoying 'Are we done yet?' remarks – and from what he could tell, they would be very leaving soon. He had, as of yet, found nothing worth staying around for after all, and he could tell the others were getting restless.

He was about to dismiss that particular rock and move on to the next section to finish up, when he noticed a small marking under the layer of dust he had removed. He brushed away a bit more dust and dirt and more scribbled lines came into view. Maybe he had thought too soon…this could actually be something!

Stroking it again to be sure, he cleared away as much dirt as possible in that area, grinning widely at what was revealed: a distinct and very familiar rune etched into the rock, likely originating in the ancient era and dating back to Norse mythology back on Earth. He got some equipment out of his pack and began to brush the surrounding rock clean.

He was almost finished the entire metre long width when Jack leaned over his shoulder and stared piercingly back and forth between him and the artefact. "Is there something you want, Jack?" he asked, pausing mid-stroke and looking up at SG-1's CO.

Jack shrugged and gestured for what seemed like the millionth time at his watch. "You almost done?" he asked, boredom clear in his voice.

Daniel shook his head and ran his fingers along the lines on the slab. "Sorry, Jack," he apologised. "I just found this." He couldn't help smiling as he explained. "It's amazing that I found anything here, actually. Very lucky, I'd say. See, there's a well-known myth back on Earth reaching back to Norse mythological roots and this…this is part of it! The god, Odin, hung himself upside down from a world-ash tree impaled by his own spear in an effort to learn the secrets of life and death and…"

"I don't see how that…relates," Jack interrupted, raising his hands in the air in a defensive stance. "Will ya get to the point already?"

Daniel shrugged sheepishly and went on. "Ah, anyway, during the ordeal, he spotted some runes below him and afterwards, passed their secrets on to mankind. This is a rune, Jack! Fehu, to be exact!" He beamed happily and gazed down at the symbol in the stone.

Jack stared at him blankly. "So?"

"So?" Daniel repeated exasperated. "So, this is fascinating!" He ignored Jack's look of disbelief and continued. "Fehu is a rune of wealth, luck, possessions and…well, domestic cattle. It's also thought to promote fertility." He grinned some more.

"And?" Jack persisted, completely clueless as to where the archaeologist was going.

"What Daniel is trying to say, sir, is that the people of this planet likely originated from Earth," Sam put in helpfully. She smiled knowingly as he and Daniel spun around to look at her, Daniel nodding his agreement.

"Exactly," Daniel confirmed.

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Why didn't you say that first?"

Daniel just sighed and turned back to the rock slab, muttering under his breath. To think that they had found a rune here of all places! It was an incredibly lucky find! Ignoring Jack's piercing look, he stood up and nodded. "We'll need to come back later, but I've done as much as I can for now."

He gave the rune one last lingering look before following the others back to the gate.