Appendix B

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Gai stood in front of the mirror admiring his Manly Physique, set off perfectly (he thought) by the little gift he had bought for himself earlier. It was well deserved for today he had pulled ahead in the number of Contests won against his Eternal Rival, by successfully giving the best shoulder rub. An Academy sensei named Iruka had been the blindfolded judge and afterwards Kakashi had gone off in a huff, probably because he was now behind in the scores, Gai thought.

He flexed his muscles in another pose and flashed his reflection his best Heroic Smile.

His reflection wasn't alone.

What was this? Someone interrupting his Private Time? How was he supposed to Enjoy the Springtime of his Youth in these conditions? Gai turned in annoyance.

A pair of young chuunin stood just outside the open door, seemingly frozen.

"Message. Meeting tomorrow." Kotetsu managed to say.

"About…teams. Noon. Hokage office." Izumo added with some difficulty.

It was probably a small miracle that the poor desk-nin had got the correct words more or less in the correct order.

Gai nodded, but before he could begin his speech on the Value of Respect and the Devilment of Interrupting People, Kotetsu and Izumo had fled out of a window.

Both silently agreed they had to immediately begin drinking themselves unconscious. After that they would do whatever else it took to rid their minds of the image of Konoha's Blue Beast prancing about in a tiny leopard-print PVC thong.