Appendix C

Kakashi appeared in the room accompanied by a small puff of smoke. "Hello? I need some advice about Ir…" He stopped mid-sentence and very uncharacteristically gawped at the scene confronting him.

He was standing in a bedroom, and Genma and Raidou were there. Not unusual in itself. This was, after all, Genma's apartment (unless of course Kakashi had performed his jutsu incorrectly, which was unlikely) and all three men knew each other well.

What was unusual was the fact that both Raidou and Genma were mostly naked. Raidou wore only long black boots and some kind of peaked grey hat. He also held an oversized chopstick of the type used for cooking in one hand, which he appeared to have been brandishing at Genma.

Genma lay on the bed. At least Kakashi thought it was Genma. It was a little difficult to tell, what with the gimp mask.

Kakashi stared at Raidou and Genma, and Raidou and Genma stared at Kakashi. It went along in this vein for several minutes. Eventually Kakashi remembered how to speak.

"…I'll come back later." He disappeared as fast as he could, trying to erase the sight from his scarred mind. Was that a jar of jam on the bedside table?

In the smoke Kakashi left behind, Raidou could be heard saying "You're supposed to set traps, baka!"

"I thought it was your turn!"