Giovanni's Revenge

By: SilverstartheWaterbender

Silverstar: I promised you a special, and a special you'll get! The prologue may bee a little short, but prologues generally are. Due to several complaints in my other stories, I'll be separating speech a little more.

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Prologue: Memory Recall

The morning of June first is always warm and bright, and today was no exception. But in the office of Giovanni, "warm" and "bright" were not in the dictionary. (1) It was dark and cold, and that's the way he liked it. It helped him think. And man, did he need to think. Giovanni leaned back in his comfortable black office chair and closed his eyes. Lately, strange dreams had plagued his sleep. And they were always about the same thing: a large, cat-like purple Pokemon, and a young girl, brunette, blue-eyed. And always upon awakening, Giovanni felt as though he had remembered something important. But when morning came, he couldn't remember what it was. Strange indeed.

Giovanni sighed and turned to his Persian, who was lounging beneath his desk. "What do you make of this, my pet?"

Of course, since Giovanni had said nothing of his dreams out loud, Persian had no clue what the BEEP his master was talking about. "Purr?"

Suddenly, the door opened and Giovanni's top agent, Domino, entered the office. Giovanni sighed. "What do you want, 009? You know you can't just barge in here unless it's of the utmost importance."

Domino gulped. "It's…it's very important, sir. Our scientists were going through their old files, and they found something very strange." She pulled a small laptop onto Giovanni's spacious desk. Numbers, statistics, and graphs danced across the screen.

Giovanni snorted. "Numbers are always in scientific archives, 009."

"Keep watching, sir." Domino clicked the center of the screen, and a strange, fossilized bone appeared on the screen. Domino clicked again, and the bone morphed into a large figure, humanoid, but also somehow cat-like.

Giovanni's eyes widened. It was the same Pokemon from his dream! "What is that?' he murmured.

Domino shrugged. "Beats me. The scientists think it was from an old cloning experiment, but they can't remember what they cloned."

Giovanni blinked. All of a sudden, a phrase came forward unbidden from the dark recesses of his mind: Mt. Queyna. "Mt. Queyna," he murmured.

"What?' Domino asked.

Giovanni smirked. "I seem to vaguely recall giving orders to our Combat Unit to report to Mt. Queyna precisely a year ago. It was an emergency, and only our best accompanied me. Perhaps we will find some answers there." He stood. "Ready the Combat Unit. We leave for Johto tomorrow."


The next day, several large, black helicopters landed on the desolate and uninhabited mountain. Giovanni stepped out of one, frowning. "This seems so familiar," he thought. Thunder rumbled overhead, and it started to rain. Giovanni scowled deeply. Perfect. His suit was dry-clean only.

One of the Rockets suddenly shouted over the roaring wind. "Look over there!"

Giovanni turned and saw a large stone "island" sticking out from the mountain's base. On closer inspection, a good quarter of the "island" was covered in large, steel plates. Giovanni went over to them, examining the steel. Vaguely, a warning not to go near metal near an electrical storm popped into his head, but he ignored it. The steel seemed so familiar, almost like it was their own…

Giovanni suddenly heard several agents yell. He looked up to see an enormous bolt of lightning headed his way. His mouth opened in shock. He tried running, but he didn't get farther than a few steps. Pain coursed through his body, and he passed out.


When Giovanni came to, he was lying in one of the helicopters, Domino peering over him. "Boss?" she asked hesitantly. "Are you okay?"

Giovanni was about to answer when suddenly hundreds of memories swirled in his mind. As he viewed them, he smiled. "Mewtwo," he murmured.


Giovanni paid no attention to her. He remembered it all. "You got away from me last time, Mewtwo, you and your little friend. But she won't protect you this time! I will find you, and finish what I started!" With that, Giovanni threw back his head in maniacal laughter, as thunder punctuated his ominous prophecy.


(1) Sorry, Webster.

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