Giovanni's Revenge

By: SilverstartheWaterbender

Silverstar: I told you people it would be a mean cliff-hanger. This'll be the last chapter of the story. There's going to be some references to Sinnoh mythology from Diamond and Pearl (the new video games), so if anyone's confused, just let me know. Also, several authors will be guest starring in the final scene. Finally, drum roll please, this chapter…will contain…FLUFF! HUZZAH! Enjoy!

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Chapter Six: One Heck of a Happy Ending

It took a minute for everyone to realize what had happened. But when Lazula collapsed, there was a flurry of sound and movement. Flaaffy screamed, Jake gasped, Sora and Grovyle shouted, "LAZULA!" Giovanni laughed like a maniac, and Mew flew in panicked circles. The clones did all of the above.

Mewtwo raced over to Lazula and held her limp form in his arms. "Lazula…" he whispered. "Bulbasaur, where are you?!"

"Here!" Bulbasaur answered, rushing over with his vines ready. He pressed a foot against Lazula's chest, and used his vines to rub various pressure points. Finally, he took several paces back, head bowed.

"Well?" Mewtwo snapped. "Aren't you going to do something?"

Bulbasaur looked up at Mewtwo, tears in his eyes. "Mewtwo…there's nothing I can do."

"What do you mean?" Mewtwo said, eyes widening.

"I'm sorry," Bulbasaur murmured. "But…Lazula's dead." With those words, the storm finally broke. Thunder rumbled softly, and rain poured down from above, washing away Lazula's blood. It was if Mother Nature herself was mourning.

"Dead?" Mewtwo echoed. He frowned. "That's not funny, Bulbasaur."

Bulbasaur blinked. "Mewtwo, I'm not joking. She's really gone."

"No she's not. She's fine."

"Mewtwo –"

"She's FINE!" Mewtwo yelled, tears streaming down his cheeks. "She's all right, she's always all right, she's…she's…dead…Oh God, NO!" He pressed Lazula's body against him, sobbing. The Pokemon and Sora broke down and cried.

Flaaffy, tears still falling, turned to Giovanni, hatred in her eyes. "You…you sick, twisted bastard!" she hissed.

Giovanni, of course, didn't understand a word of that. "Huh?"

"YOU MURDERED MY BEST FRIEND!" Flaaffy's body crackled with every fiber of electricity in her body. She zapped Giovanni as hard as she could, making him scream. There was a small explosion, and, like his lackeys, Giovanni was sent blasting off.

Mewtwo, oblivious to it all, still held Lazula close. "Lazula, you can't," he whispered. "You can't die…not yet…Lazula, I…wish I had the strength to tell you this when you were alive…Lazula…I love you." With that, he knelt down and gently kissed Lazula on the lips.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light, and a bolt of lightning struck just feet from where Mewtwo was kneeling. Mewtwo looked up to see a bright, beautiful landscape appearing in the lightning. Trees and grass flourished, and a stream quietly flowed, guarded by a large, imposing cliff.

"What's going on?" Sora asked.

"Perhaps it's some sort of portal?" Jake guessed.

All of a sudden, four Pokemon seemed to appear on the cliff out of nowhere. All were large and dangerous-looking.

"What in the world?" Flaaffy whispered.

"No," Sora whispered. "Not the world…the afterlife."

"What are you talking about?" Grovyle asked.

"Those Pokemon…they're controllers of life and death. Those two, they're Dialga and Palkia, masters of time and space. And over there – Darkrai, the devil. (1) And right in the middle – Arceus, god of all Pokemon." (2) (3)

"Sora's right," Mew said. "We're looking at the Great Beyond and its rulers."

"Quite perceptive," rumbled Arceus. He turned to Mewtwo. "Hmmm…we had one go before her time, is that right, Mewtwo?" Mewtwo nodded weakly.

"Her name is Lazula Hamilton, age thirteen years, seven months, three weeks, two days, five hours, ten minutes, and twenty-four seconds," Dialga recited.

"She left behind many who loved her," Palkia added.

"Quite right," Darkrai added.

Dialga scowled at him. "Darkrai, you don't need to be here; Lazula was a very good person."

Darkrai glared. "It's not like she was a saint!"

"She was very close!"

"That's enough!" Arceus snapped, and the two fell silent. He turned to Darkrai. "You can leave, Darkrai. Lazula will most certainly be in my domain."

Darkrai grumbled something and disappeared. Arceus turned to the crowd below. "You wish to have her back, yes?"

"YES!" the crowd shouted.

Arceus nodded. "I thought so. Very well."

"But Arceus," Palkia objected. "This has never been done before!"

"I think we can make an exception," Arceus said. He glowed bright white, and jumped down next to Lazula. Mewtwo tensed, but let him near her. Arceus nosed Lazula's wounds, and like magic, it was healed. Arceus then jumped back on the cliff and roared. It was a roar that held in it all of life's laughter and happiness, but pain and sorrow hung lightly underneath. And once the roar was completed, Lazula's body started glowing. The portal disappeared, but Lazula continued to glow brighter and brighter, until at last, the glow faded. The crowd watched with bated breath as Lazula's eyes snapped open and she gasped for breath. She coughed a couple times, and then looked up at Mewtwo.

"Hey," she whispered. "What'd I miss?"

"Lazula!" Mewtwo said, and hugged her tight.

The crowd cheered, and Flaaffy and Sora raced over. Flaaffy jumped into Lazula's arms, and Sora put his arm around her. "I missed you guys," she murmured, kissing them both.

She put Flaaffy down and turned back to Mewtwo. "I heard that, you know."

Mewtwo's cheeks turned pink. "Right, about that –" Lazula suddenly pressed her lips up against his. Mewtwo blinked in surprise, and then slowly returned the kiss.


By sunset, the blood and robot parts were cleaned up, Mew had flown away, and all the clones had been teleported home. Lazula, Flaaffy, Matthew, and Sora were now back on the road.

"So," Flaaffy said casually. "How was death?"

"Cold and lonely," Lazula said solemnly.

"I wonder if something like this will happen on every anniversary," Matthew joked.

Lazula laughed. "I sure hope not." She turned to Sora. "What happened to Uncle Jake?"

"Right here," Sora said, patting his belt with his Pokeballs on it. "Dad decided to come with us in case something bad happened."

Lazula nodded. "Hopefully, we'll be better prepared the next time Giovanni attacks us."

Matthew smiled. "Oh, don't worry; we won't have to worry about him ever again." He gave no reply to their questioning stares, only smiling to himself.


Miles away, Giovanni picked his way through a thick forest. "That's it," he muttered. "Next time, they're all dead."

"There's not going to be a next time, you son of a bitch!"

Giovanni turned around to see six girls wearing camouflage uniforms glaring at him. "Who are you girls?" he asked.

The girl who had spoken smiled. "Glad you asked. All of us, we're Mewtwo fan girls. That's Kairi –" A black-haired girl with crimson highlights smiled evilly. "– Max the Vampire Kleptomaniac –" The next girl smirked. "– Medabot Freak –" The next girl glared daggers. "– ReTerra –" A girl with short brown haired tied in a ponytail clenched her fists. "– and MS." The last girl chuckled softly. "As for me, I'm SilverstartheWaterbender."

Giovanni gasped. "You mean…the authoress?"

"You better believe it," Silverstar growled.

"As Silverstar said, we're Mewtwo fan girls," Kairi started.

"We don't like it when something happens to Mewtwo," Max continued.

"Or his friends," Medabot added.

"So, we all hate you," ReTerra said.

"And now, we're gonna kick your sorry ass from here to Celadon City!" MS finished.

Giovanni screamed like a sissy and raced off. "After him!" Silverstar shouted, and the girls took off.



(1) Darkrai isn't actually the devil, but he looks like it.

(2) All this is taken from Diamond and Pearl mythology.

(3) For descriptions, e-mail me to find out the site, go to the site, click on D/P Pokedex, and find their names under the D/P section.

Silverstar: And that's a rap! Special thanks to Wolfen-Ways (and her OC), Max the Vampire Kleptomaniac, Medabot Freak, ReTerra 2cool (and her OC), and MemoryScars (MS) for guest starring. Now that this is done, I'll get back to work on The Coordinators. Thanks for reading and reviewing, everyone!