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"I won't do it," said Inuyasha, "you can't force me to marry this wench!"

"Inuyasha," said Izayoi soothingly, "unfortunately you have no choice in this matter. And do not speak of the Princess Kagome so unkindly. She will make a good mate for you."

Inuyasha scowled at both his parents. The very thought of an arranged marriage sickened him. And the fact that it was to someone he didn't even know…the very thought made him cringe

"Inuyasha," said his father gravely, "this is a good match for you. You told us yourself years ago, that the only way you would be mated would be from an arrangement such as this."

"Yes, but that was after…" the hanyou grew silent as sad memories sprang into his mind.

Izayoi felt her son's pain and reached out a gentle hand to him. He drew away, not wishing to show weakness for something that had happened long ago in the past. His mother frowned, but did not show any more displeasure. The pain that her son had gone through was great, and she knew enough to not open old wounds, even though they would all have to face them one day.

Inuyasha sighed, "I know what I said, but it does not change the situation. Why choose this girl?"

"Our ties with the Hirgurashi Kingdom have always been strong. They are a small, but proud country, and have always welcomed our kind to trade with them. They are a peaceful country, and have thus avoided war at all costs. But now, their king has died and with only the queen on the throne until Prince Souta comes of age, they are in need of protection. My friendship with their king was strong and it would only be just to honor his memory, and his wishes, by uniting our kingdoms and making that bond even stronger. With this alliance we can offer them protection, and in turn, the trading between out two countries will remain. It is to both our benefits."

Inuyasha crossed his arms and turned to look out the window. They were on the third floor of the palace, and from this high up he had a view of the entire city that loomed below them; a city full of youkai.

"Inuyasha," said his mother softly. The hanyou prince turned around to meet her gentle gaze. "I know that right now, it does not seem like you will ever be happy, but I promise you, Princess Kagome is a good match. She is a strong young woman, and I hear she is quite beautiful."

"Keh, it doesn't matter," huffed the prince.

"This match will happen, Inuyasha," said his father, the king. "We feel this is in your best interest as well as in the best interest for our kingdom."

Inuyasha glared at both of them. He did not care about duty to his country. At the moment he did not care about obligation, or what was the right thing to do. All he wanted was to be left alone. He stormed out of his parent's chambers.

Izayoi sighed sadly and sat down on a plush chair. The confrontation with her son had not gone as badly as she had expected, but she was still worried. She felt a gentle hand graze across her shoulder. She looked up and smiled at her mate, Inu no Taisho, the great dog demon.

"Do not worry, my love," he said gently. "This is the right thing to do."

"It just seems so unfair to force him into this. It was not the way of things when you and I were mated. We were able to fall in love." She turned and looked into his amber eyes. Her mate put a soothing clawed hand upon her cheek.

"Izayoi, I believe Kagome can help Inuyasha. I believe she is needed here. I promised her father that I would look after his family when he passed on into the other world, and I must hold true to that promise. He was a good ally, a good friend, and a good man."

The queen smiled slightly, "Let us hope so, my love. I am afraid that Kikyo's death has scarred him permanently. Even though it has been nearly seventeen years, he would have done anything to be with her."

Inu no Taisho frowned slightly, "That may be true, but I do not think Kikyo was capable of loving our son as he was. He has grown since then, and does not despise who he is any longer. That alone has showed me how much he has matured."

"My poor Inuyasha," said Izayoi. "One day he shall understand."

A loving hand squeezed her own, "He will, have faith."


Kagome stared out of the carriage window. The sunlight danced across the country side as she rode towards her destination. She sighed and stared down at her trembling hands. Struggling, she tried to relax. Her nerves were getting the best of her though. She and her escorts were already inside King Inu no Taisho's domain, and it would only be a little while longer till they reached the great youkai city where the palace was; which meant she only had a little while longer as a single young woman.

"What was mother thinking?" she asked to the empty carriage. Kagome shook her head frowning. No, her mother was only thinking to protect her kingdom and her people. This was supposed to be for the best, right?

The young princess sighed. She had known this day would come eventually. She should consider herself lucky. Most young women of nobility were married off as young as twelve years old, but her mother and father had prolonged her marrying for as long as possible, wanting her to enjoy her childhood. Then again, she felt like se hadn't been a child since the day he father had died, one year ago.

"I knew this would happen, but I guess I always imagined myself falling in love with the man I was to marry…or mate."

Mate, that's right she was technically to be mated, not married, as was customary for youkai. The King and Queen had arranged a wedding ceremony to honor her human traditions, but it was to be small and simple. The real ceremony would be the mating ceremony, something that Kagome knew little about. However, Kagome was not so much worried about her wedding day as she was her wedding night. She shuddered slightly. The thought of sharing a bed and giving her body to a man she barely knew terrified her. She tried to focus on her mother's reassurances.

"Kagome do not worry. It is natural to feel nervous about these sorts of things. But, it will not kill you. All women go through this."

"It's just scary mother, I am not sure I can do this," Kagome said with her head bowed.

Queen Hirgurashi smiled lovingly at her daughter, "I have heard that Prince Inuyasha is a kind man. The Taisho family has had strong ties with us for generations and I am proud that my daughter will be the first to make an alliance with such a strong kingdom. You will be happy Kagome; I would not send you into this match if I did not think so otherwise."

"It will be fine," muttered Kagome quietly. "There are many girls, much younger than me, who have been married and they all survived. It will be fine."

"Princess Kagome, we have reached the city!" cried her footman from outside the carriage.

Immediately, Kagome raised the curtained window and glanced outside. She gasped. It was beautiful. The entire city was carved out of white marble, and the palace that was to b her home stood proudly at the city's highest point. As she and her entourage reached the gates of the youkai city, she felt her heart leap with a nervous excitement that she had never known before. This place, this beautiful place, was to be her new home.

Cheers erupted as the city gates swung open to let the small company in. Thousands of individuals had come to greet their new princess her was to be married to their beloved hanyou prince. Kagome smiled and waved nervously. Some small children ran alongside the carriage and struggled to give her small bouquets of flowers. She accepted them and sank back down into her seat. Her heart was pounding. In just a few moments she would meet her future, um, mate.

The short remainder of the ride, Kagome closed her eyes, and focused on trying to be breath. She had to look composed when she was greeted by the King and Queen. She needed to look calm and collected. She tried to smooth out the few wrinkles that had found their way onto her green kimono. She brushed a few stray stands of hair out of her face and gave her cheeks a good pinch to make them appear rosy. Suddenly, the carriage came to a stop.

Her heart dropped into her stomach. She could hear her footman come to the carriage door. Closing her eyes, Kagome waited. The door opened.


Inuyasha stood on the palace steps, beside his parents, Sesshomaru, his older half-brother, and his sister in law, Sara. Their child, Rin, was fidgeting impatiently beside her mother. The hanyou was scowling. He had tried to hide in order to avoid the meeting between him and his future bride, but his brother had mercilessly hunted him down and dragged him out of the palace to stand with the royal family. "Don't be so foolish," Sesshomaru had said.

After much swearing and bickering, the argument was finally called to a halt by their father, who simply glared at his two sons. Inuyasha grew quiet.

He found himself rolling his eyes as the carriage pulled up and drew to a stop. The footman rushed to open the door. The servant held out an arm, and a pale hand gracefully made its way out of the carriage. The hand was shortly followed by a young woman wearing a stylish green kimono with gold trim. Her long, dark hair, flowed down her back in loose waves, and a simple gold tiara adorned her brow. She was beautiful, to be sure, but as Inuyasha gazed at her, he felt his heart suddenly stop. He blinked then shook his head slightly. For a moment, she looked so familiar…

He felt a sharp elbow hit his side. He glared over at Sesshomaru who only smirked. Inuyasha tried to refocus his attention on the girl. He could tell she was nervous. He could smell it on the air, and his sharp hearing could hear the rapid beats of her heart. She approached the royal family timidly, trying hard to look poised and confident. She bowed.

The royal family bowed in return and the King and Queen approached their future daughter-in-law. "Welcome to our kingdom, Princess Kagome, and to your new home," said Inu no Taisho.

Kagome found herself lost for words as she stared at the powerful youkai king. She had seen many youkai before in her lifetime, but he was the first to have such a powerful aura about him. To her, he looked more like a god rather than a youkai, but she kept those thoughts to herself. His manner of dress, made him look like he was going to war rather than greeting his future daughter-in-law. His long white hair looked silky and was drawn up out of his face. To top it all off, she noticed his pointy ears and what appeared to be two sharp fangs that protruded out slightly when he smiled. But, despite his appearance his amber eyes showed a deep kindness about them.

Queen Izayoi, on the other hand, was everything soft that her mate was not. Her appearance was soothing and gentle, mother like. Her eyes showed years of wisdom and her beauty rivaled any human woman Kagome had ever come across. Kagome had heard that she was a human princess who had fallen madly in love with the king. When her father forbid the match, she had run away to be with him, stripped of her title as princess. But, in the end, their love had proved true and they were mated, thus ruling together.

"Thank you, your majesty. I am honored to be here," replied Kagome softly.

"Princess Kagome," said Izayoi, "we would like you to meet our son, Inuyasha."

A tall, handsome youth stepped forward hesitantly. Kagome bowed to him, too nervous to look into his amber eyes. She noted his appearance to be very similar to his fathers, except for a few features. Instead of pulling his hair back, the young hanyou chose to wear it down, so that it fell along his back like a silver waterfall. And to top everything off, there were a pair of triangular shaped ears right on top of his head. She found herself strangely fascinated.

Inuyasha bowed in return, etiquette not completely lost to him. The young princess smiled slightly at him.

Inu no Taisho clapped his hands, "Let us go inside to dinner! The ceremonies are to be performed tomorrow and I am sure Princess Kagome is weary from her travels."

Kagome smiled lightly as Izayoi placed a gentle arm around the young woman's waist and walked her into her new home.


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